Now that Jupiter has completed its annual sign change (this time from Libra to Scorpio), it’s time to look around. Maybe it’s because Mars (in Virgo) was moving to oppose Chiron (in Pisces) when Jupiter made its ingress. Maybe it’s something else, but current events do seem to feature a lot of what you might frankly (if not politely) call pissing contests.


Predictably, many participants in these diuretic exchanges are men who are in possession of power. Almost uniformly, the parties to this seemingly expanding pattern of conduct have better things to do.

This is not to say anger doesn’t have its place. If there is anybody not angry about something at this time, it’s likely they are either profoundly evolved or not paying attention. Indeed, it would be fair to say that anger is sometimes a crucial factor in getting things done.

In practical experience, however, rage tends to be more corrosive than constructive. Especially so if grudge comes along for the ride. Even more so if agendas contested through excessive verbal urination (comparative manhood, for example) are not nearly so important as more worthy issues being neglected (like survival).

So, the question logically comes up: Can we really expect this gratuitous, unending and public exchange of euphemistic bodily fluids to continue unabated for the next twelve months? Furthermore, is there anything any of us can do about it?

We can invest some hope in the late, great Rachelle (“Rocky”) Gardiner’s assertion that astrology is not destiny. You can also do your part by refusing to participate with petty pissers in kind.

Instead, you can direct your attention to what is probably an abundance of authentically vital issues in your personal life. You can also, if you are so moved (and in your own way), insist that your putative leaders be just as accountable, mature and responsible as they expect you to be.

There are too many people dying unjustly, and before their time. The ugly stench of bigotry is exacerbating by the day. Wealth and power continue to conceal, excuse, and sometimes even glorify serial abuse. Love and tolerance are increasingly being disparaged, even (or perhaps especially) among those whose ostensible spiritual practice is based on exactly those two principles.

There is work to be done. Real workers take care of their personal needs privately and effectively in order to be productive. Yet, somehow, a lot of people who should be working for you are in fact defiling public life and the greater good because they have been enabled to believe it’s all about them.

If you would like to see the pissing contests stop, don’t support them. Don’t encourage them. Don’t respond in kind. Work the upside of both Jupiter and Scorpio: do your part to get things done, even if it means a wiser use of anger. Encourage the selfless and comfort the needy. Leave the polluters of public discourse with nobody left to listen.

Jupiter in Scorpio has started. When it is over, it will have been what we made it. For now, it’s pretty clear what it could, but does not have to, be.

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5 thoughts on “Unmentionable

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Bravo Len, thanks to your words reminding us of Jupiter’s annual sign change, it has occurred to me that Jupiter is leading the ground swell for outing the uber-masculine displays so long taken for granted in society. Specifically, I’m thinking now of the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

    For months I wondered about the transit of Salacia on the Aries Point degree; how would she express her symbolism, then I forgot about her. Now that transiting Jupiter is quincunx transiting Salacia, both of them in signs associated with Mars, I’m thinking my sights were set too low. Salacia is part of a major (universal) movement having to do with balancing the extreme polarities found on our planet within civilized societies.

    These uber-masculine behavior patterns, pissing contests included, are Mars-energy driven, or perhaps a lack of it, wouldn’t you agree? In the case of Weinstein, his natal Mars in Scorpio is squared by his natal Pluto in Leo. I would only mention two of his natal chart’s details as they relate to his place in U.S. history; his natal opposition between Jupiter at 20+ Aries is conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron, also at 20+ Aries, and his natal Neptune at 20+ Libra which is conjunct U.S. natal Juno at 20+ Libra. I find that extraordinarily explicit symbolism.

    One other note about Weinstein’s chart; his natal Venus at 3+ Pisces has already been transited by Nessus (abuse of power) in a conjunction and trans. Nessus is about to return, by retrograde motion, once more to conjunct his natal Venus. There will be a 3rd conjunction after that.

    I don’t imagine any one astrological cycle would, by itself, be taking on this task of bringing about balance within human nature, mother nature, or natures I’m unaware of, due to the scope of the problem. However, I do know that the Neptune-Pluto cycle start (August 2, 1891, 11:10 AM EST) had a T-square of the north (Gemini) and south (Sagittarius) nodes to Mercury in Virgo that Weinstein’s natal Venus in Pisces (and transiting Nessus) completes a grand cross pattern with.

    Charts for other cycles indicate a participation in this transformation/evolution regarding balancing of the extreme polarities. One of several that connect to the Weinstein chart is the June 8, 2010, conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter at the Zero Aries Point, where transiting Salacia is right now. In that chart Mars at 0+ Virgo opposed Chiron at 0+ Pisces, the same degree of Weinstein’s North Node. Transiting Jupiter at 0+ Scorpio is now in a trine to that Chiron in the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction chart, as well as the Weinstein chart’s NN. Perhaps he will get help.

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