Venus, Jupiter and Choice

Astrology does not cause anything to happen. Astrology is a source of information. The information is derived from observing and correlating cycles and patterns exhibited by the solar system of which you are a part. Your part is to make choices. The Sun, Moon and planets cannot choose. They follow the laws of physics. You, however, have the privilege of choosing to serve and manifest what you value — or not. 


Your choices do in fact cause things to happen (or not). Even a choice not to choose has consequences. Better, then, that your elections be informed so as to accrue results that align with your values and support your intent.

That’s where Planet Waves as a membership entity, and our Art of Service as a concept, comes in. Planet Waves is a unique source of information about the solar system and the world, because what you read here is provided without advertising.

Hence, the content of Planet Waves is without corporate influence. That’s how the Art of Service extends to you.

If you place value on Planet Waves being accountable only to its subscribers (rather than serving as a platform for corporate profit), and provided you have the privilege of discretionary resources to go with the privilege of choice, please consider actively participating as a subscriber.

By selecting from one of the membership options here, rather than simply buying a product from a corporate sponsor, you become the sponsor. You can ensure that your resources directly support your values. You can choose to serve and manifest the Art of Service in the world as part of something greater and more expansive than you could be on your own.

Unsurprisingly, the astrology at this time continues to inform Planet Waves in its endeavor to continue in your service without corporate sponsorship. Fittingly, our membership drive initiated earlier this week with Mars (a planet of action) entering the cardinal sign of Cancer (where the Sun initiates a new season).

Now, appropriately, our appeal to your values continues as the planetary emblem of value — Venus — moves to merge with amplifying Jupiter in Leo, shortly before 3:51 am EDT (7:50:46 UTC) on Wednesday, the first day of July. And Leo is where the Sun, as a symbol of consciousness, rules the roost. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?

It’s interesting that you are today being offered a choice to merge a small part of your resources with others who share a similar consciousness, amplifying the influence of your values and your intent in the world. 

Of course, such a result is not inevitable. You could choose otherwise. You might elect to be passive (another manifestation of Venus) and do nothing. You have the privilege simply to watch as Venus and Jupiter come so close together in the West, that holding up a single finger at arm’s length would cover them both.

As you hide the symbolic potential of this moment in time behind your extended digit, you might wonder. You could wonder who is seizing a moment that implicitly will not repeat again until Aug. 23, 2038 — the next time Venus and Jupiter will conjoin in Leo. You can choose simply to wonder whether those who are actively moving with Venus and Jupiter, rather than just watching, are also moving to hold up their middle finger towards all you hold dear.

Or, you could elect to express an alternative side of Venus and indulge yourself, provided you have the discretionary resources to do so. Admittedly, not all of us have that privilege.

If you do, you could easily exchange the same portion that would avail you of a Planet Waves Core Community membership for an entire year, and treat yourself to a weekend feast. In return for the temporary comfort of indulgence, you might possibly expand your waistline (another manifestation of Jupiter). At the same time you would almost certainly expand the influence of those who would very probably devote a portion of your exchanged resources to support social agendas and political candidates that you are not comfortable with.

So you see, astrology does not cause anything to happen. Inevitably, you do. One way or another, exercising your privilege of choice, in the time you have available to do so, will manifest consequences. By distributing what resources you have available, results will undoubtedly accrue.

Should you be fortunate enough to have discretionary resources at this time, please consider the options you have, and the outcome each option would entail. Should you be so fortunate as to be able to be something more than passive, and choose to be something other than indulgent, please consider becoming something of a patron of the arts. In this case it is the Art of Service, which Planet Waves endeavors to practice for a greater good in which we ask you to take part.

Offered In Service

Len is available for astrology readings. You can contact him at lenwallick [at] gmail [dot] com.

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About Len Wallick

Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

18 thoughts on “Venus, Jupiter and Choice

  1. Barbara Koehler

    I just love looking at charts of transiting conjunctions, as you know Len, because they signal the start of a new cycle. This first one (and there are 3) between Venus and Jupiter is a fun one. The same day that their conjunction is exact will be the same day that the Moon is full opposite the Sun in Cancer, and the Sun will trine Neptune exactly and the Moon sextiles Neptune exactly.

    This seems over-the-top a little. Too much fun maybe. They (Venus and Jupiter) are also trine Uranus in Aries and quincunx Chiron in Pisces for Pete’s sake! Bearing in mind, we will be engaging the energies of 2 of the 3 transiting outer planets in this time frame – along with Chiron, and the outer planets are collective in nature. Therefore, it isn’t unreasonable to believe that outer-planet energy is part and parcel of the coinciding Venus-Jupiter conjunction.

    Since both Venus and Jupiter have a symbiotic relationship with Neptune – Venus as lower octave of Neptune, and Jupiter as former (sometimes co-) ruler of Pisces – it would have just as powerful an influence as any major aspect (like their trine to Uranus) would, don’t you agree?

