Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jul. 19, 2015

Posted by Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor looks at The Judgment’s second appearance in the space of seven days and suggests that you are currently between one wave of revelation and the next. In the meantime, there is something entirely practical at hand to which you can devote your time, care, and attention, knowing that it, and what is being revealed by The Judgment, are inseparable.

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By Sarah Taylor

Another week, yet another two major arcana cards — this time surrounding a card from the minor arcana at centre, the Eight of Disks.

Matters of the Soul remain at the fore, this time grounding into a particularly practical, physical experience that is asking you for your due care and attention. But first let’s look at what brought you to this point by seeing what underpins it.


The Moon, Eight of Disks, The Judgment from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig. Click on the image for a larger version.

The Moon at left represents the foundation to the Eight of Disks, most likely being part of your near past. The words that I can decipher on the card read as follows:

End of karma,” “final trial,” “Examination of the subconscious,” “Threshold of the new level of awareness,” “Illusions.”

The Moon signals a time that seems to be defined by a lack of clarity. On the one hand, this can be confusing: the conscious mind wants to make sense of what, to it, feels nonsensical. It is hell-bent on using its familiar language to construct meaning around what seems to defy meaning — much in the same way that you will see things in the shadows under a moonscape that you cannot quite make out. In this light, you have entered the borders of dream-time. Reality feels permeable, edges seem fluid, the impossible a little, or a lot, more possible.

If you insist on continuing to try and make sense with your daylight faculties, it’s much like insisting on speaking French in Japan and believing you will not only be understood, but that you, too, will be able to understand others. Not so. What The Moon asks of you is to throw out your familiar, intellectual way of communicating with the outer world, and instead sink into your inner world, the spaces between, and flow with a new rhythm.

Your inner eyes, trained as they are on shadow, will inevitably start to become used to what had eluded you when you were insisting on your tried-and-tested means of analysis. This ‘language’ is heart- and body-based; it bypasses thought; it comes to you in feelings, impressions, sensations, inklings and prickles. It brushes against you when your back is turned; it breathes warm air on your neck; it whispers when you’re the quiet, receptive denizen of negative space.

It comes to you in the gaps.

What’s interesting to me this week, is that this intuitive communication that has taken place is now causing a shift in your material world. Like The Moon, the Eight of Disks speaks of a sense of ‘between’ — though while The Moon’s ‘between’ is a fully formed state with its own language, the Eight of Disks’ ‘between’ is a stage of moving from disincarnate into incarnate reality.

Seen another way, in the recent past you received some kind of psychic blueprint for a project, an object, or a situation that has the potential to be wholly tangible. Handle it with care, though, my friend: it is still fragile, its intricate structure a vessel for something that lives and breathes. Give it time and care to grow and expand in a way that feels natural. Feed it, water it, speak to it — in other words, pay attention and respond to what it asks for, and what it asks of you.

You are not doing this alone, nor is the outcome just for you. It is not a vanity project, and it is worth shifting out of that mode of relating to it if it feels you’re being drawn that way. Yes, you have been integral in its birth and will remain integral to its growth — though it might be a whole lot bigger, and involve more people, than you are at first imagining.

Finally, you will see that it is in some way connected to the breakthrough and call to action that was embodied in last week’s reading: The Judgment, at centre just six days ago, is here and coming up on the right, the near future. This is what I wrote about The Judgment then:

“Hint: get out of your own way. There is nothing else you need to do. There are bigger forces at work than you alone, and they are the driving factors. To push is to add unnecessary fuel to an already kinetic situation. To resist is to look into the eyes of an angel and mistrust what you see. There is no need to fight; the weapons were laid down some time ago. It is time to listen, to hear what is being spoken to you through the trumpet-blast of your own awakening.”

That trumpet blast will be heard again in the next few weeks — the second wave of your awakening to some aspect of yourself. It feels like the contractions through a birth canal — or a re-birth canal.

And that hint still stands true: get out of your own way.

Tend carefully to what you’re creating in the Eight of Disks, and surrender the need to try and control anything else. The wisdom of the angel in The Judgment asks not for your active assistance in your awakening. Instead, keep your eye on what you know, and where you know you can make a difference.

Look to what is emerging in your world — it will be tangible, something you can name. This is not the time to leave an unprotected plant outside if an unexpected frost might hit; this is not the time to turn your back and ask for what you have brought through to fend for itself, when your participation with others in its evolution is an integral aspect of the experience. Participation isn’t a behind-the-scenes factor right now; it is one of the principal roles you’re (all) playing.

There is change possible here; devote yourself — your love, your dedication, your mettle, your ability to ask for help and to receive it: these will stand it, and you, in good stead. Because, here’s the secret: it, and you — all of you — are inseparable. Knowing that, how can you do all of you justice?

