Using Your Tools of Awareness: Mercury Stations Direct

By Amanda Painter

Mercury stations direct in Gemini today, June 11, at 6:33 pm EDT (22:33 UTC). While this signals smoother flying is ahead, it could take a few days (even a couple of weeks) for you to get past the turbulence, as Mercury clears the degrees where it has been retrograde. Yet today is special, if you’re willing to pause and pay attention.

Image credit: NASA, et. al.

Gravitational anomalies on Mercury, reconstructed from radio wave data transmitted by the MESSENGER spacecraft. No, those red areas (slightly higher gravity and density) are not an excuse for losing your glasses today. But nice try. Image credit: NASA, et. al.

That’s because Mercury stationing direct often comes with some kind of ‘a-ha’ moment for people: an insight or piece of information that completes part of the puzzle. It’s easy not to notice if you haven’t consciously decided to notice, though; and that can be tough to do amidst the confusions and frustrations of a Mercury retrograde.

When Mercury stations direct today, it will be in close aspect to two important planets: a loose-but-longterm square to Neptune in Pisces; and a square to centaur Nessus in Pisces, off by only one degree. Mercury’s also conjunct a rarely-used asteroid.

Eric wrote an in-depth post about the Mercury-Neptune-Nessus configuration earlier this week. Touching on some themes he brought up: Neptune, especially in Pisces, is lending a numinous, veiled or unreal/deniable quality to your awareness currently.

That could make it trickier to discern accurately what Mercury’s square to Nessus is trying to tell you. Nessus is already a complex critter. At its darkest, it can point to some legacy or pattern of abuse — or other form of psychological shadow material — which is sexual in nature. This can be on an individual level, or on a collective level; either way, your awareness of it indicates that you have an opportunity to heal it.

That’s not a quick fix; healing often comes in layers. But Nessus is known for showing us how we can begin to stop the proverbial buck related to whatever darker themes we’re noticing now.

If you’re not sure what Nessus represents for you, look to whatever is kicking up the most troubling reactions in you this week (especially if it relates to sex/sexuality) for possible clues. Are these reactions and their provocations familiar, echoing the past? Do you feel compelled to investigate your reactions for their roots and deeper reasons, or to verbally address the person or situation you’re reacting to?

These are signposts for you to work with. My take on Neptune here is that the conversation you think you need to have about sexual healing might not be the deeper issue after all. This is not to say you shouldn’t have it; but don’t be surprised if it leads you further back in time or deeper into yourself. That’s a good thing.

Note that when Mercury stations direct, the Gemini Sun is exactly sextile the Aries Moon; the Sun is also a degree away from conjoining Mars. Sun sextile Moon indicates your conscious awareness and your unconscious/intuition are in perfect harmony at the moment Mercury stations. Thing is, you’ll have to take the initiative to glean what they’re offering, put it together, and use it.

Mars is lighting a fire under you to do so; it might even compel you to blurt out what you learn. Which is okay: we need more people speaking their truth, making it real and being seen for who they are and what they desire.

Finally, that asteroid: Hephaistos, in Mercury’s exact degree of Gemini. In myth, Hephaistos (or Hephaestus) was the blacksmith to the gods. Not only did he make all the Olympians’ weapons, he also made other enchanted items — including Hermes’ (Mercury’s) winged helmet and sandals.

You’re forging a new tool with this Mercury station; a tool of intellectual understanding, made especially for you. It will be up to you to see it for what it is, to get the message, and to choose how to use it: for your healing, or as a weapon that could perpetuate an unwanted cycle?

If you choose the former, thanks to the dualistic nature of Gemini (and all healing, really), you may find your new tool works in two directions at once: as you understand the past, you heal the present (or vise versa); or as you reconcile something within yourself, you reconcile outwardly with another. Listen carefully today and through the weekend, inside and out.

11 thoughts on “Using Your Tools of Awareness: Mercury Stations Direct

  1. Kelly

    Infidelity. Betrayal. Legacy. These are the themes. But victim hood is not what it’s about. It’s bigger. It’s how we play both/all roles – one or the other. What is this telling me/us? We were asleep. It is time to awake. And the work begins.

  2. Hugging Scorpio

    Thanks for a wonderful article Amanda!

    Something I’ve been doing every week or so is smudging with Sage. Not just my home but my body (face, heart, arms and legs). And meditation or Reiki. For those that pick up a fair amount of emotions from their environment and relationships, this is a wonderful way of clearing out psychic debris.

    I sometimes don’t know what I am feeling because I can get caught up in emotions that are not mine. This really helps. There is something about Sage that works effectively on etheric levels.

    If you’re smudging your home, start with the centre and with yourself. Then go to the front door and trace the outline. Then move to your right holding the Sage in your left hand and follow the inside perimeter of the house. Feel free to open up closets and doors as you go through each room. Then finish in the centre. Go outside and put out the smudge in some sand and sweep it away from the house. Then lie down and feel yourself cleansed, open and relaxed.

  3. Amy Trafford

    I feel so much about all of this and all of it happening in me. At the moment in the sensual/bodily experience of it which is a place beyond words
    Thanks Amanda for your breath on my fire

  4. Mary

    Hugging Scorpio, I smudged my home yesterday, particularly focusing on my 25 year old son’s room,.
    I know I am making progress in speaking my truth when I tell him about the astral sludge I feel comming off him and share the actions I took. This morning he thanked me for that. He also asked mewhat time Mercury moves direct, as he had to run a calibration on his car. Finally, someone is listening.
    I easily pick up on others emotional stuff and find the Bach Flower remedy “Mustard” helps to keep those boundaries strong.

  5. Amanda Painter Post author

    Michael, Lizzy, Kelly, Hugging, Amy, Mary: thank you for sharing your thoughts on this astrology, your experience, and the resonance with this article. This is proving to be a tricky day! Hope everyone is hanging in there okay.

  6. P. Sophia

    I completely, clearly,

    “see it for what it is, to get the message, and to choose how to use it: for your healing, or as a weapon that could perpetuate an unwanted cycle?”

    Started mentally working this energy last night. Then had an incredible visual dream that confidently led me to act on today. This pattern, yes more than affect me. It ripples, back, into present time and out to the next moment indeed.
    A valuable time, leading to a new direction to getting where you need to be.

    I am spitting the the image and saying, means time to grow up. Mars is on Natal Venus/Mars conjunct degree today. My current boyfriend’s (just discovered is literally my chart’s polar opposite in everyway) natal Ceras degree..Oh boy have we had a time of it this retrograde!!

    The stationing is retrograding sextile IC. Trans Nessus conjunct Natal Saturn. Mars conjunction semi-sextile Natal Jupiter, Taurus 20+ Degrees on one side and on the other other Trans Venus conjunct Natal Eros exact 5 Leo degrees.

    Looking at my astrolgy combined with the Mundane, does this read Karmic or what? I am glad I followed, or the energy certainly pushed me to follow my intuition and speak up today. Thank you Amanda your insights just complimented to work with all the more!!

  7. Cowboyiam

    Amanda thanks for the articulation of my felt state. So accurate. So accurate.

    Not completely sure where it is leading but for sure this week I have been boldly being who I seem at this point in my life to be, and it is a felt place within me. But now it appears that I am confronted with whether or not I will wholly admit and stand up for who I really am, and accept the consequences of that choice. My compromise is my demise and I know it.

    But as Len said I need to be consciously awake so – if I use the crutch of alcohol things may backfire. I will report what takes place and how I deal with it. It’s nice to feel wise guidance. Thank you all.

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