Time to Pontificate!

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By Matt Bors

Editorial cartoonist Matt Bors hits the mainstream media pundit nail on the head.

By Matt Bors

By Matt Bors


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One thought on “Time to Pontificate!

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Oddly enough, Pope Francis will face off with Tuesday’s solar eclipse as his natal Neptune at 18+ Virgo retrograde is conjunct transiting Jupiter at 18+ Virgo retrograde opposite the solar eclipse and all it’s attendants in Pisces. He has natal Saturn there too at 16+ Pisces and as well, has natal Mars at 19+ Libra and natal Chiron at 20+ Gemini, both aspecting the eclipse chart’s Capricorn Pluto, Sagittarius Saturn and Aries Uranus. Could it be a standoff at the Vatican?

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