    Therefore. . . . too much fun, or love, or recreation or drugs or compassion or movies could lead to a painful adjustment (quincunx with Chiron). After all, it IS a full moon. Too much of anything is probably going on with all of us right now anyway, since Jupiter is trine Uranus and this means that whatever this “too much” is is not routine for us (Uranus is anything but routine).

    Mercifully, transiting Mercury is in air sign Gemini and will draw down some of the Fire as he will sextile transiting Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo within days after the Full Moon, and he will square Chiron in Pisces as well. The mind will be electrified with ideas for a while but then Venus turns retrograde.

    Venus will make her 3rd conjunction with Jupiter when they are both in Virgo and both direct; safe and sane Virgo. The show’s over, time to get to work. This time Uranus will be quincunx the couple rather than trine, and Chiron will be opposite them rather than the quincunx he formed to their 1st conjunction. Although Venus and Jupiter will also be conjunct transiting Mars, the focus of the energized trio should be in service or perhaps working off a hangover.

    Better yet, that outer planet influence will have infused the triple conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter with a sense of purpose beyond the personal and political. With the Neptune influence comes a directive to heal and love and with the Uranus influence comes a desire to break free from worn out status-quo conditions and invent new ways to evolve ours and the planet’s life.

    Hint: when Jupiter and Venus meet for the 3rd time, Neptune will be on the ascendant of their chart when it is set in Washington DC, and again Neptune will trine the Sun (consciousness), this time in Scorpio. The North Node will be on the verge of leaving Libra (0+ degree) for Virgo.

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara (be): You are not “over the top” by any stretch of the imagination. Thank you so very much for the time and thought you put into your comment. Thank you especially for expanding on the base of my offering to note that Venus will have three trine aspects with Uranus, and three conjunctions with Jupiter in addition to the more vaunted (and perhaps rightly so) three conjunctions with Mars in 2015. All because of the impending Venus retrograde. What one might find reason to call “the little retrograde that could”. And yes, i do agree (and thank you for noting) Neptune’s influence (both by aspect to the impending opposition to the luminaries, and through relation to Venus and Jupiter). Neptune is so often right there in in plain sight (in our face, as it were), but somehow either unseen or denied. Pete Townshend (of “The Who”) wrote a song about “too much of anything” that it would do anyone well to listen to (at least for the lyrics, but also for the brilliant musical performance) right now. Additional thanks for noting how Mercury (leaving the final “echo” – or “shadow” – phase of its Gemini retrograde on June 26 or 27, depending on time zone) can indeed be a saving grace as we segue from one month to another, PROVIDED its resumption of a more normal speed does not cause us to miss the boat somehow (as Neptune might have us do). Perhaps the key is to release attachment to catching the boat, allowing us to discover the virtues of not only letting go, but also patience. For as you have noted in your look ahead to the second and third repetition of impending Venus aspects to planets outside the main asteroid belt, this (as Humphrey Bogart said at the end of “Casablanca”) appears to be only the “beginning of a beautiful relationship.” i love you Barbara! i truly and sincerely do!

    1. pam

      “Too Much Of Anything”

      I think these hands have felt a lot
      I don’t know, what have I touched
      I think these eyes have seen a lot
      I don’t know, maybe they’ve seen too much

      I think this brain has thought a lot
      Searching, trying to find the crutch
      I think this heart has bled once too often
      This time it’s bled a bit too much

      Too much of anything is too much for me
      Too much of everything gets too much for me

      I can’t remember before ’49
      But I know ’48 was there
      My ears let in what I should speak out
      Hmmm, there’s something in the air

      I’ve overloaded on my way
      Bye bye, you better keep in touch
      I think your ears hear a whole lot of music
      And like me you’ve heard a bit too much

      Too much of anything, is too much for me
      Too much of everything gets too much for me

      I think these hands have felt a lot
      I don’t know, what have I touched?
      I think these eyes have seen a lot
      I don’t know, maybe they’ve seen too much

      I think this brain has thought a lot
      Searching, I’ve tried to find the crutch
      I think this heart has bled once too often
      This time it’s bled a bit too much

      Too much of anything, is too much for me
      Too much of everything gets too much for me

    1. pam

      Wandering yeti – I loved your comment the other day about love being holding a position for a while…

      Is there any room for service that isn’t money is one side of the coin, the other is respecting and acknowledging and honouring the value that elements have.

      We live on a farm – a group venture, my husband believes that if you work the land the land should be yours. He rented a farm in Portugal and later in Spain, and thought to buy collectively since he doesn’t believe in private ownership, but still if you work the land the benefit shouldn’t go to the landlord in terms of improvements etc.

