Vision and Revision: Virgo and Pisces

The Pisces Sun is approaching two events that represent a point of balance, and the momentum shifting in a new direction. One is an opposition from the Virgo Moon on Thursday (the Virgo Full Moon), and the other is a conjunction to Chiron on Saturday (Sun conjunct Chiron).

Plan for a concentration of thought, effort and awareness around a certain set of plans, which may then seem to release to a new set of purposes on Thursday, and then go through a kind of clarifying process over the weekend. Here in the digital age, one thing we simply must get used to is constant revision. I am not advocating this. I would love for the pace of life to slow down a bit, and for there to be some organic opportunity to reassess.

But the ‘message of the medium’ of the digital age is how everything must be done and redone incessantly. If you’ve ever hosted a website, you know it’s never done; every time you turn around you have to take it apart and put it back together. That’s just a little puppet of what’s going on Internet-wide, with code being ripped apart and rewritten just about everywhere, all the time.

This week’s astrology is saying this must be done with precision. The visionary creativity of Pisces must be tapped into consciously, and then applied in an intelligent and organized way, in the style of Virgo. The mysticism of art and spiritual thought needs careful balance in the applied science quality of Virgo.

Both the Full Moon and Chiron are Virgo-related factors. The Moon of course will be full in the Sun’s opposite sign (as ever). And Chiron is a relatively new factor (covered in last week’s lead article this past Thursday night) that astrological researchers have long associated with Virgo. This is not an absolute connection; Chiron is also associated with Sagittarius and with the mutable signs in general.

If you’re trying to understand this concept of mutability, think of the process of change and revision we are subjected to in the digital age; everything must be flexible. The problem is that humans try to reach for alleged permanence, and therefore often fail to design their inventions and various schemes and plots to be easily revisable.

You might consider that as the very first design specification you add to the mix: the awareness that this is going to be edited, rewritten, restructured or repurposed. Given how that’s true of everything from the buildings we live in to our relationships, this would just seem to be a case of honoring the plainly obvious.

Indeed, you might think of this as the purpose of the week. Astrology is the master art of the ‘time for every purpose’. That is the whole point of reading astrology — and the purpose of this particular time is revisioning and, when appropriate, taking your plans, your ideas and even the underlying cause for your actions into new territory.

5 thoughts on “Vision and Revision: Virgo and Pisces

  1. Len Wallick

    Thank you, Eric. An absolutely (and deeply) resonant capture of current experience for so many of us. You have nailed the ambience of how “as above, so below” is now manifesting rather concisely yet once again.

  2. Hugging Scorpio

    Very interesting! This new territory should be felt, no doubt, due to leaving the Merc rx shadow on Wed(?).

    I recently bought a new computer, safely after mercury stationed direct. My last computer was from 2006 and the only thing wrong with it was that my internet browser would have difficulty reading certain pages, or it would just crash under the weight of new coding and insufficient processing power.

    I said 2015 was the year of the upgrade for me, but man, it’s still kinda sad. Especially as I look at people who are maybe not doing as well as I am (students, etc) who prob rack up their debt just to stay present and linked in the system of interconnected glowing devices, social media, and that oh so intoxicating swoosh of the index finger across a silvery screen.

    I wanted the upgrade because I don’t want to be left behind as one of those people who doesn’t understand new technology. But, you will have to peel my flip phone from my cold dead hands before I let that upgrade happen!!!!!! 😉

  3. Michael Mayes

    I fought this idea of needing to constantly revise when I first read this because I took it as if you were saying that we have to reassess & revise our creations incessantly. As an artist, once I do a performance, it’s done. I don’t think about what I could have done better. I just let it be. And when I’m creating something, I can’t be like a computer programmer ripping apart, and rewriting code. It is absolutely imperative that I create & revise at an organic pace, not at the breakneck pace at which the Internet operates. When I create something, be it written, or performance, I don’t ‘incessantly’ reassess & revise. If I did I would go mad. I allow one thought, or movement to flow into the next, leaving room for gradual, gentle adjustments.

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