Tracking Your Eris Awareness

By Amanda Painter

Earlier this week on Planet Waves I looked ahead to this weekend’s square between the Cancer Sun and Eris in Aries, describing it as a red flag trying to get us to notice what’s happening around us, especially in our digital environments. Specifically, I suggested that readers notice how they respond to chaos, subversiveness and provocation for its own sake. And right on cue, the news has served up a perfect example for our consideration.

Photo by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

I’m speaking, of course, of this week’s revelation of Donald Trump Jr.’s eagerness to accept what he was told was the Russian government’s help in his father’s presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton.

In this column, I’m not interested in trying to prove the news is ‘true’ or ‘false’, or even in trying to predict what its political fallout might be. I’m more interested in how it illustrates the astrology, and how that relates to you personally.

This incident offers up awareness (the Sun) of an act of subversion (Eris), and the chaos that has ensued (Eris again). It brings up a question of identity (Aries), and of feelings and ‘home’ (Cancer): What does it mean to be ‘American’ in the digital era? Who gets to influence American presidential campaigns? How do you feel when you discover someone’s subversive actions, especially those happening within your ‘home’?

Most importantly, this Sun-Eris square and the news that has come with it is a development of the ‘expect the unexpected’ chaos we experienced with last year’s Uranus-Eris conjunction, particularly in the context of the U.S. presidential race. Nothing that is happening now came out of nowhere, no matter whether you think it’s all ‘fake news’ or think the latest revelation is the beginning of the end of the Trump administration.

Either way, the thing to notice on a personal level to get a handle on this astrology is your response to this incident within the context of your immediate environment, especially online. That also means seeing it (and how you feel about this awareness) within the context of our general cultural atmosphere as influenced by (and created by) digital media.

How does it fit or challenge your worldview? Are you aware of the ways in which you’ve perhaps been conditioned (for better or worse) to react a particular way? Does the news itself — or certain media perspectives on it — feel like a direct threat to your identity, your ego, your right to exist or your sense of agency within your own life? Is that threat actually real, or can you take care of yourself in such a way as to get some perspective and reclaim some power over your perceptions and reactions?

Note that the Sun-Eris square is not exact until 1:06 am EDT on Sunday (5:06 UTC). This energetic signature has not peaked yet, so you can use the next three days to adjust your antennae and give a little more focus to what gets your attention — including any tension you’re feeling or any urge you have to act, in addition to anything in the news.

Between now and then, believe it or not, we have some astrology that looks quite supportive. For starters, Friday’s trine between Uranus in Aries and Vesta in Leo suggests that original or surprising impulses could be channeled quite well into some form of compassionate service or devoted leadership.

Also on Friday, Mercury in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra bodes well for a summer road-trip — especially one that is social or involves art or beauty — and also for business negotiations and contracts. If you focus on future plans, you’ll likely have a good sense of how now fits into the bigger picture of your life. The signs Leo and Libra would seem to blend ambition and fairness in those pursuits.

On Saturday, centaur object Pholus conjoins the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. This is a little tricky to decipher, but I’ll offer this: since we can never know in the present the full future repercussions of our actions, how humane can you be now? A little goes a long way with Pholus. If you hear the whisper of universal truth, how can you carry it forward through a new cycle?

Finally, a caution: On Monday, July 17, Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries, exact at 9:37 pm EDT (1:37 UTC Tuesday). Mars aspects tend to be felt more as they approach than when they peak, and Mars-Uranus squares have a reputation as something to be careful with. If you need to be involved in anything risky (and this includes everything from driving and water sports to working with fire and electricity, to simply not paying attention when you should be), stay focused and aware of your environment.

This includes your emotional environment: with Mars in Cancer, not far from the Sun, pushing your ego’s agenda or ignoring how you really feel (or ignoring how others feel) could be a recipe for unpleasant or explosive surprises. Remember, a little can go a long way. That’s as true for expressing your emotions and staying aware of your surroundings as it is for offering some empathy to someone who could use it.



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