Your Gemini Birthday Reading for 2015-2016: Inspiration. Motivation. Clarity. Audio preview!


An astrology reading, a tarot reading and a live call-in session — the perfect way to celebrate another year on the planet. In that bold, clear Gemini style.

Dear Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising:

I have recorded your 2015-2016 birthday reading. As you know, Mercury retrograde in your solar return chart is helping you make discoveries, and it’s asking some interesting questions. Mars is driving you forward, while Mercury is making sure you consider the past carefully and thoughtfully.

The Cosmic Twins. Image by Lizanne Webb.

There seems to be some great mystery of becoming — the development of a new phase of your identity, and the truth and beauty of that will emerge over the next four seasons.

This is a fine time to have real clarity on how to work with these aspects, and that’s what I’m offering in my reading for your solar return (birthday).

This is a three-part audio reading, with a live call-in, crafted with more than 20 years experience as a professional astrologer.

This reading is also excellent for Gemini rising and Moon. And if you get it now, you can receive a significant discount — the price increases to $39.95 after the Sun leaves Gemini.

I design my readings to ease your mind, motivate you and spark new ideas. I see your potential and I explain it in a rather convincing way. It’s true that I’m reading your astrology — but what I am really doing is a deeply personal motivational presentation. I feed you ideas, images, concepts and viable solutions.

We live in a world obsessed with worry. You will not just get a vacation from that; you will discover whole new ways to consider what you want, what you do and who you are.

These readings work — and they work well. One of my clients recently wrote in, “I cannot tell you enough how Planet Waves has helped me through so many events in my life. I cannot tell you how much your work and dedication means to so many of us. I cannot tell you anything, really, because it is time to show it.”

Note: as of June 4, you can now get your reading at the early-published price of $29.97 — a great discount over the full published price.

Eric Francis, hard at work!

As for the astrology: Mercury is retrograde, Mars is in your sign, and Neptune is adding a touch of mystery to the picture. Saturn will be spending two years in Sagittarius, your relationship house. What does this add up to?

The result will be an amazing year of getting to know yourself. What that means is going beyond all the typical concepts of Gemini (astrology obsesses over opposites) and into a phase of true integration. Think of this as mind-body integration; as soul-personality integration; or that between self and other.

There are many other messages from your charts that I will be delivering to you in clear, human language. I speak to the actual circumstances of your life, using astrology terms only as necessary (but enough so that if you know some, you can follow what I’m doing).

Your reading includes two sessions of astrology, and a tarot reading using the Voyager deck by James Wanless. I also include access to last year’s reading, which links back to the prior year’s reading — so you can check back into the past if you want, and see how the astrology aligns with your life events.

We will also be including a live call-in session where I can answer your questions about this reading or your natal chart.

You will love this work; you will find it clarifying and reassuring. Then we’ll get to talk in a week, in a live call that will be fun and informative.

Sign up today at the early-published price. You will be very happy that you did. Your reading is done and will be delivered to you as soon as you order (please note that PayPal orders take a full day to be processed).

With love,

PS — If you’re wondering whether such a thing is possible, if I can really do a reading without your natal chart, please check out last year’s Gemini reading, including the tarot session, as my gift. Here is the direct link.

PPS — Your Gemini astrology includes a reading by me from the incredible Voyager Tarot by James Wanless.
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4 thoughts on “Your Gemini Birthday Reading for 2015-2016: Inspiration. Motivation. Clarity. Audio preview!

  1. Eric Francis Post author

    Dear Gemini Cousin,

    I am recording your reading under the exact Mercury-Sun conjunction
    today. In fact it’s exact at 12:56 pm EDT, so we’re right there. This
    is an astonishing aspect, exactly conjunct Asbolus (see PW blog) and
    Altjira — a planet named for the aboriginal creation god from what we
    now call Australia.

    When I do these readings, I immerse myself into the astrology, slip
    into the etheric body of the sign I’m working with, and come out with
    something that is new, alive and that I’ve never heard before. This
    has been exhilarating.

    The profound message of your birthday chart is INTEGRATION — of self,
    of purpose, of your history, of your ancestral lines — all to free up
    your energy to do what you want to do now. To be who you are now. This
    is less about becoming and more about working through everything that
    blocks you from being who you are.

    I have ended part two with a discussion of Saturn in Sagittarius, your
    relationship house; this will be in effect through the end of 2017,
    and describes you liberating yourself of outmoded concepts of
    relationship and embracing something that leaves you room to be you.

    Along the way to this discussion, I look at the combination of Mars
    direct and Mercury retrograde in your sign; I look at the visionary
    quality of Pisces, your house of MISSION…which is now home to
    Chiron, Nessus and Neptune…and how these factors interrelate.

    I am sitting here astonished at the beauty and elegance of astrology.

    This reading should be assembled, mixed (with some gorgeous ambient
    music by Twenty Three Degrees) and on the server by tomorrow
    afternoon. I still have the Astrology Afterthoughts + Tarot session to
    do; that, I save for one day after the main reading.

    If you have an All Access Pass we will notify you when it’s

    If you have not ordered yet, you can still get the pre-publication
    price of $24.95.

    I am very excited to put this reading into your hands. It’s an
    original work of astrological art; it’s easy to work with, it’s great
    fun and a true spiritual adventure.

    See you there



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