Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jun. 28, 2015

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Planet Waves -- the Art of Service. Digital Illustration by Lizanne Webb.

Planet Waves — the Art of Service. Digital Illustration by Lizanne Webb.

By Sarah Taylor

Before you read this week’s tarot reading, which, itself, is about service, I wanted to speak a little to a phrase you might have encountered on Planet Waves if you’ve been visiting recently: the Art of Service.

Planet Waves is small enough to embody that most precious of experiences in this vast, often impersonal, place called the World Wide Web: community. It was community that drew me in when I visited some eight years ago; it was community that encouraged me to take part in many of the post discussions; it has been community that has helped me find and enjoy many friendships, online and off; and it is community today that feels critical when so much is telling us that we, individually and collectively, are not important, and that we have no voice.

We do. We all matter. Planet Waves matters in the lives of those, both vocal and silent, who come here to find meaning and a sense of place. That is community and the Art of Service in action.

Community supports us; and it continues to thrive in turn through the support of its members. We who write here could not do what we do without you — and I know that this relationship is reciprocal, as one who has come here, not knowing what to do, and finding the guidance I needed at just the right time.

So, please, consider taking out a membership if you haven’t already. If you have, then consider introducing someone else to a Planet Waves subscription. Community is dependent on its existing members, and also has the potential to expand its support base through the welcoming of new ones, their ideas and their contributions. The more we weave the web (Web), the greater the support available.

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With love,

~ Sarah


Today, left, centre, right: past, present, future. The Hermit, Five of Disks, Ace of Cups.

This is a chronological reading, telling you what is passed and forms the foundation to your reading this week; what you are currently experiencing; and what you are moving towards and into. It is an evolution, from self-contained and isolated seeking, to the radiation of what you have found in your inner Soul travels.


The Hermit, Five of Disks, Ace of Cups from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig. Click on the image for a larger version.

You don’t have to worry. Or — rather — feel free to acknowledge that there is something weighing upon you, and it is not the full story of your travels and travails.

It is leading you from something and to something. Your worry is the waypoint between two states, where you feel left, holding the world on your shoulders, with no apparent way forward. You feel held in place by something that is both so big that you cannot easily see it, and perhaps so consuming of your time and energy that the challenge is incumbent on you merely to stay upright through it all. You may feel you are not up to the task.

You are up to the task. More than that: this is the task. This is your work right now, a progression from a particular role that you took on some time ago — one where you committed yourself to the practice of a skill of how to be in the world. Whether a formal commitment or one that may have felt thrust on you by circumstances, Disks describe a tangible way of operating in the world. Think back to a moment where these words may have come to you, either consciously or just beyond the level of everyday perception:

“If not now, when? If not you, who?”

It’s an old ‘un, but a good ‘un. And, whether you know it or not, you are the embodiment of this in a specific form and expression.

As The Hermit, you were recently living in a mode of separation — from others, from the world. The Hermit is not the most uplifting of cards at times, especially if you are someone who relies on or feels more comfort in the company of others. Not that you were completely alone, all of the time. That’s not The Hermit — not most of the time, anyway. But what The Hermit is is that time of personal integration after the expansion of The Lovers, the forward motion it leads to (The Chariot), and the leonine ROARRRR! of the discovery of your animal instinct.

After this delving into the other and the erotic, it has been time to close the door on the outside world of distraction — and the potential to squander your new-found eros on pursuits that merely have you running in circles — and to take what you have been given, and use it. Own it. Be it. Live it. Dive under the surface and find the deeper gift — the one of service, both to yourself, others, and the divine.

As The Hermit, you have had the opportunity to become discipline, embodied. As The Hermit, you turn away from sexual power as distraction and learn about sexual power as the extraction of that elixir within that serves everyone and everything.

In psychological terms, you learn to sublimate: the act of channelling eros towards creativity — one that has its roots in a Will that is larger than your own will. This Will is unconcerned with individual wants and needs. This Will is the drive to become more fully yourself, and by doing this you hold the key to bringing something of value into the world.

The frustration inherent in this is that you may have little idea of the “what” and “why” of your specific role. Surrender to Will means surrender to a higher wisdom. Surrender to a higher wisdom means not always knowing what the process or the outcome will be. Surrender to the process means the surrender of the trappings that you thought were the final story in your animal-driven, instinctual experience of yourself as a sensual body in a sensual world.

After Lust, the laundry.

So, this burden that you feel you are carrying may indeed feel worrisome.

“Where is my support?”
“Why is this all starting to feel a little heavy?”
“Do I know what I’m doing?”
“Am I able to find balance at a time where it seems others, or my faculties, have deserted me?”

But through this, you are finding and refining an equilibrium in the physical world.