What is your next move?

Astrology/Elemental correspondences: The Moon (Pisces), Eight of Disks (Sun in Virgo), The Judgment (Pluto)

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jul. 19, 2015

  1. Biren Shah

    you seemed to be singing a lullaby, sarah… and I wanted to hear more, and fall into dreams.

    sorry. that’s the best, and the closest, I can come to share the power and effect of what magic you have invoked this time.
    for me, that is.

  2. Cowboyiam

    This ongoing tale tells a story that resonates with an evolving energetic collective creation I am witnessing in my life. I have many months back been tempted to let go of this creative endeavor and just call it a loss – but I held it together – often inspired by things you said as read through your taro.

    It has since evolved and become something just a little different but actually better than what I had years ago envisioned. Now it seems to have a life of its own and is coming from different directions and through differing perspectives all together into something that has the look of divine design coming together from disjointed pieces into something larger than all the parts put together. It is like the cooperative components are spontaneously assembling themselves right before my eyes. Only a few of us are witnessing the larger picture assembling itself while most of the players are oblivious and wholly focused on their own play.

    As you said my job now is to get out of the way and indeed this last week has proven that in spades as I am just riding this new thing and witness to the joyful unfolding. You remind me here again to avoid thinking I have some need to steer this unfolding, and truly I really don’t know what will – or should – happen next. The cool part is I am feeling relaxed and at ease with the situation and looking forward to it evolving character. I have a sense of optimistic excitement. It has not been a still birth and now is looking to be a very unique and healthy baby beginning to look around its world. I feel like the father/Mother watching this living creation begin to wake up to its life. My passion is not fully expressed here but just a few weeks back I wondered how long it would continue to lay almost dormant and this week it is very clear that it is awakening to make its presence known. My job, as you said is to water and nurture it and I am so stoked for that I will be the worlds most attentive but relaxed parent. What it becomes is something I am extremely proud of and I hold no absolute model for how and what it becomes. From here on my job is encouragement and protection. Thank you Sarah for your weekly inspired readings. Truly gifted you are.

  3. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    Reading this feels like weight lifted off my mind, and body. I’m in the “mystery zone”, which is exciting. That term is on my mind because of a song by Spoon, I listened to earlier. I think of the mystery zone as anywhere I haven’t been before. Mentally, and physically, I have never felt so free. There’s still work to be done, but I’m enjoying myself. Thanks for another touching read, Sarah.

  4. Heather

    Sarah, a searing insightful tarot indeed, and yes, like Cowboyiam, I also have the feeling that what I envisioned at least a decade ago is not stillbirth!

    The Moon has certainly highlighted a lack of clarity and certainly aware of the ‘shadows’ both human and esoteric.

    As recognised some time ago – *Chaos and happenstance play as much of a part in careers as planning! The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho – “My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer,” the boy told the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky.” Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams.”

    Will now pursue my dreams with gusto, and the little work that I do to support me along that road shows me that people are suffering needlessly, many are isolated and live in fear and frighten ourselves with thoughts of freedom….and I am becoming more comfortable slipping into the gaps. I met a lady last Sunday who had not spoken to anyone other than her partner for six years, mind you with every question in that Market Research there was a BIG story, and it took all my current skills to refocus her back to where we needed to be; suggested @ conclusion that she needed to learn how to accept help and offered her an oil heater to help along the way, the house was large and cold.

    When I returned the next day (Monday), there had been a definite energy shift, the rest as they say is up to her, and the lesson that I learned is that you can only take someone as far as they will go, not as far as you would like them to go.

    There were two other thing’s that occurred post that meeting, I had a strong sensation of cigarette smoke in my home, my father was a smoker, and the next day, I found a single playing card in my driveway – the ace of hearts! My father played cards incessantly during his time in the Army when he was bunkered down in the Tobruk campaign of WW2, he crossed over in 1999.

    My psychic blueprint from 2003 is a business that focuses on mind body connections, navigation of health – stress/anxiety/CFS, – business mentoring, and some personal goals – learning languages (Italian), walking tours – The Way of St. James, Yorkshire Dales and reapplying for Churchill Scholarship, and yes there is a cluster of people that I am meeting that have similar interests.

    Yes, that psychic blueprint will definitely undergo some radical revision, however, with some help along the way I will be able to fold it into an ongoing venture that will outlast my lifetime and look after those who have been left behind from a narcissistic society.

    Yes, I need to get out of my own way, for what I had been looking for was there all along. Being a gardener, it’s now time to remove the weeds, plant more seeds, fertilise and water and tend with loving care.

    Thank you for the reminder Sarah Taylor.

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