The Way We Look to Us All

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


I just cannot wait for Donald Trump to place his hand on the Bible tomorrow. I’ve been anticipating this moment eagerly: both seeing whether he can actually touch the thing, and to witness the proper beginning of his administration.

Dear Friend and Reader:

I just cannot wait for Donald Trump to place his hand on the Bible tomorrow. I’ve been anticipating this moment eagerly: both seeing whether he can actually touch the thing, and to witness the proper beginning of his administration.

Planet Waves

Photo by Jacob Riis.

Everything we’ve seen so far — the congressional hearings for cabinet nominees, the loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires, the scathing press conference, the striding through factories and ‘saving’ jobs, the pep rallies, the gloating about how we underestimated the gun nuts, the parade of alleged VIPs through Trump Tower, the 4 am tweets cancelling orders for Air Force One — has been one long game of make-believe.

Perhaps it’s true, as Frank Zappa once said, that politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex. But even in entertainment, there are contractual obligations, there are laws about things like fire safety and taxes, and there are customs. The audience has expectations; and performers, as Zappa knew, must have a commitment to their art.

And then there’s the bit about the nuclear suitcase, the one with the codes, and someone having five minutes to determine whether something is incoming missiles or a flock of geese: that’s not exactly entertainment.

This is where the Trump phenomenon is going to get interesting. This is when the reality check begins: when politics becomes governing. When real decisions have to be made, decisions that influence the fate of the Earth and the many of us who live here, that’s not a show.

I’ve been trying to keep the perverse, sadistic side of my nature in check these days. During the campaign, I would console myself with the notion that being president would be the ultimate punishment for a guy like The Donald. I want this experience to be painful for him, and for the people who believed his lies. I want to see these illusions explode.

That is not, however, in the spirit of what’s necessary now. It would be playing right into the reality-show aspect of what’s happening to watch with glee as the new pseudo-president becomes more deeply ensnared in the webs of lies and cruelty that he’s woven around himself, and as it occurs to people who once supported him that he’s a con artist. Trump built his political career on the idea that Pres. Obama was born in Kenya, and nearly everything else he said has been approximately equally racist or in some way hateful.

Those who discover the con game will be taken deeper into their rage and cynicism, which already exist in abundance. It will be an ongoing excuse to abandon any notion or desire for progress. It’s also clear that the failings of Donald Trump will quickly be blamed on his predecessor, on the ‘liberal’ media, or liberals, or activist judges, or on something or someone. Hey, we didn’t elect him — the Electoral College did!

Planet Waves
Photo by Jacob Riis.

The psychological phenomenon holding up this whole circus is denial. Therapists in the audience are all watching and shaking their heads at the dynamics, mentally scanning through the potential diagnoses. The dynamics resemble those of an abusive, alcoholic environment where the neighbors feel bad about calling the police.

Many are wondering: is he borderline, bipolar, a clinical narcissist, or DSM 1.001: cuckoo?

We’re all supposed to pretend that this one person doesn’t really have the ability to blow up the world with one instruction. It’s worked well so far, I guess.

Pundits are writing little essays with themes such as, “When we catch him lying, shall we call it a lie, or shall we politely critique it as possibly true but having a few veracity issues, and then tentatively conclude that it may have been intentional?” Then there’s the fake news issue, which is not about phony articles designed to fool people. Rather, the problem is about anyone calling anything they don’t like fake news.

This is all painful to watch. It was appropriate this week that The New York Times published a report showing that global temperatures have risen steadily since the late 19th century and have surged since 1980. There are credible analyses that say this problem cannot be reversed and is not going away. All we can do is adapt.

Let the Akashic record reflect that in these days when the complex problems we face are becoming manifest, a bunch of self-serving, self-aggrandizing simpletons are taking control of the world’s most powerful nation, its largest economy and the potentially most significant force for good. Let the record reflect that the new bosses intend to squander even more precious time creating more problems rather than solving anything. Let the record reflect that many people just love this.

