The Nature of the Beast

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Do you have a feeling that something strange is lurking behind all the mudslinging in the presidential election? I thought so. In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I peel back the layers of what that might be. In Scorpio fashion, I look for what’s hidden and concealed; what the candidates or the commentators are not talking about.

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Do you have a feeling that something strange is lurking behind all the mudslinging in the presidential election? I thought so.

Artist, Scorpio and proto-human Bjork.

In tonight’s Planet Waves FM [play episode here], I peel back the layers of what that might be. In Scorpio fashion, I look for what’s hidden and concealed; what the candidates or the commentators are not talking about.

We also visit the protest at Standing Rock, about the Dakota Access Pipeline, with some help from Democracy Now! I explain the purpose of protests, as explained to me by Michael Frisch, one of my American Studies professors at SUNY Buffalo.

To go with this program, I’ve selected the one and only Bjork, who has her Sun, Moon and rising sign in Scorpio. View her chart here.

I reference the first-ever publication by WikiLeaks, video of an incident that took place in Iraq in 2007.

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This Week on Planet Waves

Planet Waves

Why I Don’t Care About Hillary’s Emails

Anyone remember when WikiLeaks actually did its job? As the finest moralizers on the interwebs pick apart the news that someone wrote some emails about something, Eric refreshes our memories about what’s really important: namely, the West’s blood-soaked imperial sorties in Iraq and elsewhere.

Planet Waves

The Night Between the Worlds

Something about these nights of the year shifts our relationship to death and decay. While you’re alive, that means growth, evolution and transformation. Yet, as Eric writes, nobody can live fully without a conscious relationship to death. It serves as an essential anchor to one’s maturity.

Planet Waves

This is a Test: War of the Worlds

In this week’s edition, Eric looks at an intriguing event from Halloween 1938: Orson Welles’ broadcast of War of the Worlds, a novel adaptation some people took as a real invasion. Eric uncovers some pretty astounding astrology, featuring Mercury and Mars, and our old friends Eris and the Aries Point.

Planet Waves

Crouching Tiger, Listening Scorpion?

Amanda Painter describes the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio, and Mars in Capricorn square Uranus-Eris in Aries, and sees: incisive, insightful communication; getting beneath the surface of things; the potential for surprising outbursts due to frustrated urges; discovering new solutions to new challenges.

Planet Waves

I failed my community yesterday.

One evening, Andrew McLuhan (grandson of media studies pioneer Marshall McLuhan) encounters a familiar face, though he does not know by name this man who seems to be in rough shape. “Hey bud, spare some change so I can get something to eat?” the man asks. Andrew considers deeply his reply.

Planet Waves

Emancipating Desire

Unlike in eras past, the chains of slavery now largely exist within, where only you can break them. As Len Wallick sees it, the next week or so holds an astrologically implicit potential for you to achieve an inner emancipation, especially for your desires. Neptune stationing direct is just one favorable factor.

Planet Waves

Sacred and Profane: A Tale of Two Americas

It’s not often you get a perfect juxtaposition like this. Two news stories, unrelated but happening concurrently. Two protests, together laying bare like an X-ray the hypocrisy, racism and colonialism woven into the infrastructure of a nation. Any Elliott investigates the astrology underlying the travesty.

Planet Waves

Haumea the Strange

On Sept. 17, 2008, a trans-Neptunian minor planet previously known as 2003 EL61 was classified as the fifth dwarf planet in our solar system and named Haumea, after the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. In this archive piece, Eric and Kirsti Melto investigate this planet, its moons and its myths.

7 thoughts on “The Nature of the Beast

  1. Amy Elliott

    That’s an interesting idea about the purpose of protests being to get a response from the other side. I’ve never heard of that before. Perhaps that’s more the case with direct action than with demonstrations; the latter are often left alone except when there are small enough numbers for the cops to be able to intimidate them.

    One goal protests of all kinds do have is to get media attention. It’s always an uphill battle to get the media first to acknowledge the protest, second to get the numbers correct, and third to concentrate on the aims and message of the protest and not the inevitable aggression from black ops.

  2. Bette

    Some initial thoughts on the idea of conflict as a consequence of brain hemisphere non-communication – the left-right split. It makes perfect sense to me, particularly with regard to the predicaments of environmental destruction & endless war, two bitter realities that blight our times.

    Mother Earth/the goddess/the feminine, expressive of what we think of as intuitive, creative right -brain – assaulted by patriarchal technologically “clever” left-brain masculine thought & action.

    Sadly, there are women who jump happily on the left-brain bandwagon to extinction. I often wonder, are they imitating men, or did some combination of nature & nurture make them left-brain dominant?

    1. Eric Francis

      Our entire society is left brain dominant; we are all taught to read, and how to do maths. Subjects like poetry, painting, music and meditation are always pushed down the list of priorities and have been for many, many centuries. There is not ONE single artist in any story in the whole Bible. There is an artisan who builds temples, but that’s not an artist.

  3. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    Some valuable first-person Native American insight on some of what is going on inside the Standing Rock water protectors’ camp, posted to Facebook by Arianna Nason, bringing to the forefront the way that the No NDPL movement is slowly being co-opted by seemingly well-meaning white “allies.”

    “Back at Oceti Sakowin. What I’ve experienced today has been painful and gross. White men took over the Indigenous lead direct action training. I was talked down to again and again by non-Indigenous folk, acting like they own the camp because they hold down their own tent.

    Then there was a call for all available women at the camp to go to the Spirit Fire for a meeting. Curious, I went. It was led by 2 white women, looked like the usual type you would see at the festival circuit or Burning Man. They made a circle and asked what “we as united women feel united by under the goddess, because we’ve seen what men have been doing and it’s so divided.” They policed how we talked, told us to not talk out of turn and to hold comments for later.

    Another white woman told the Fire Keepers, the men tending the spirit fire as it is their traditional role, to “keep it down and stop talking, because women are having a meeting.” My blood boiled, but I kept waiting. I had to walk away for a bit, but when I returned an Oceti Sakowin woman was speaking, and she felt the same pain I did. She told the women at the circle how disrespectful they were being by not honoring the ceremonial request to wear skirts, and that this is her home and make space for the other Indigenous women from this land. She asked me to speak up after, she could feel my energy.

    I told the white women in this circle that they must keep Indigenous women centered here, especially the women from Oceti Sakowin. And where were the elders? Why aren’t our elders holding this? I told them how colonized this felt, how by telling us Indigenous women how to speak and when to speak that they’re perpetuating the harm that is continued to be done to us. I said how gross this made me feel.

    I’m disgusted by the Burners and same types at camp. I’m not surprised that they showed up and are trying to take over our movement and our ceremony, but I’m not any less disgusted.

    Indigenous folks coming up, guard your heart and spirits. POC allies, please hug us and love on us. We need it. White allies, collect your people. Center us. Keep Indigenous women and two spirited people at the center of this. Keep all Indigenous people in the main focus.

    My heart is sick.”

    And, separately, here’s a related piece, offing some thoughts about how to keep Native lives, rights and concerns centered in the wider conversation about their actions at Standing Rock:

    1. Amy Elliott

      It’s really sad that some people are using this campaign to puff up their own importance. *sigh* Thanks for the information. Native voices must be brought to the forefront.

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