Think of it this way, intrepid traveller: when you learn new skills, you also bring in the opportunities to try them out. As a unicycle juggler (you, the figure in the Five of Disks), you got your three-ball routine down pat … and now the clown on the sidelines has just thrown you a couple of new balls. Whoa! Wobble, wobble! Back-and-forward on that unicycle you dance, the wheel searching for that midpoint that will bring you fully upright again.

It is nothing you didn’t ask for. It is nothing that wasn’t asked from you.

Keep going. You’re in that ring. You might feel alone, but there are others around you, witnessing your work. Yours is a performance that is part of a greater performance. What you are holding is not the final point of it all, but it gets you there: to the moment when you know why it was that you are doing what you are doing. And the paradox of that moment is that, then, the juggling act will no longer be necessary.

Because what you are moving into is connection. The Ace of Cups. Pure and simple. The point is not to complete your task; the point is to connect through its endeavour.

Your juggling is simply the doorway to the Ace. It is the tangible method through which you begin to feel what balance is. You lock into what lies at the Heart of you. You re-member. The three-ring circus disappears. There is no separation between you, those around you, and the roles that each of you have assumed.

You throw the balls into the air in a round of riotous applause, your arms spread open. It is then that you understand that you’ve never needed anyone’s applause. The joy of who you are is its own ecstatic reward.

“I stand in golden rays radiantly
I burn a fire of love over and over
Reflecting endless light relentlessly
I have embraced the flame forever and ever.”

~ Depeche Mode, “Heaven.” (See the video here.)


Astrology/Elemental correspondences: The Hermit (Virgo), Five of Disks (Mercury in Taurus), Ace of Cups (the purest, infinite potential of water)

If you want to experiment with tarot cards and don’t have any, we provide a free tarot spread generator using the Celtic Wings spread, which is based on the traditional Celtic Cross spread. This article explains how to use the spread.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jun. 28, 2015

  1. Bette

    And thank-you from me. This reading arrives at a time when I have been feeling terribly wobbley about a host of aspects of my life, feeling some sense that I may indeed have to stick my head out of my typical seclusion & take action. But the what/when remain elusive. I suppose patient listening is called for.

  2. marilyn

    Sarah, can you hear it? I certainly hope so, for I am clapping my hands together. But I have gone one step further. I am rising now to my feet and the clapping has now gone into a full applause . A job beautifully composed. As if you were the star singing your Aria, out there on the stage All alone, but to master such a brilliant performance. You really nailed this one.
    Incredible really – well done

  3. Amanda Painter

    Fascinating to me that I think I can see this reading mirrored not only in the recent weeks and months of my life, but that I can also see its shape projected onto a more macro timeline of the last 9 years or so of my life. And who knows — there’s probably an even more macro version of the hologram that outlines many of my past lifetimes.

    I’ll have to give this another read later and feel it out… I seem to have “over-Fringed” this week and, despite a long (and long-overdue) nap this afternoon, may be coming down with a cold. But the shape of this reading still makes sense to me. 🙂

  4. Dorothy Rodriguez

    Thank you Sarah, for such a beautiful reading; they always are. I look forward, every Sunday, knowing it will be helpful and somehow it’s always relevant and just what I need. Eric is exceptional and he has chosen well.

  5. P. Sophia

    The first thing I thought of after reading through was “prism”. Of the transparent quality, this reading works into, and out of so many differnt levels and realms which work together refracting and reflecting light.

    I notice the patterned face on the Hermit, now seems necessary in the process of aiding in shedding the direction through in light. Similarly, in the Raider-Waite deck (not shown here), the Ace of Cups image of the dove decending, delivers the message of communion, that’s dipped in the overflowing chalice. As the water of great emotions are freely, continuously released over, through, and into the hand issuing from the sky, it offers the cup, whole act which ultimately falls to be received, as well as flows into the fertile Sea.

  6. Kara Morillo

    Sarah, thank you for this beautiful reading. This showed up in my Facebook feed a mere half hour after I wrote something similar in my journal. As a Virgo sun and rising who is engaged in finishing my intellectual/academic project, I’m really just coming to terms with the connection to my own eroticism, my creativity, and my service. I realize that none of these facets of myself are separate from my work, and I do not need to hide them, or myself, from the world. This reading helped me flesh out my feelings from this weekend. I will keep it in my journal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. P. Sophia


    I reread your reading. I continue to be so moved by the symmetry of this to our upcoming full moon, not to mention the depth that the Depeche Mode video, and lyrics add to the cards and your reading. ..LOVE Depeche Mode!!

    We are so blessed to receive and share your service and true artistry, which I fully support and I also continue to be so grateful to have found you, and everyone here at planet waves! Thank you again, as always! 🙂

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