The other side of the 10 Owl Eclipse

I trust you are still feeling your way through today’s total lunar eclipse that happened this morning. 10 Ajmac/Owl is a sign of creating harmony, so this powerful eclipse may have some positive repercussions — though it may not feel very positive to those who live on the wrong side of history.


Find a place to meditate, reconcile yourself to the truth, and mediate for peace. If nothing has been clearly released from your life, you may have to wait and watch carefully to see what develops, much like a powerful rainstorm followed by a new light.

Everything has implications. I think that is the message I am hearing from this eclipse on 10 Ajmac, the Dark Owl day, Oct. 8, 2014. Go where the people treat you right.

The previous Blood Moon was on April 15, 2014. That happened to be on 3 Ahau/Sun. Generally a healing energy sign, it sure kicked up lots of dirt before we could arrive safely in our newly healed condition! So maybe the true implications of a 10 Owl Eclipse will take a few days to manifest.

Tuesday Len Wallick wrote that there was a connection from this week’s lunar eclipse to one 19 years ago. I checked with the Mayan calendar, and that was a 12 Owl day on Oct. 8, 1995. So there is emphasis from two different astrological systems suggesting you think back (research old journals if you have to) to that time to see what resonates between then and now, and what has changed for you.

That is around the time I began making frequent road trips into Mexico, collecting crystals and climbing pyramids. Those journeys and the growth that took place for me are the entire basis of what I try to write about and teach you all in this blog and in my book, and in the sounds of my musical vibrations and the colors and lines in my artwork. I guess it is time for me to take off on a new kind of adventure for the next katun (7,200 days — a little more than 19 and a half years in the Western calendar). I can’t wait!

I promised a reader and client that I would write more about the Private readings I do and use her chart as the example. I will have to write that in the comments section later this week, because as I am writing now, the Moon is shifting rapidly into position for the lunar eclipse, so I have to run!

Thanks and Love —
All together relations,

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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16 thoughts on “The other side of the 10 Owl Eclipse

  1. Patricia Proctor

    This is interesting. 19 years ago I was getting deep into a job change, and my husband was forced out of his job. This morning, I said I didn’t want to go on vacation. “Go where the people treat you right.” So just a few minutes ago I was thinking that I’ve let either a job or family, his and mine, ruin every Christmas and every vacation for the last 40 years. Well not every, obviously. But the trip this fall was to see his sister who has had 3 heart attacks. So, we need to see her again, but maybe I should just not call it ‘vacation.’ So….family crisis, then and now, which I’m certain will precipitate real change soon. Anyway, I just read this and laughed when I read the sentence I quoted. 19 years ago we lied to ourselves and family, but surely we don’t need to do that again. Maybe we should think of meetings with family as opportunities to clean the Akashi records, and jobs as the place we go to build new relationships until it is time to step off the escalator to a new floor. Holidays should be a time of rejoicing and feasting, not stressing out. Even the old testament commanded to give gifts of food at the holy and feast days, with no mention of commercial gifts. So, guess I’ll go have that Akashi record mend session (I’m sorry, I love you, etc.), rejoice and feast, then go to the beach.

  2. Lea

    Thanks so much, Carlos. I like the way you wove in Len’s mention of the Western astrology’s pertinent 19-year cycle and how it is in sync with Mayan Daykeeping’s cycles in its own way.. Patricia’s reminiscences and application are similar to mine today. Can’t go back to any old way of living a life not true to being with people “who treat me right”, including my own internal conversations with myself (smile). My world was about to radically change inwardly 19 1/2 years ago. It has taken this long for the outward manifestations to fulfill that intention for that cycle in my life.. Process, process, process. And now? Onward!

  3. wandering_yeti

    Interesting time portal: that is 1995. I was possessed by a pile of electronic gear that was leading to the dissipation of my song craft while torturing myself with interface issues in trying to find something in myself in the outer world, that is trying really hard to get laid and failing.

    This time I’m happily solo. In one way of seeing the pressures of my desires drove me to seek the healing methods that are currently guiding me to strength and health. In 1995 I still had a lot of years of experiment ahead of me where I tried thing after thing in my consumerist trance trying to make sense of a deeper call in my heart that would unfold in my dreams, picking up the pace in 1999 when I was teleported out of a news room in a skyscraper with Dan Rather into a vast yellow desert outside just in time to see the tower collapse. The theme of leaving a building repeated many times where the desert outside the structure has gradually transformed into a forest. I was alone in the first vision-dream and later met some spirit guides- a green dragon and a tiger that swirled around in my dreamscapes as in my flesh life I began to study with the Asian martial arts teachers who would lead me to my deep interior.