When I was an investigative reporter, I was a mediator between the lies of corporations and governments, and the people who believe them. My primary coverage area was fraud related to health and the environment. I had two phases of shocking revelations doing this work. The first was wrapping my mind around just how trusted institutions can blatantly deceive people; by which I mean harm them, threaten their lives, and even succeed at killing them.

Planet Waves
Photo by Jacob Riis.

After I got through amassing and analyzing a document collection that proved companies lied to federal regulators, and to insurance companies, and lied in court, and fabricated fraudulent safety studies for their deadly chemicals, I had to confront the idea that people are so easy to deceive. It became clear after a while that this could only be possible if people want to be deceived; if that’s their agenda.

Fraud is a special kind of crime, because it’s self-concealing. The intention is to deceive, and painstaking efforts are taken to cloak the truth in something that seems plausible. Then I would read the testimony of a GE manager who said he went to 100 funerals for his employees who died of “head cancer and lung cancer” and figured out something was wrong. One hundred funerals? That’s what it took?

Once someone knows that fraud is being committed, their legal status changes and the clock starts tolling on the statute of limitations. At that point any additional fraud that occurs is more like codependency.

Gradually I figured out that people seem to want and need to be lied to. I was compelled, as someone deeply interested in the human condition, to confront the fact that there are two halves to any deception: one provided by the teller, and one by the believer. I am not here to absolve corporations or political leaders of their obvious responsibility for deceiving people. Rather, I am here to say that there’s something in people that seems to thrive on being deceived, and that this was by far the more difficult part of the equation for me to work through.

It’s one thing to look at a public official and know that he or she is lying; there are obvious motives: protecting one’s job, avoiding prosecution, avoiding lawsuits, making money and so on.

It’s another thing to look at someone who already knows they may be exposing themselves to danger and pretends it does not exist. There’s a much more complex set of motives involved. It’s true some of them involve a form of profit (someone’s spouse beats them, but a car is included in the deal). Yet the inner psychology is much more sinister.

Planet Waves
Photo by Jacob Riis.

The problem of cognitive dissonance — simultaneously believing two contradictory sets of facts — is very difficult to address. One plays a game of hide-and-don’t-seek with oneself. And this is something that humans seem to excel at. Cognitive dissonance, or what I’m calling hide-and-don’t-seek, has deep roots, and most of them are associated with getting clobbered as a child.

All of the dynamics involved in being subject to corporate and state power are extensions of what happened in our childhood households. These dynamics are replayed in our current home environments, if left unresolved, and then collectively it becomes what we call society.

Getting underneath the appearance level — the one where someone pretends there’s no problem, or identifies the wrong thing as the problem — takes courage. That’s nothing other than the willingness to face oneself and one’s problems. Our whole society is based on avoiding doing this. There’s always some seeming external solution, or diversion.

One important role the president of the United States plays is as an example. Examples serve as models, which means as permission to be someone or something. Part of the example function involves certain behavior being associated with a certain reward. There is an obvious problem with someone who displays such blatant disrespect for people being given this much power. It’s proof that you really can get somewhere being that particular way. Anyone who has taken care of children, animals or adults has figured out that example spreads virulently. It’s the most effective and efficient form of teaching.

Now many people are looking at an example of what they don’t want to be, and don’t want their children to be. Even many supporters of the incoming president recognized there’s a problem here. Plenty are making excuses, and are silently appalled. Many have been listening to his hateful speech and deciding consciously that they need to be better people.

Planet Waves
Photo by Jacob Riis.

Through social media, I’ve been asking what the appropriate response to the Trump phenomenon is. I get a few ‘dig a bunker’ kind of responses, but many people get that love is the only answer. There is an idea going around that the only sane way to address this problem is by being kind, helpful and supportive.

Adiaha Ruane: While I foresee a new world where chaos and confusion reign because of the “deals” that will be made, I think it is important to remain positive. A tone which inquires about the probabilities of outcomes may be appropriate for your publication. You’ll want to leave room for things to turn out differently.