      I have been shocked at the basic mentality that seems to be exist (in France anyway), that the State, or someone, will pay for what you want if you can’t (or just so you don’t have to?), or you just take it. Part of this arises because most wages are the minimum wage and it is accepted that the top up comes from housing and health and other subsidies that you are therefore eligible for. And part of it from the ‘I’ (egocentric) culture that seems so prevalent these days. Getting around to ‘you’ and even ‘us’ seems to be taking along time, made worse in France I believe since the separation of State and Church. These days no ‘spiritual’ values are taught in french schools – and French culture is quite aesthetic often. These are good people (from the culture they are born into,) of themselves they no longer have the language of who they are, and so, less and less consciousness of concepts like Grace, Love, and the ability to see life from the shoes (rather than just as a concept) of another.

      We have never been profit orientated, we live simply, a farm is never profitable especially if you are leaving space for wildlife too and aiming at sustainability and a human footprint. People come and go. Living together is not evident apparently. But part of it is the insidious ‘other people should pay’, and also the individual view which does not see or value the other.

      I just know that we have given up inviting the public to pick our apples (for example) in years that we cannot (illness, lack of manpower, whatever it is) because people get the idea that we give stuff for free and they come with that idea seeking what we have for free.

      The line may be subtle between sharing and giving opportunity and giving stuff away for free and not valuing, but it is there, and you see people who can’t afford to buy our ‘apples’ unless they are free, buying bread at 5, 6, 8, 12 euros a kilo, and apparently that is not too much. I asked the guy selling his bread if he gives it away ever, and he told me no because then people don’t want to pay for it. It is good bread. Our apples are good also.

      The other side of the coin of Is there any room for service that isn’t money might be

      Is all service necessarily free and what about the morality of those who take for free when those who are giving do not have enough themselves?

      It is another difficult area: How much is enough!

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    wandering_yeti: Thank you for your comment, which is (as always) deeply appreciated. Please note in turn that you have not been locked out from reading my offering in service to Planet Waves. Please note that you have not been locked out from commenting as you wish (and being appreciated for it). Please note that my piece today explicitly noted that not all of us have the good fortune of discretionary resources. Please note that i would defend to the death your freedom of speech. My only request in return is that you do not mis-take my loyalty to Planet Waves as advocating barriers to entry in the Planet Waves community. There is indeed room here at Planet Waves for service that is not money, just as there is room for you, perfect as you are, and as you are not.

    1. wandering_yeti

      Thank you Len. Yes, I’ve been struggling ever since I graduated from college just to find dry places to sleep and acquire food. Sorry if I get irritable at times it’s just that I’ve been reading Planetwaves since it started and even wrote a long and deeply researched article but every few years I’m able to access less and less of the site cause it gets locked behind pay to play barriers. I do greatly appreciate the work here, but I can’t bring money to a transaction when my own work goes unpaid most of the time. I give music away for free cause no one is willing to pay for it around here. Many venues expect you to pay THEM just for exposure. If I were fairly compensated for my own years of discipline and craft then I’d have some monetary steam to offer, but it’s more than my own choices that make it less available than it’s been since the 70’s. People with jobs around here always say things like’ there’s help wanted signs everywhere’ but not a one of those places will hire a hairy 41 year old male who hasn’t had a straight job since 2002 when there’s 20 or more millennials waiting in line for the same job, extraverts who can do the shit jobs that are available around here. Without a backdoor deal from a friend I’m screwed in the present economy.

  4. Geoff Marsh

    From all of us who can’t, for whatever reason, afford to donate, let’s hear it for PLANET WAVES:

    Hip, hip. Hooray.
    Hip, hip. Hooray.
    Hip, hip. Hooray.

    Cheers Len, Eric, Amanda, Chelsea and all the tech staff, others and contributors who make this enterprise such a joy to participate in. A business model for the coming age. Rock on.

  5. pam

    Len how about going backwards from the sum needed and dividing that between all those who visit planetwaves and put in place an access tarif like serennu has. I don’t know how many people access planetwaves but a dollar a month might be enough? And if not a dollar 5 dollars? And then the usual access via request for less? Or not.

    1. pam

      I would accept the access tarif and then additional tarifs. Perhaps you could link access to each computer ID so that the first time people land on your site they access it as it is now and the next time they would have to pay the tarif?

      1. pam

        Or ten times…

        Seems to me service is something like constructs ie service to humanity is different from providing a service tho the two may be present together. Everything may be a construct but it is the human element which changes things – there are things someone can do to keep life in someone, to be instrumental in changing a psychology etc etc, and it is like playing an instrument – you play and compose to the level you are at, and with age you pare back to the essentials from the wide range of peak competence, until finally even the essentials go and you go on elsewhere, or let it all go

  6. Len Wallick Post author

    Geoff: Thank you for your support.

    pam: Speaking of service, thank you for exhibiting the sheer courage of service to all readers here by taking the risk of stepping through some rather profound material in plain sight of all. You have my admiration, even if i still need to re-read some of your comments to appreciate them properly. Oh, and by the way, thank you also for posting Pete’s great lyrics. It’s one of my favorite songs ever, and never more appropriate than now. Bless you!

  7. Len Wallick Post author

    pam: Please, no need to apologize. It is not that you were unclear. It is just that your generously shared musings covered a lot of ground and opened some rather deep subjects.

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