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Shortly before 6 pm EDT (21:42:25 UTC) tomorrow, the Scorpio Full Moon will be in precise opposition to the Taurus Sun. By that time, Mercury will have separated from the last of three Aries conjunctions with Uranus for the year. Combine a lunar culmination concurrent with a milestone in Mercury’s recent resumption of forward progress, and digging comes to mind.


There is more than one reason to dig into the ground. Like archaeologists and other treasure hunters, you can can excavate to uncover or discover something hidden. As with gardeners, you can turn the soil over either to cultivate or harvest a crop.

Furthermore, it is common to create a cavity in the available alluvium to hold a building’s foundation in place. Carving depressions or ditches in the earth also serves to channel or store accumulations of surface water. What’s more, tunnels constructed beneath the ground can (among other things) serve to convey anything from fluid to traffic from one place to another.

Then, there are more abstract applications of the word “dig.” Sometime during the 20th century, people of alternative cultural persuasions began to speak of digging colloquially to express understanding or appreciation. A much older phrasing presents a somewhat contrasting picture: “digging in” for purposes of either traction or resistance to movement. All of these definitions and more are something you might want to be aware of in order to more fully grasp you place under tomorrow’s Full Moon.

For astrologers, the Moon itself is at least partially indicative of what lies beneath the surface of your personality. Things like your emotional needs (along with related issues having to do with safety and comfort) tend to correspond with the Moon’s symbolism. Especially in a social setting, what you see (and show) upon first acquaintance with somebody is more likely to do with a natal Sun and solar derivatives, such as a rising sign. Only after getting to know know a person better is the lunar component likely to be revealed.

Interestingly, a lot of correlations associated with both Taurus and the opposing sign Scorpio also include a significant component relating to that which is beneath the surface. The longer you know nearly anybody born with the Sun in Taurus, for example, the greater your understanding and appreciation of them is likely to be. When it comes to the Moon taking on Scorpio’s raiment, however, the resulting scenario is more complex and less certain.

Because the Moon is exalted in Taurus, most things lunar are implicitly less than than celebrated on the other side of the zodiac in Scorpio. Combine the implied theme of an expatriate Moon with the intensity usual to a Full Moon, and things could go one of two ways. That’s where Mercury comes in.

Ever since Mercury ended its retrograde on May 3, it has been doing a bit of “digging in” and “digging for.” The “digging in” part has to do with how this most recent case of temporary retreat constituted the slowest extended period of motion of the year for what is normally the fleetest of planets.

As one would expect, Mercury remains sluggish upon emergence from its recent retrograde passage, and is still gradually regaining its figurative traction. At its peak speed, Mercury flies around the zodiac at about two degrees a day — farther than it has traveled over the last six days.

Even so, Mercury’s direction is now undeniably direct and its motion is unavoidably accelerating as it begins to move over the latter part of Aries one last time. That’s how Mercury can be said to be “digging for” as well.

When any planet retrogrades, it moves over the same part of the zodiac wheel’s edge three times. In Mercury’s case, the first trip over that arc started in late Aries on March 27, and ended in early Taurus on April 9. Then Mercury shifted into reverse. The slow backpedal implicitly reviewed the initial passage, eventually returning Mercury to Aries and one more turnabout. Now, well into the third traversal of that which has already been twice traced, the indicated theme is less review and more revelation — perhaps even integration.

All of which gives you something to think about, should you be fortunate enough to view the Moon’s final stage of waxing tonight. First, think about what forms of digging you have witnessed in the world during the past five or six weeks. Then, spend an at least equal time to review how you might be said to have been digging yourself. Finally, imagine being gifted with a chance to see and do it all one more time, and ask yourself what you would do with such an opportunity.

Second chances are rare. Third chances are scarcer still. Under the bright light of tomorrow’s Scorpio Full Moon you might find (or better yet, make) the additional chance you or somebody else needs. If you don’t see your way clear to do so now, try digging a little more. Or better yet, try digging differently.

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