Photo by Amanda Painter.

Working Your Edge: Mars and Uranus

By Amanda Painter

As has been mentioned elsewhere — and as you’ve probably been feeling — we’re in a rather ‘edgy’ phase of astrology. This could be coming through several ways — such as needing to express something but never getting the right opportunity; or waiting for key information that feels like it will never arrive; or wanting to get moving with a plan or project but seeing no clear path forward. You can probably describe your own version of it — then again, perhaps struggling to identify and articulate what’s going on for you is a primary factor in the sensation (or maybe it’s just not that strong for you).

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

We can look to Chiron in the last degree of Pisces and Uranus in the last degree of Aries as the prime suspects for the edginess. To a lesser extent, the asteroid Pallas, in the last degree of Libra, is surely contributing to this overall atmosphere.

Really, though, slow-moving Chiron and Uranus are calling the tune. Chiron will be the first to make its move, entering Aries in just a week and a half, on Feb. 18. Uranus will enter Taurus on March 6. Yet I suspect it may be Uranus that’s generating the stronger buzz right now.

Mainly that’s because Mars is sidling up to it. The Mars-Uranus conjunction won’t be exact until Feb. 13 — almost a week from now. But these are two high-voltage planets in a fiery sign where Mars is strong — and Mars aspects often have a way of making themselves known well in advance of when they’re exact.

Eric mentioned recently that he’s noticed a pattern of Mars acting as the ‘cue ball’ when outer planets are about to change sign, seeming to bump the planet to its next destination by way of making the final major aspect prior to the move. Mars is doing that with Uranus — and it indicates a burst of energy that could manifest as a surprise, especially if you try to avoid expressing any of it in the next week.

Mars and Uranus opposite Pallas in Libra increases the need to be prepared for plans changing on a moment’s notice. This could be especially true in relationship situations — bearing in mind that relationships come in many different forms beyond the ‘significant other’ situation many people think of automatically. There are workplace and business associations, family relationships, creative partnerships, friendships of all stripes.

Sometimes one person asserting their individuality or need for freedom comes as a shock, or feels particularly disruptive, to another person, and this aspect pattern describes that potential. That is not a warning to avoid doing anything differently; it’s just a reminder that flexibility and an open mind could come in handy the next week or two.

It’s also a reminder that other people are responsible for their own responses in the face of your being who you are; and that the more you practice asserting your individuality in creative, constructive forms along the way, the less likely it may be that you suddenly explode in a rash or destructive “I just gotta be me” bomb.

Speaking of dangers like explosions: Mars-Uranus is also classic “fall, crash, shock” accident astrology. Starting now, it’s crucial to be careful with sharp, hot or electrical tools; drive with full focus; have someone to spot you if you need to climb on a high object, even a chair, to get something. Uranus puts particular emphasis on the electrical and electronic theme, and on any kind of technology. This means drive when you drive — no calling, texting, etc.; pull over if you need to re-program your GPS.

Between now and Feb. 13, we have some other aspects that could be quite useful in the approach to the Mars-Uranus conjunction. For example, some sextiles are offering potential traction (but you still need to provide the mental focus and awareness).

Namely, we have the Aquarius Sun in contact with Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Mercury in Aquarius contacting Mars and Uranus in Aries. Both are air-to-fire relationships, bringing mental energy and spirit into harmony. Mars introduces a specifically physical form of energy that’s so important to getting things done in 3-D space.

Some of what’s described here includes the ability to work and play well within groups, good relationships with authority figures, and an idealistic boost for your goals and ideas. You may also feel fired up mentally and ready to work hard, especially on individual projects; or you may possess the extra confidence you’ve needed to take advantage of opportunities. There’s also the potential to see new, fresh solutions if you tackle old, previously unsolvable problems — especially if you intentionally vary your routine. The thing about these sextiles, however, is that you have to choose to use them to get the most out of what they have to offer.

In the midst of it, Pallas in Libra is exactly opposite Uranus in Aries today. You might try asking yourself: where’s the meeting point between the plan and the new innovation? What constructive means do you have to negotiate and navigate whatever you’re facing — whether you take solo initiative or engage the help of friends?

Finally, I want to point out that Mercury enters Pisces on Sunday at 5:50 am EST (10:50 UTC). This may help to ease any mental pressure you’ve been feeling (such as busy thoughts or getting stuck in an idea that’s not going anywhere). At the same time, this is a very sensitive position for Mercury. While we need more of its empathy and poetic sensibility in this world, it also can be prone to wanting to escape, and wanting to avoid getting hurt or hurting others.

Hopefully you can already deduce how this could complicate a person’s ability to express the Mars-Uranus conjunction. Little white lies — told to someone else or to yourself — are not going to fly if pressure starts to build due to trying to repress what you know you need to do.

What are your instincts telling you? Remember, if you’re feeling edgy, it’s just energy waiting for — or looking for — a way out and a purpose. Even if you’re not sure about walking through a particular door, opening a window could let in some fresh air. Just be focused and intentional as you do it.


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