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Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Tonight Planet Waves FM dives into the vortex of feminine by way of a total eclipse in Virgo. In a spontaneous manifestation of symbolism, Florence Welch appeared as if to fulfill this archetype and describe it to us vividly in astrology and the music of Florence + the Machine.

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Still from the Florence + The Machine music video for Spectrum.

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight Planet Waves FM [play episode here] dives into the vortex of feminine by way of a total eclipse in Virgo. In a spontaneous manifestation of symbolism, Florence Welch appeared as if to fulfill this archetype and describe it to us vividly in astrology and the music of Florence + the Machine.

To express the many facets of unusual, ulterior, side-frequency or socially unacceptable forms of the feminine, we have Florence’s chart and music for an in-depth exploration of Black Moon Lilith, Chiron, the Moon, Vesta and Eris.

Altjira (in Gemini, square the eclipse) takes the discussion into the dreamtime, and my discussion of tantra after the second song break focuses on ideas and misconceptions about time, and how to experience time differently: by climbing up into it.

With that, I wish you a pleasant evening.

With love,

PS — We feature songs from three of Florence’s albums. “Spectrum” is from the album Ceremonials, which you may get on Amazon here, or iTunes here. “Cosmic Love” is from Lungs (Amazon | iTunes). “What Kind of Man” is from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Amazon | iTunes).

PPS — I promised a link to Jealousy and the Abyss. Here is that link.

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Planet Waves
Annular eclipse captured by the Hinode satellite on Jan. 4, 2011. Photo by NASA/Hinode/XRT.

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The Virgo New Moon and solar eclipse coming up on Thursday has the potential to find you breathless. Following a mini-lesson on the decades-spanning Neptune-Pluto square, Len Wallick suggests that if you let that breathlessness be a good thing, you could very well find yourself to have become timeless as well.

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6 thoughts on “PW FM :: Total Eclipse and the Cosmic Feminine

  1. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    On this jealousy thing. Let me tell you…I have learned many lessons in jealousy in my close relationships. And yes, I do go towards the jealousy, and it does turn me on. I commented on this sometime within the past year or two on Planet Waves. It’s a turn on for me to imagine my girlfriend out with another guy, turning him on, them getting intimate, having sex. It’s thrilling to me. I used to on occasion pick fights with guys that I thought were hitting on my girlfriends when I was in my late teens, on up to my mid twenties. The last time that happened I got my ass kicked. True story. So, yes, it’s taken a lot of inner work, and investigation, and ultimately being honest with myself about what turns me on. “Cuckolding” as it were, does not play a central role in my intimate world in any way. In fact I only discovered the feeling when I would find out that an ex had moved on, and was having sex with someone else. The deeper I looked into the jealousy & pain, and was honest about how it made me feel, the more beautiful the idea of them being loved by someone became. So, it’s important to acknowledge that in my experience this is just an idea that I’m playing with. Only until very recently have I been honest about my desire to be in an open relationship, so only time will tell how these things play out in reality. In my natal chart I have Juno conjunct Vesta at 5+ Sagittarius. I think that’s about needing space in relationships to tend the cosmic erotic flame. Whatever the cosmic erotic flame is to you; to me it’s about fulfilling desire via sex.

      1. Eric Francis

        Mike, thank you for that. It sounds like you’re tuning into the compersion dimension. Cuckholding, for the benefit of readers who are not porn aficionados, is an extremely popular – I’ve read the most popular – genre of those little erotic videos wherein a woman chooses a man besides her husband and makes her husband watch or participate in some way that’s designed to be humbling and degrading. The other lover might be younger, stronger, have a bigger cock, or apparently a super fave, is black.

        Apparently this gets a heck of a lot of interest from seemingly straight men.

        You might think of this in porno form as a commodification of something much subtler, which is honoring the full-spectrum sexuality of one’s partner, which means letting go into their choices while still feeling love and respect. There’s a reason people respond so profoundly to it: it’s a focus on the sexual power and freedom of choice of women. This is THE essential step in leveling the world between the sexes — the most needed starting point, from which many beautiful things may flow.

        Compersion, or erotic empathy, is no more or less than embracing someone you love for who they truly are, what they do, what they want, what they feel and who they love. This may be repelling to those who pretend that they are the only person their partner ever thinks about or will think about, though that’s not the world as it is. If that person happens to be you now, you’re open and free to appreciate that, while it’s real for you.

        You might say the tantric mantra is “forever changes.”

  2. Amy Elliott

    The pain of jealousy I tend to experience is, I believe, connected most closely with envy and rooted in my conviction of inferiority to just about any other person living, particularly (unfortunately) those I end up falling in love with, since it is generally in some way unrequited. I seem to be most attracted by people who move with the grace and elegance of gods, and have associates who do the same. My taste is a good deal higher than my reach :) so I guess for me possessiveness would be hubris of the first order.

    I was somewhat possessive during my marriage, to begin with – but I pretty soon realised how utterly unfair it is to impose one’s jealousy on someone else. The conventional rules of commitment are absurd. We should all be free to be with someone because we want to, rather than because we must; and after all, is that not the highest compliment to receive?

    PS – funny little afterthought
    “You don’t expect a sunset to admire you back”
    (Doctor Who total fangeek alert)

  3. Geoff Marsh

    “Old man river, dat ole man river, he must know somethin’ but don’t say nuthin’. Dat ole man ribber, he just keep rollin’ along.” There, that’s the best river song I know.

    I once knew someone who was in Doctor Who and he fancied me rotten. Jealous yet?

    Of course, as a Sun and Moon Aquarian, emotions and feelin’s are totally strange territory for me. To invert the Aquarian paraphrase: I don’t know. (I also don’t know how you got the italics for the second word in your second paragraph. Do tell.)

    It wasn’t until I was 23 that I thought I’d better find out what these “emotions” were, and I didn’t like what I discovered one little bit. They seemed to complicate the simple processes of masturbation and fiddling about with people you’d quite fancied in the pub but now that they were in your bed you weren’t quite so sure. What is this complication? Who needs it? Roll another spliff. Aah, relief.

    I suspect the Age of Aquarius, when it finally gets here, will not involve serious sex at all. Serious sex, i.e. the breeding of the next generation, with be handled by the Huxley Institute of Genomics where the brave new world order will be constructed according to iOS diktat. Unserious sex – playing around with someone else’s bodily functions as a procrastinatory hiatus – will be perfectly legal across all gender platforms provided it is infertility secure.

    Of course, there’ll be GM considerations. (I’ve always thought it significant that genetic modification has the same initials as Gregor Mendel, the most famous practitioner of the art in recent history.) Those who plan to make a career as asteroid miners will need to be adapted to low-gravity living for longish periods, so their musculature will need to be modified. They’ll probably end up being judged as freaks by those who currently sport jealousy-arousing physiques, but they will be exceeding well paid and their glamorous professions will no doubt enhance their libido. “I don’t do one-night stands, but I can give you some of my Ceres.”

    Time for a new way of thinking about all this emotional mush, goys and birls. Can’t have a new age without guff of a different order.

    Anger, jealousy, murderous rages? Let’s breed it out and look to the future where hanky-panky probably does involve just a handkerchief.

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