Water You Thinking?

The waning gibbous Moon entered its Cancer dominion earlier today. A little over an hour later, Venus left Libra behind to trail the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio. Add Neptune traversing Pisces, and you have a temporary scenario featuring half of astrology’s ten sign rulers expressing through emblematic water. Not incidentally, today (Tuesday) is election day in the U.S.


Each of the twelve astrological signs is associated with one of the four so-called elements: fire, earth, air or water. Any sign identified with water’s symbolism tends to have a subjective cachet. Sometimes, that’s helpful. Sometimes it’s not.

Corresponding to how astrology usually manifests, the course of political events is most heavily determined by those who participate. The degree to which water signs correlate with emotions provides a clue about how voting might go today. It would seem that the passionate might well prevail.

On the one hand, passion is a very good thing. A representative political system, for example, is as strengthened by avid interest as it is weakened by apathy.

On the other hand, emotions are more subject to manipulation than critical thinking. With Mercury (the sign ruler most closely corresponding to how you think) having recently moved out of Scorpio and into fiery Sagittarius, it’s quite possible that a lot of voters are being influenced less by intellect and more by either instinct or intuition.

As result, a significant number of electoral choices being made in the U.S. today may end up reflecting the intentions of a comparative few who have both the wherewithal and skill to twist and exploit tender feelings. Should that turn out to be the case, the results will not augur well for representative democracy.

Then again, there’s nothing quite like a proverbial “teaching moment” when it comes to changing behavior. American citizens declining or neglecting to participate today may very well end up learning the same sort of lesson often absorbed by those who decide to ignore astrology. Were that to be true, one of the world’s most important republics would benefit immeasurably.

Obviously, astrology never applies to only one nation exclusively. So long as you reside somewhere on Earth, the same correlations between celestial and earthly events postulated in the preceding paragraphs could just as easily apply to you.

Over the next day or two, it would probably do everybody some good to be inspired by their emotions — while also trusting logic to make decisions. Even if hindsight reveals you are now being controlled by minds other than your own, there would be no reason for despair. If there is anything to astrology, all that really matters is whether you allow yourself to be changed by what you will soon come to know.

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  1. Glen Young

    The proverbial “teaching moment” is now in full effect, as the American citizens inspired emotions drove them forward in an effort to take back the American Dream. As much as they fought against crooked Hillary, are they now waged in fight against Trumpism/crooked Trump (the detrimental mutual reception between Venus and Mars; Mercury detrimental effect in Sagittarius through Jupiter in Scorpio, as world leaders abroad watch a weakened scandalized President). The midpoint of the Sun in Scorpio (as mentioned in PWFM). no doubt was favorable as well in this turn out. Your dispassionate eloquent is no doubt remarkable, masterful and impressive; for those of us in awareness of astrology.

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