The World Is Better for Your Presence

Whether or not you live in the U.S., I hope that you discovered many reasons to feel thankful this past weekend despite the ongoing pain and chaos in the news. While we all experience moments of grief and fear, there is also an incredible amount of beauty and kindness and love in this world; sometimes it takes special effort to redirect one’s attention to it, however.

Milky Way and Earth from space

Short of viewing Earth and its struggles from space, there are other ways to get some perspective. Photo of Earth and the Milky Way (Galactic Core) from the International Space Station by Scott Kelly / NASA.

Some of this week’s astrology is building toward aspects that may increase your sense of tension and frustration; specifically Mercury stationing retrograde and a Full Moon. Yet there are important mitigating factors along the way.

For example, beginning the week we have the Mercury-Saturn-Pholus-Galactic Core conjunction in late Sagittarius. This is the astrology that last week’s Astrology Diary highlighted. This is the aspect pattern that is urging you to remember you are an adult should you happen to meet someone whose parental posturing threatens to trigger you into reacting like a child. The Galactic Core is offering the message that you have the power to stand in your truth.

Yet it’s later in the week that things get interesting. For instance, on Friday Mars in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries. Mars aspects are often noticeable as they approach, and this is a good one to grasp early.

Watch your level of impatience — especially with limits or with anyone who seems to be ‘holding you back’ — and remember the rule about counting to ten before you react to anyone with a quick temper. Escalation is possible but avoidable, if you’re willing to double-check your judgment.

It would seem that the most effective use of Mars opposite Uranus happens when you’ve been actively trying to liberate yourself from unnecessary restrictions. When that’s the case, the energy at play here could actually help you see those efforts begin to pay off.


The 2015 Gemini Full Moon over Casco Bay, Maine; photo by Amanda Painter.

The trouble is, many people never make that effort; they never step into their authority over their life, as the current Mercury-Saturn configuration is urging you to do. Getting attached to your restrictions might have seemed like a valid form of self-identification once upon a time…until such a time as one like now. Repressing this kind of energy usually backfires. And remember, as Eric’s mentor is famous for saying, “the opposite of depression is expression.”

In the case of Mars opposite Uranus, especially in the signs involved (the sign of ‘relationships’ and the sign of ‘self’), the opposite of expression could also be ‘projection’. That is, notice if you seem to be encountering someone else’s frustration at an unusual level. It might be all about them. But is it mirroring anything about you to yourself?

Two major events this coming Sunday make awareness of these energetic dynamics especially important. The first is Mercury stationing retrograde in the very last degree of Sagittarius, at 2:34 am EST (7:34 UTC) on Dec. 3. If you have not recently backed up your computer, please do so.

This is also your reminder to start being extra careful with your communications (especially online), your spending, anything with important details or fine print, and your driving. Patience will become ever more valuable as this week progresses.

The second event is the Gemini Full Moon. This is the Moon in Gemini opposing the Sun in Sagittarius, and it’s exact at 10:47 am EST (15:47 UTC) on Dec. 3.

Most notable about the Full Moon chart is that the Sun and Moon are square Neptune in Pisces, exact to within 10 arc minutes. An arc minute is one-sixtieth of one degree; in other words, this T-square formation is almost precisely exact.

Yet Neptune is not known for lending precision to anything; in fact, it tends to blur, obscure or make slippery whatever it contacts. As your interpersonal interactions progress this week, you may need to practice regular reality-checks on yourself. Are you really expressing to others what you think you’re expressing? Are you sure your intuition is accurate? Are your emotional responses really about what you think they’re about? Just how many perspectives to the situation are there?


Heart Nebula, located 7,500 light years from Earth in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Photo by s58y / IC1805 / H-alpha + RGB uploaded by Hike395, under Creative Commons BY 2.0.

We’ll have more about the Gemini Full Moon and Mercury stationing retrograde throughout the week.

And while all of this astrology holds the opportunity for you to learn about yourself and come into greater alignment, I want to end on a lighter note.

On Friday, Venus leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius at 4:14 am EST (9:14 UTC). Venus — the so-called lesser benefic — in the sign ruled by Jupiter — the ‘greater benefic’ — is a generally friendly, intuitive placement.

Yes, you’ll need to check your intuition against known facts. And yes, you may have to navigate some tension in a relationship. But when Venus finishes her deep investigation in Scorpio at the end of the week, it would seem she surfaces with a surprisingly indomitable and idealistic inner strength.

That’s not an illusion of Neptune, nor a trick of Mercury; and it’s not the bravado of Mars. Rather, it’s your spiritual birthright: the knowledge that if you’re here on the planet now, then you must surely belong here — offering your gifts and receiving those of others — and that the world is better for your presence.

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