This Week on Planet Waves FM: the NSA Leak — and Trying to Understand the Overwhelming

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In this week’s broadcast of Planet Waves FM, Eric will be exploring some of the spiritual questions and the ‘meta’ level of last week’s revelation that the National Security Administration has been collecting the phone call records of millions of U.S. citizens, as well as emails and records of Internet use by those in other countries.

Planet Waves
Last week the NSA was revealed to be wire-tapping all messages coming from the Milky Way galaxy. Ok, not really — but is that next?

Eric will also take a look at the chart of Edward Snowden in this broadcast. Snowden is the 29-year-old former CIA employee who has publicly claimed responsibility for leaking this monumental information to the public.

Planet Waves FM will also cover the growing stellium of planets in Cancer and the upcoming Mercury retrograde in that sign (Mercury entered its ‘echo’ phase on Sunday). The program generally posts by 8 pm Tuesdays, often earlier.

For other perspectives on the energy you may be feeling, try Monday’s Daily Astrology post, in which Eric touches on the sense of ‘walking on the edge’ that can come with a Sun-Pholus opposition, as well as the “invitation to empathy and service” being extended by the planets in Cancer.

Also on Monday, we published an article asking how you deal with the pressure symbolized by the Sun’s aspects to Pholus and Eris; chances are you have more options than you think, and some of them are actually productive.

In today’s Daily Astrology, the Jupiter-Galactic Center prompts the question, “What do you do with something so big you can’t understand it?” Many people don’t bother trying; is that how we’ve gotten where we are now?

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