While the Left was in-fighting…

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By Matt Bors

How long will progressives in the U.S. keep squabbling among themselves? Matt Bors wonders…

By Matt Bors

By Matt Bors

3 thoughts on “While the Left was in-fighting…

  1. Geoff Marsh

    Well there’s a bit of good news for the Liberal L’s in Britain today with their surprise win in the Richmond by-election. True to the astrology, it was a bit of an “all bets off” event.

    The Tory incumbent, Zac Goldsmith, had resigned from the party over his government’s decision to allow a third runway at Heathrow airport, flight paths for which use a lot of airspace and create a deal of noise over the constituency. He stood in the subsequent by-election as an Independent, but the Liberals decided to campaign against what has become known as a hard Brexit – exit from the European Union whatever the economic costs (which would be considerable).

    The Leftist Labour L’s failed to receive enough votes and lost their deposit, trailing a distant third.

    Neither Ukip nor the Greens contested this election, so the result does not perhaps give a clear indication of what would happen if a general election were to be held now to ratify the recent referendum. It does show, however, that close results in recent polls can swing in the opposite direction when the effects of draconian policies on people’s spending power become clear.


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