The Virgo New Moon — and Moonshine Horoscopes

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Genevieve Hathaway has written your Moonshine horoscopes for each of the 12 signs, based on your Moon sign. This set interprets the Virgo New Moon, which is Thursday.

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Eric will take on the Syria issue in tonight’s Planet Waves FM broadcast, which posts by 8 pm EDT (usually earlier). Will the United States initiate another war in the Middle East?

The situation involves Iran, Syria’s closest ally, and seems to be linked to Mars — Mars square Saturn, which is exact early next week, and the Mars retrograde of spring 2014.

Eric will also cover Thursday’s Virgo New Moon — the last before the equinox. Also on Planet Waves FM, Wednesday Eric will have an interview with the guys from Backstage Studio who were featured last week. Check Planet Waves FM tomorrow evening for that.

Eric introduced this week’s fascinating astrology in Monday’s Daily Astrology column. As we near the Virgo New Moon, we’re moving through a series of aspects that blend traditional planets and minor planets that, as Eric writes, “always strive to take us beyond ordinary consciousness.”

Today’s Daily Astrology asks you to go beyond that “ordinary consciousness” with today’s Sun-Chiron opposition. Not only is that aspect a direct entryway to the extended moment of conscious creative will and intuition represented by the New Moon, but Uranus is involved — offering some unexpected moves. Len Wallick considers how Jupiter will be lending a hand as we begin the new lunar cycle; his column posts to the blog around noon EDT.

We know this may be a challenging moment for some. You’re invited to get into the conversation on Eric’s Facebook page, the Planet Waves FB page, or on the Planet Waves discussion area on our blog.

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