    One of the things that I’ve found is sorting out distinctions from a few past/parallel lives that resonate intensely in my present skin. One is a priestess from the time when Lilith was the reigning relationship archetype in the near East and Europe, before Eve kicked her to the curb. In 1995 I was like a kid looking for his mother in a lover on the outside while I cringed in fear of the Tyrant on the inside. I had a hard time sorting out her desires and my own. Finding her on the inner planes allows me to take back the childish projections I once dealt to women encountering me so they can be free to be themselves without me throwing a fit. Asian martial arts showed me a way through to the sacred masculine without getting caught by the Tyrant. Strong women no longer scare me cause I’m strong. But it’s soft strength so it doesn’t have to prove itself like a Tyrant, it just exists as it is and serves where it’s needed.

    It seems like that past/parallel life connects me to the strong feminine to awaken my gentle masculine without sacrificing the strength. In my fearful crouch I was alternately trying to be her and to possess her but found it really hard to simply love her. She trains me to be strong enough to be a lover instead of just a broken son without aping the act of the dominators. Taoist martial arts fit the bill.

    So last night practiced moving meditation under the dark moon, practiced some of my songs that are all new sprouts since 2008 that didn’t really take form until I ditched the electric instruments for a guitar and a settled life for wandering 2011-13. Been to hell and back many times since 1995. Last night was a beautiful opening for just being. Also working on building a shelter I can pull behind a bike so I can explore more of this beautiful land before my string runs out.

    In Spring’s lunar eclipse the clouds came back and covered the dark moon so I never saw her re-emerge from the shadow. This time I got to see the shining silver white return.

  4. cosmicjaguar

    Hello and thank you for sharing your stories Yeti, Patricia and Lea!

    I was very near Enchanted Rock this morning and witnessed the Full Blood moon with some friends on a rooftop patio. It turns out somebody decided to close Enchanted Rock State park for three days so hunters could cull the deer population.

    Please read the original version the way I intended to write this post.

    I am not sure what to do about the politically correct editing of my writings, I know I let it happen too many times just to have more peace and not worry about being right. I may have given away too many of my rights by doing so. I hope to continue writing for Planet Waves but I need my voice to come through without editing out my tone and my own personality….

    Thanks for understanding.

  5. Lizzy

    “If nothing has been cut loose from your life, there may still be aftershocks much like an Earthquake or a powerful Rainstorm followed by a new Light.” I have to say that these words resonate far more powerfully for me. Especially as something has been cut loose from my life and others’ – my dear friend who was so sick, didn’t make it – he died yesterday – I suppose that this powerful energy helped set hm free after days of intense mental and physical suffering. Rest in peace, dear friend.
    Thank you Carlos.

  6. Len Wallick

    Thank you, Carlos, from my heart.

    Patricia, Lea, wandering yeti: Heartfelt thanks to you as well for how you contributed to what Carlos wrote, further filling out and completing a bigger picture approaching coherency. Not unlike a Full Moon enhanced by alignment with Earth and the Sun.

    Lizzy: Please accept my heartfelt consolation and empathy along with the thanks extended to others here. May peace be yours as well.

  7. Patricia Proctor

    After 95 we grieved over my husband’s loss of job (and self-esteem), then finally realized we should have rejoiced. Anytime something is out of our hands, it seems to me we should look for the higher reasons instead of indulging in self-pity. It is the same with death – such sadness in parting, but also a time to rejoice for the newly released spirit. May our meetings be pure joy in the next life. So sorry for your loss Lizzy.

  8. Lizzy

    Thank you, Patricia! It wasn’t an easy death – and there is a lot of sadness and loss — but joy is there too, especially in the way people are rallying round. There’s a great sense of community that is usually missing from my every day life – which is fitting, as my friend had great faith in the power of the community.

    1. Katherine

      Why would I have asked the question if it were “wholly transparent’? I asked for an explanation, not for a put-down. I have never heard the term before, but Carlos chose to use it, and you chose to remove it, so I would like to know the reason. It looks to me like it was a traditional term that recently was hijacked for a “prophecy”, so why give the power to those who hijacked it?

      Thanks for the link, Hugging Scorpio!

  9. Lea

    Thank you, Hugging Scorpio. I thought it was about its color which is reddish-orange because of its occurrence near the horizon. Your information was interesting , informative and helpful.

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