Ann Elizabeth Byrne: I am trying to fight the urge to wish the next four years away. Each of us should not lose an hour of this precious life to fear. Instead double down on leading with love to all and especially to ourselves.

Cheryl Wade: This is a perfect time to step into our individual sovereignty and accept that there is no ‘savior’ to rescue us. We must each decide what kind of world we choose to live in and then maintain that reality every day and in every moment in the conscious choices that we make for ourselves and for humanity. We must stand up and defend those that are defenseless, stand for compassion and empathy for all beings, otherwise we will be victims of the potential hell on Earth that seems to be rising up from the darkest depths of the collective consciousness.

Marian McQuinn: This is intriguing. Looking back on the late ’60s we see lots of protests but now we are so much more savvy and hopefully wiser. It is also so surreal. My feelings are that something dramatic may happen as we reach a tipping point of some kind. I am very aware that everyone on the planet can make a change in thought and deed where we are. Anything could happen!

Bardet Wardell: I call on US, you and me, to become more active in communicating with each other, with local, state and national reps and figuring out what we personally get up each morning to do and feel in a day. I would say that the time we spend doing this “conversation” would take some time away from TV and other screen addictions. Thus the unconscious would be less accepting of violence, isolation and judgment of the other. It is all in the conversation that we find meaning, connection and some comfort. I went uptown in tears the other day. I met friends who cared and gave me conversation and eased my angst and completely turned my day around.

Len Wallick: Everybody wants to be understood. Not everybody seeks to understand. It’s a common desire to hold others accountable. It is less common to be accountable. Nearly all of us could afford to be more understanding and accountable. I know I could.

With love,

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What If ‘Age of Aquarius’ Is a Choice?

By Amanda Painter

Today the Sun enters a new sign: Aquarius. We’ve reached the middle sign of the winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere, one day before the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States.

Does that event feel like a fresh, revolutionary beginning to you? Or more like the crystallization of questionable (or disturbing) cultural and political trends from the past year? Interestingly, either sensation could be an accurate illustration of Aquarius.

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Photo by Amanda Painter.

This is a reflection of Aquarius having two rulers: its traditional ruler is Saturn, and its modern ruler is Uranus.

Saturn signifies the force that concretizes and limits. Uranus represents the force that surprises and shatters old forms.

It would be easy to cast one as the ‘bad guy’ and the other as the ‘good guy’. How often have you heard people speak of Saturn transits as ‘hard’, or you’ve had difficulties with authority figures and restrictions? How often have you longed for freedom, or wished that something would come along to shake up systems that no longer work?

Yet neither of these planetary energies is ‘just bad’ or ‘just good’. In fact, we need both forces working together in proportion to live in balance — to grow, to establish clear structures, and then to open them up and grow some more.

Notable astrologer Isabel Hickey published her classic book Astrology: A Cosmic Science back in the early 1970s — when the culturally tumultuous events of the ‘60s were still reverberating, and their impact just becoming clearer. In the section on Aquarius, she says of the dynamic relationship between Uranus and Saturn:

If we can understand these two energies we will understand what is happening in the world today. Without the responsibility inherent in Saturn the force of Uranus can cause destruction and chaos. Without discipline (Saturn) there can be no real freedom. Freedom without responsibility is license and not liberty.

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Becky Robbins, a dear friend of mine, shared this photo and poem combination, after last week’s Wolf Moon on Jan. 12. Here on the day before a new president about whom many of us have doubts, outrage and downright fear, it felt like a perfect thing to share. You can view more of her photo-and-poem pairings at Photo of the 2011 Wolf Moon (above) by Becky Robbins. — Amanda.

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Radiohead: Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Thom Yorke, Phil Selway, Jonny Greenwood.

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Welcome to 2017, Where the Political is Personal

Dear Friend and Listener:

When I was studying 20th-century women poets at Rutgers University, I was introduced to the idea that there is no private life that’s not in some way deeply influenced by the wider public life.

At the time, that seemed like a radical idea. Today, where all politics is designed as some form of personal affront, personal crisis or reflection of someone’s personal views, it seems like common sense.

