What We Do When Provoked

The dust has barely begun to settle on last night’s Capricorn Full Moon. Whether it was a stressful event for you or clearly opened an exciting new door through which to walk (or was surprisingly subtle or ambiguous), there’s a good chance you’ll continue to work with whatever came up as this week progresses.

Mainly this is because the Sun is still making aspects to important planets that were directly involved in the Full Moon chart, and will do so through the rest of this week. Of particular note: the Cancer Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn, exact today (Monday) at 12:35 am EDT (4:35 UTC); and the Sun squares Eris in Aries, exact July 16 at 1:06 am EDT (5:06 UTC).


Photo by Amanda Painter, taken July 8, 2017.

Also in the mix: Mars in Cancer squares Eris in Aries today at 8:44 pm EDT (00:44 UTC Tuesday).

The squares from Mars and the Sun in Cancer are a direct reminder of how chaotic, provocative and often self-centered our current environment is.

Can you let it spur you to creative, caring action without letting its provocations feel like a threat to your ego? The ego tends to experience every threat as life-or-death, whether it is or not. But generally speaking, emotional reactivity is not constructive. Taking action to care for others (and taking care of yourself) is.

The Sun-Eris square in particular looks like the universe waving a flag and saying, “Hey! Look at what is happening around you — in your digital environments, and as a result of them. Notice how this has been influencing and provoking you on an emotional level.”

You might ask yourself what you do when you become aware of chaos and subversiveness, especially that which seemingly provokes solely for the sake of provoking. Do you withdraw? Put up boundaries to keep yourself emotionally and psychically safe? Lash out in return? Simply continue to swallow it all and try to digest it, without any creative outlet or way to release any potentially toxic byproducts?

Notice whether today’s Sun-Pluto opposition shows you an avenue for changing how you deal with it all. Bear in mind, that awareness could come through something breaking down (a relationship, a machine, some part of your home, your emotions). In which case, a quick patch job won’t do. You’ll have to confront the situation directly, get what’s not working completely in the open, and figure out how to fix things at a foundational level.

It’s worth remembering that Sun-Pluto oppositions come with a warning to avoid potentially violent or dangerous situations. Also, power struggles with others (especially authority figures) are possible. There’s something here about learning to stand up for yourself without having to dominate someone.

That might be one of the key questions of this moment in history, in the flesh but especially in the digital environment. It’s entirely possible to harness the awareness you gain this week to make creative changes and to serve the higher good. If you can feel safe enough within yourself to let your ego take a back seat, it might be that much more feasible to take a stand in healthy ways.

2 thoughts on “What We Do When Provoked

  1. Bette

    Thank-you for this, Amanda! The Capricorn full moon was a heavy-duty passage for me, occurring with Sun/Mars just into my 1st & Moon/Pluto in 7th. I found myself revisited by a number of my past rock-and-hard-place experiences, when there had been no choice that was not painful, but the “best” choice still had to be made. Sorting through some of the ragged edges of the leftover feelings was really hard work, but freeing, too.

    I wanted to respond to your earlier post, Calling in the Capricorn full moon, but I couldn’t yet articulate my experience. I journaled, talked with a trusted friend, worked on a painting, read further in the books I bought to assist in my recovery from past abusive relationship. Add a heatwave that largely kept me indoors, & it was NOT a jolly weekend! I am glad it’s past (though still have the heatwave & drought). Your guidance was of great value. I feel lighter for all the work.

    Oh, & thank-you also for the photos – the one accompanying the Capricorn moon piece is one after my own heart.

    1. Amanda Painter Post author

      Wow, Bette — it sounds like you put in some real emotional work this weekend, and did so through creative means. Bravo! I think it can often be difficult to feel the value of that work while we’re in the middle of it, because it’s just so damn hard and exhausting. I’m grateful to know that what I’ve written this past week served the purpose well for you.

      I also appreciate that you included which houses the Full Moon aspects fell in for you. It amazes me how differently the same aspect in the same houses can be experienced — which really speaks to things like the unique differences even in charts that have some foundational similarity, as well as how we each are experiencing the astrology through our own unique life path. Beautiful!

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