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Posted by Eric F Coppolino


This week, there’s quite an exciting development: during the Gemini New Moon, we will have an event known as a mutable grand cross. Eric explores how this rare moment can help you move forward in your personal evolution.

This week, there’s quite an exciting development: during the Gemini New Moon, which happens Saturday, June 4 (the 5th in the U.K. and Europe), we will have an event known as a mutable grand cross. This means that planets will be present at around the same degrees in each of the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.


The mutable grand cross might be a mentally challenging aspect. Most of it is well in place now, by the way — it’s merely being emphasized by the New Moon.

The challenges this pattern seems to present are mostly on the level of the mind. Remember that this aspect describes the environment, which will influence everyone. How you tap into or relate with your surroundings is your choice. Mainly, “environment” means your fellow people, but also the thought waves conducted through the collective mind, even if we’re talking about your office mates, your housemates or your drinking mates.

However, the power of choice is moderated by past conditioning. To the extent that you can free yourself from tendencies that limit your flexibility to choose, you will free yourself in general. The idea is to respond to what is actually happening rather than what your previous scripts misinform you is happening.

This is also known as stopping and thinking, something different from emotionally reacting. In fact it’s so different it might seem totally weird, when your conscious, reasoning human mind comes to life and says, so what’s happening here?

Beware of the battle of words, much ado about nothing and not really believing in what you might argue for. That’s when to pause and do something like stop speaking and listen, and find something more productive or entertaining to do.

This New Moon could come with some drama, but if that’s true, it’s time for you to become a playwright. I love that word, because the “wright” part means to construct or build, though it’s a also pun on write.

Our forthcoming grand cross New Moon in Gemini is an ideal opportunity to step from the role of actor in your own drama to author of the text. This is the big leap that anyone seeking growth is really longing for. I realize this often gets cloaked in wanting a ‘higher power’ to come in, though your higher power is the fully sentient, connected-to-spirit aspect of you that understands this whole setup perfectly well.

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  1. Barbara Koehler

    Well you have intrigued me with this idea of a limited flexibility of choice (due to conditioning) being possibly freed up by this New Moon’s mentally challenging energies. And with that, seeing as how the Gemini New Moon’s mutable grand cross is tied to the U.S. Sibly chart, I have a line of thought re: U.S as it relates to this precise period.

    This New Moon has Mercury at 20 Taurus, just 1 degree past the U.S. Vesta (who just celebrated a Vesta Return), and who will as well get a triple visit from transiting Mercury, The U.S. Vesta (and New Moon Mercury) will also participate in a grand trine with Pluto in Capricorn and North Node-Jupiter in Virgo which could be a powerful tool in working through the mutable grand cross which Jupiter is also part of. My guess is that U.S. Vesta as investment, as in whole-heartedly throwing oneself into some conviction or belief, will amp up the importance of the transiting Vesta in this New Moon chart being conjunct the U.S. Sibly chart’s Uranus (new ideas, inventions perhaps).

    It could also relate to the transiting Venus at 14+ Gemini who will be exactly conjunct the New Moon itself. When Venus is thought of as capital investment, and when we recall that it is only 1 degree from where Venus was when she occulted the Sun in 2012, this New Moon in Gemini, square Jupiter (foreign, wide-spread) and Neptune (fear, disregard of borders) and opposite Saturn (conjunct the U.S. Sibly ascendant), and incorporating the U.S. Uranus, why not a plan/cure/neutralization of the world-wide Zika virus?

    Think of it; Gemini suggests an ability to move from location to location (hell to heaven), the ability to trick or deceive and above all, speed as well as research. Mercury rules this New Moon’s sign and as New Moon Mercury conjuncts the U.S. Vesta, and as the U.S. Sibly Mercury (24 Cancer) trines New Moon Chiron (25 Pisces) the Healer, as well as New Moon Mars at 27 Scorpio retrograde, think of what a coup that could be for our demoralized country. We could save the world!

    There is a period of time in the future; 2018, when transiting Uranus will leave the sign of Aries and enter Taurus. Transiting Damocles will conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and transiting Nessus will conjunct the U.S. Nessus (and U.S. Ceres and U.S. Child) in Pisces. Transiting Pluto will T-square the U.S. Chiron-Juno opposition and transiting Chiron will reach the Aries Point (0 Aries), a degree one degree from the U.S. Sibly nadir/IC. All in 2018.

    This New Moon in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury who at 20 Taurus is opposite where transiting Jupiter (knowledge) will be by then, 20 Scorpio. What if what is learned (Mercury) about the Zika virus by then is funded (invested in) by action taken at this New Moon (which trines the U.S. Saturn in Libra by the way), and that jump-starts the U.S. Uranus who has been under so much pressure lately from transiting Saturn AND transiting Neptune; wouldn’t that go a long way in diluting the image of the U.S. as a country coming apart at the seams?

    You go Gemini New Moon!

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