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This week’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here] introduces the Age of Trump with my reading of Friday’s presidential inaugural chart. I offer two different takes on this most interesting horoscope, which has been adorning my notebooks, my studio walls and my mind for nearly two years.

By reader request, I take a close look at the chart for Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, which is similar to the inaugural chart but has Pisces rising instead of Taurus rising [see both charts here].

Before I go there, though, I analyze an article from The New York Times last week, about why women voted for Donald Trump, called “You Focus on the Good.”

I return to the question of the objectification of women and how we might get out of this pattern after basing our entire civilization on it.

My musical guest is Radiohead. I sample my favorite work spanning from 1995 through 2007, from My Iron Lung [Amazon | iTunes], The Bends [Amazon | iTunes], Amnesiac [Amazon | iTunes], OK Computer [Amazon | iTunes] and Hail to the Thief [Amazon | iTunes].

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Given how much you work, it would be excellent if your work were truly fulfilling. This is about your state of mind, and you’re about to make a discovery here. Aligning your hour-to-hour activity with your larger goals is the key. Often this seems impossible, though there are just two elements: knowing what you aspire to, and understanding what you’re actually doing and why. See the meaning in the details. Gather small things you may learn into something larger and more relevant. And make the human connections: know whose life is influenced by what you do, and remember that in every moment. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You know that you don’t quite fit into society like you’re expected to. Now, the truly mature thing is to be at peace with that fact. Then you’ll discover who your true friends really are. Conforming is a matter of faking it. You’re doing something bolder and braver, which is choosing to be real no matter what anyone may think. This is the path to respect and self-respect. Fit your image to what you feel inside rather than what you think is expected outside. The less you try to impress anyone, the more beautiful you will reveal yourself to be. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You’ve been on a roll getting your finances in order. You’re proving to yourself how much merely being aware of money helps that process. Yet being aware of what really matters to you goes even further. Once you know your priorities, it’s easy to follow them. The deepest discovery is yet to come: that the better you feel about yourself, the less you have to spend. An ocean of money changes hands every day because people carry self-doubt. Confidence is efficient and affordable. Then you have resources to devote to whom and what you really value. It’s a win-win situation. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You don’t owe anyone anything. Nobody has a right to be your judge. Remind yourself of those facts every few hours. Once you can hum those ideas like a familiar tune, you’ll make an even more important discovery: it’s useless judging yourself. Yes, you want to be the best person you can be. Here’s a surprise: that’s a gentle process, not a harsh one. When you make an assessment, remember the whole idea is that you can grow, change and evolve. Seeing yourself as a work in progress will make room for more progress. You can feel good about that. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — The most important lesson of this time in your life is how to exist independently from your intimate partners. That’s another way of saying that you’re a whole person, not half of a relationship. Now, the thing to do is act that way. You can make more decisions that factor your own wellbeing exclusively. You can learn to compromise in a way that does not cheat you out of your goals and desires. Best of all, you can cultivate a way of relating to others from the position of being an individual with your own agenda, and attract others with the same idea. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — It’s possible to help people, but not to save them. Understanding the difference is a core element of maturity. When assisting others, it’s best if you understate your role, and think of yourself as being one part of a process. And it will help significantly if you don’t have too much investment in the outcome. That can be the challenging part, but think of helping someone as a gift: once you give it, forget about it, unless the other person brings it up. This allows you to pass the goodwill forward in a way that’s clear with no strings attached. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Pay attention and you’ll see the connections. If you see the connections, you’ll know which ones to keep and which to cut; which to explore and which to ease back from. Remember that, in some way, everything and everyone is related to everything and everyone else. This is a more enlightened worldview than thinking that people and situations exist in isolation. The internet has taught us that everything we say, we say to a network rather than to an individual. Proceed as if that’s true no matter to whom you’re speaking, then work it to your advantage. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.



Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your chart is a study in how seriously you can take life, and how much fun you can have at the same time. This is not a contradiction; and if it is, it’s the kind that produces the talented and creative people you respect the most. Current aspects are offering both discipline and a sense of adventure. It’s your focus and dedication that make the adventure possible. This is the line that separates the Brownies from the Girl Scouts. It’s true that there are times when pleasure comes before responsibility, but when it does, you’ll know you earned it well. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


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Attention Capricorn Sun, Moon and rising folks: You can get instant access to your two segments of audio astrology, and the tarot reading will be ready shortly! The entire Birthday Reading can be yours for only $24.97. But hurry: the price will increase again when the tarot publishes.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Know when you don’t know. Rather than assume, or skip over the missing information, take the time to find out. Intelligence is not based on how smart you are; it’s based on seeking understanding, making connections and practicing your devotion to truth. This is also known as keeping your mind open. It’s the opposite of doubt and skepticism; affirm that anything can be known or discovered, and that you have the intelligence and persistence to find out. Above all, read carefully, and listen even more carefully. Even rumors may give you a clue you can follow up on. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


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17 thoughts on “The Way We Look to Us All

  1. Amy Elliott

    “I had to confront the idea that people are so easy to deceive. It became clear after a while that this could only be possible if people want to be deceived; if that’s their agenda. … Gradually I figured out that people seem to want and need to be lied to.”

    Maybe I am deceiving myself here (!) and certainly I found something in this argument triggering – I’m not sure quite what that is. But I cannot fully agree with you here. While some people do display this quality, on a deeper level this may be partly due to the deceptions we are all subject to from birth: the propagation of ideas about social and family structures that are passed from generation to generation; the interested manoeuvring of the very rich to limit and shape education; the constant misrepresentations of the media on specific issues.

    What I think people who have some decency, in particular, are inclined to do is to trust that others have the same level of basic moral principle as they do themselves. That’s one way abusers get away with what they do. Even respected leaders such as Obama use emotional manipulation and framing to make the unacceptable accepted. Just wars, etc. etc.

    Now we are about to have an abuser-in-chief whose techniques are clear for all to see, and who is working with a system nicely constructed for him to manipulate. What troubles me deeply is that for all we understand the orange horror, with the acquiescence of the repugs and big business cronies there seems to be no way we can stop him. Even if he is brought down by the weight of his own sewage, we will then have a President Pence to deal with. He’ll still destroy everything, only under a veneer of civility that’s much harder to fight. The whole system is a mess. I do think you are right, however, in saying that practising compassion is the only solution.

  2. LizzyLizzy

    “Even respected leaders such as Obama use emotional manipulation and framing to make the unacceptable accepted. Just wars, etc. etc.”, stepping up of use of drones, and nuclear weapons, and deportation of Muslims (which I only discovered the other day). Great comment ,Amy. Very much look forward to reading Eric’s piece, as soon as I have time.

  3. Kelly Grace Smith

    “It became clear after a while that this could only be possible if people want to be deceived; if that’s their agenda.”

    I have placed my hand on a bible four times and sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and serve my hometown of 25, 000. And, I have been “working on me” and as a life coach and mentor for some 20+ years.

    So, I don’t share the following observation from judgment, but instead I share it from a deep and abiding love of this country and faith in our indomitable human spirit.

    What we see occurring on the political stage in this country is a direct reflection of what has been occurring within the American family, within our personal relationships, for a very long time.

    The denial and the looking the other way. The excusing and condoning. The following and allowing. The choosing a truth, rather than facing the truth. And the creation of our own reality, in the face of what we don’t want to face.

    Meanwhile our very own inventions – media, marketing, advertising, and technology – have been reinforcing all this by relentlessly insisting that you are not enough, and that you need X or Y or Z – a guru, a gadget – to be complete. All the while you are aggressively being encouraged to “belong,” rather than stand separate, but not alone, in the power of who you truly are.

    Last night on NPR, of all places, a reporter actually attributed Trump’s lying and exaggerations to “the power of positive thinking.” That’s precisely the kind of obfuscation and denial I am referring to. On NPR no less!

    We learn denial within our family as very young children because psychologically, sometimes even physically, that’s what we need to do to “survive” the dysfunction of our caretakers and our environment. It’s happening right now in homes besieged by poverty, and homes steeped in wealth and education and influence.

