What the World Needs Now

It’s Friday the 13th. Even though this combination of day and date has nothing to do with astrology, nearly all of us live in a cultural environment where the ancient art of cosmic contemplation is equated with arbitrary superstitions. If you doubt this, go to a library and note what books are arranged on the same shelf with astrological tomes.


It was not always so. For most of what human history we know of, nearly all people lived close to the Earth with constant awareness of the sky. There was no separation. Seasonal rhythms were commonly known to be in sync with celestial cycles.

Now, it’s different. Uncommon are those who need or care to know when and where dawns and sunsets will occur. Even more scarce are those who understand how the Moon will rise later tonight than the night before. Indeed, for many of us, to simply see the Moon, planets and stars (much less keep personal track of them) is a challenge.

Then, there is disparagement. Many are the astrologers who respect astronomy and those who practice it. Unfortunately, such esteem is rarely returned. That’s just one example of how inequality in relationships and a devotion to intransigent partisanship has come to presently underlie much of human interaction.

Even within a typical individual, division and resulting inner conflicts have become more rule than exception. Perhaps separation has been sowed on purpose. Maybe it has simply been one thing leading to another. At this point, all we can say is that the situation has been a long time in coming, and is almost certainly not sustainable.

Enter Venus. Shortly after 6 am EDT (10:11:07 UTC) tomorrow, the brightest planet in our sky will leave Virgo behind and move on to Libra. From an astrologer’s point of view, it will be an implicitly auspicious ingress. Given all the types and levels of separation which now characterize so much of our human condition, however, the outcome of Venus moving through Libra until Nov. 7 is far from certain.

It is unlikely that all divisions and conflicts in the world will resolve peacefully during the next three weeks or so. After all, anything which has been a long time in coming is also likely to be a long time in changing. Fortunately, the same is not necessarily true for you.

We human beings have a wonderful capacity to at least begin changing our lives for the better in a short period of time. Just one choice can make a big difference. Even more likely to show results is the conscious revision of a behavior pattern over time.

If you want to know what Venus in Libra will mean, no conscientious astrologer will be able to tell you for sure. On the other hand, should you inquire what it can be made to mean, one possible answer will stand out. That’s because Venus usually moves quickly, just as you are capable of doing.

While the world is too often slow to change, you don’t have to be. What changes you would like to eventually see in the world can plausibly get started with you over the days to come.

Judging from the context (astrological and otherwise) of Venus’ ingress to Libra tomorrow, you might be surprised what a difference you can make. Based on what the world seems to need now, a little love will go a long way – especially if it is given to at least the same extent it is sought.

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