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The Full Moon in Cancer early on Thursday has the potential to function as a time a machine for you. No, you will not be transported into the future or the past. Instead, Len Wallick explains a grand cardinal cross aspect (of which the Full Moon will be a part) will implicitly transport the past and future to you.

Way back at the end of 2008, Pluto settled into the cardinal earth sign Capricorn for what will eventually be a stay of about 15 years. That single ingress was implicitly the start (cardinal) of something substantial (earth). During the next two years, two other slow-moving planets (Saturn and Uranus) moved to essentially reinforce Pluto’s 2008 implied message.


Starting in 2009 and through 2010, Saturn and Uranus took up somewhat less long-term positions — also in cardinal signs. Saturn entered Libra in time for Halloween 2009. By the first equinox of 2010, Uranus had made its second and final ingress to Aries.

Saturn facing Uranus from opposite sides of the sky provided what was effectively an unprecedented setting for Pluto in Capricorn, halfway around the zodiac between them. It was a cardinal T-square aspect, named for how two straight lines connecting in the middle of the zodiac wheel put Pluto in the position of being a “leg” on the “T” crossed by the opposition from Saturn and Uranus.

During Saturn’s less-than-three-year occupation of Libra, any other object moving through the sign Cancer to oppose Pluto would convert the cardinal T-square into a grand cardinal cross. This pattern connected all four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) as if by spokes on a wheel.

Shortly after the final equinox of 2012, Saturn moved on to fixed Scorpio, leaving the cardinal action to Uranus (still in Aries) and Pluto (still in Capricorn). Uranus and Pluto then made seven consecutive square aspects (separations of 90 degrees on the zodiac); their final exact square was in 2015.

Now, with a little less than a year remaining for Saturn’s subsequent (and current) period in mutable Sagittarius, Uranus has met up with Eris in the latter third of Aries. Pluto, for its part, is only a bit more than halfway through Capricorn.

A lot has happened on Earth since the cardinal T-square. Since then, first Mars (in a traversal lengthened by retrograde), and now Jupiter (slowing to a retrograde early next month) have been among the most notable to follow in Saturn’s footsteps by opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto.

Now, the grand cardinal crosses that distinguished the earlier years of this decade are about to be symbolically — albeit briefly — revisited. Early on Thursday (shortly after 6:30 am EDT / 11:33:54 UTC), the Capricorn Sun, less than five degrees away from Pluto, will be exactly opposed by the Cancer Full Moon. At the same time, Jupiter in Libra will oppose Eris, (closely flanked by Uranus and Ceres) just as precisely, to vividly recall the grand cardinal crosses of the past.

The Moon moves quickly. Hence, the grand cardinal cross that goes with this week’s Cancer Full Moon will be highly ephemeral. Even so, you don’t need to be an astrologer to know that the palpable energies coincident with any Full Moon do make it a notable (if abbreviated) occasion.

Then add in how the Moon is often most powerfully expressed in its Cancer dominion. Finally, combine Jupiter’s propensity to amplify the galvanizing potential of Uranus and Eris in the midst of a long (essentially continuous) merger, which links last year’s sheer dynamism to this year’s powerful promise. The result: a combination that has an emblematic potency that would challenge language to describe.

It’s almost as if this week’s Full Moon is a time machine, and not one that conveys you from one time to another like a passenger. It is more as if significant expanses of time are about to become present, but only if you can bring yourself present at the same time.

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Of course, you cannot change where you have already gone. If you can bring yourself present with the highlights of the last eight years or so, however, this week’s Full Moon could empower you to make some changes to where you are going.

If there is anything to astrology, this particular Full Moon in Cancer will afford you at least one choice to which you can apply something of what you have learned so far in this decade.

That choice, in turn, could very well be the foundation upon which you build a future. And that foundation could both prolong the good things and curtail any repetition of the not-so-good consequences that have accrued from decisions in the past.

You may not be able to change the world this week; that’s a tall order. Nonetheless, it would be very surprising if you could not at least do something to change the course of your life.

Even your smallest gestures to acknowledge — with action — what you have learned from history will have a great deal of energy behind them, as the Moon comes home to reflect just what a bright and constructive force you can be while standing in the power of your free will.

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