    It’s a cold, hard truth. But there’s another truth available here for those brave and bold enough to say no to all this…the truth will set you free.

    How do you begin? Just become aware of where you are “following” and where you are “allowing.” That will be illuminating in and of itself. Stop buying from greedy companies who lie and manipulate. Stop watching garbage. Pursue the truth behind all the paradigms, perceptions, projections, protections, denial, belief, and illusions. Make a deep and abiding commitment to reconnect to the truth of who you are. And then do what it takes, with whatever assistance you may need, to leave this gig we call “life on earth” a better you and a better place.

    On this inauguration day, it seems that the truth may now be the only thing that will save our lives and our country.

    Kelly Grace Smith

    1. Linda MayLinda May

      Yes Kelly Thank You!

      We each know what needs to be tended to in order to re-establish balance (nature) within our own body… we all have enough shit of our own to shovel. Once ‘we’ are good, then lots of choice to be found in the proximity to help out. There is work to do so let s just get to it.

      It is 2017 A.D. afterall.

      Blessings, lm

  4. Barbara Koehler

    I’ve wondered if the Trump experience is a buttress builder for the American People and for the World. Our defenses are up and we prepare for the worst. I too have felt the desire for Trump and his followers to feel pain, just as many felt about Obama and his followers. Yet, when I saw Pres. Obama and Michelle greet Trump and his wife this morning, suddenly it wasn’t about people but about the tradition of our country; the history and continuity of it all. I felt a certain pride about being an American that I’d lost touch with.. It wasn’t just the dignity of the act but the humanness of the participants in the moment that impressed me.

    As transiting Circe conjuncts the U.S. Uranus (8+ Gemini) I recall how she transformed men into swine and had the ability to reverse the action too. I remember that as transiting Hades locks into its conjunction to the U.S. natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer, and as transiting Orcus the Oath Keeper at 8+ Virgo squares U.S. Uranus and transiting Circe, that we are morphing from one state of being into another, and isn’t that what it’s all about? May love does concur all.

      1. Barbara Koehler

        I’m for sure ok; loving the Linda May (or may not always) be the same ole Puma Pink. No disguises! We’re growing up fast these days aren’t we?

          1. Barbara Koehler

            Hmmm, Linda, so sorry if I wasn’t clear or was offensive. I just meant I really like it when I learn the real names of people I knew before only by their code names (or handles or trademarks maybe) that we all used in past times when making comments. Thanks for the book suggestion too.

  5. Susy

    So, it’s very tempting to focus on the darkness right now, and there is a lovely form of darkness, as beautiful as the light from the sun, the kind of darkness between the stars, but I think what I will focus on is the light between you and me.

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  8. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    I agree with what you say Kelly Grace Smith but note that I read what you wrote 6 days later, oh what has been telling these past 6 days with the new Administration and the Women’s March.

    As we work on ourselves we must remember that we are not perfect nor should we strive for perfection before we address the transgressions of others for this way no one will improve! I am certain you did not mean to imply otherwise but I needed to express it because where I have needed to seek guidance has been primarily in the readings of Martin Luther King, in general, but in the book, “Strength to Love” in particular. He talks about men of soft mindedness who are easily manipulated and it is master’s like Donald Trump who “with insidious zeal, make inflammatory statements and disseminate distortions and half-truths that arouse abnormal fears and morbid antipathies…”[ in those who are soft minded]. The tough minded individual always examines the facts before reaching conclusions, in short postjudges.
    As we navigate through this time of turmoil, we must be tough-minded and careful not to pre-judge and weigh the facts. We also have to very alert to the any pressing of “alternative facts.” Which is why we must insist on the media reporting the truth and support our public servants in demanding their free speech for the government’s well-being. How?

    Activism takes many forms, remember that Donald Trump doesn’t reference the Constitution of the U.S. he references public opinion polls! Make the public opinion polls reflect our dissatisfaction in any form and manner you can think of!

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