6 thoughts on “The Helms Act: Pushing Pro-Life Around the World

  1. Jere

    Gotta release a bit..

    That’s fucked up man. Dude in the second caption looks like Dick.

    I’m so freakin’ tired. Tryin’ to recharge… needed an outlet for a second.

    I Love you all,


  2. Leilani Curry

    Sad that the life of the unborn fetus has more rights and power than the life of the girl who was raped!
    It is very fucked up, Jere!

  3. Cowboyiam

    I’m feeling like mixing it all up again. Forgive, please, but I have a few thoughts that no one has ever answered for me.
    First let me say that as per this cartoon I fall into the camp of – of course they should get abortions. No baby should be brought in as a result of this kind of forced conception.
    Secondly Holding these kind of morality issues hostage to US Government Foreign Funding is abusive to the integrity of the countries involved. It’s like a Moslem government giving aid but forcing the receiver to convert to Islam.

    Now to the issue I want to stir up; pro-life vs pro-rights. On the one hand you have Christian groups defending the rights of the unborn. On the other hand you have Abortion Rights groups defending the rights of the mothers to control their own bodies. Both seem to be of high consciousness – yet focused in two separate directions. Both are absolutely sure they are right.

    Are Christian prolife groups really ready to fund massive baby adoption warehouses where millions of previously unborn children could be adopted out to beautiful loving parents who really want them? Or do they rather just lock these kids up in jail after their dysfunctional upbringing breeds a criminal mindset.

    Do pro rights groups really care about the emotional baggage a young mother has after killing her unborn? Or are they just intent on keeping more dysfunctional people from being born?

    Christian groups are brought to tears considering the plight of the innocent unborn being denied life, but at the same time they downplay life and teach that it is our task to make it to heaven. There is a narrow road that leads to heaven and few shall make it. Those that don’t will burn in tortuous hell for all eternity!@ Now the few who die before the age of innocence is over are actually the lucky ones by this religion….because they get a pass. So I ask them why is it so important to save the unborn from eternal reward in heaven and force many of them to choose hell? Many (most) will.

    On the other hand most pro-abortion rights groups seem obsessed with making baby (excuse – unborn baby) killing something as easy as getting checkup? I mean really… A fetus has a heart that’s beating and certainly some mental cognition and even a will of its own. After the five months it is a viable birth but as I am told even at six months it should be a woman’s choice to decide whether it lives or dies. Well that’s great but what if after it is born and things aren’t working out – can she kill it then? No that’s murder. Trying to separate these concepts from each other is pure semantics. No mother can just feel nothing about it, even if she is told its ok.

    It seems to me that baby killing is a nasty business and I don’t want any part of it. But people have rights to their own choices and women must live with her choice to end a pregnancy. But please do it quickly, don’t wait until the child has a personality that is evident.

    Also I will note that my perception is most pro-life people are for the death penalty while most pro-abortion folks lean anti-death penalty. What??@!

    Me – personally – I never had an opinion until I witnessed the heartbreaking confession of a women, I knew, who in her thirty’s felt she had murdered her child when she was sixteen. She never had children and I have known a couple other women who aborted children early in life and never had kids thereafter.

    There seems to be a deep guilt complex that truly harms many women, and I imagine it has a name in psychology circles, but I am not delving that deeply here. However, I feel it is an issue largely swept under the rug that deserves more thought. On both sides!

    I don’t know where the line is between life and not life – but I am certain that my son was alive and well by four months and kicking. To anyone who has had an abortion – I am sympathetic and pass no judgement – but I think there are some kneejerk reactions within this debate that ought to be looked at because it is not a simple question of religion. It is a question of our humanity, and I don’t have an answer, but if I stir up a debate that would please me. Love

    1. Cowboyiam

      I do apologize for my politically incorrect posture. Yes – I must be geared toward prolife, but I think that is evident anyway, did not try to hide it. However I realize that the correct terminology is Pro-life vs. pro-choice. Regardless I believe I have brought forth some issues that are not currently being dealt with on the collective, in a thoughtful way. We must rise above the Frey. or maybe not. I hope we do. I hope we will. I hope we can.

      In collective societies it seems evident that more energy was focused on the beginning of life than the end of life. As in “Dances With Wolves” the old wise leader was eventually left – when he knew he couldn’t keep up anymore. That was a conscious choice, I presume. And I presume that indifference to the young among them.

      What is really evident, in my lifetime, is no matter how pitiful the end of life existence is – it is more important than beginning life is, politically anyway. Morally? I have no idea…!@? Fuck! It just seems messed up. End.

    2. Jere

      Solid points man. Unfortunately I can’t wrap my mind around it in an authoritarian manner. In my ideal communistic utopian society there’d be bumble bees and just the right amount of sunshine, and everyone would be well cared for (and I’m workin’ my ass off for that one).

      I think life and death are misunderstood, consequence/karma is reality, awareness is a key, and communication is a tool.

      (I think your flint works well, the heat is welcomed)


  4. Jere

    As to the point of this particular cartoon, these women/girls have been violated and traumatized in a most horrible manner. To not engage with compassionate assistance, but instead impose personal moral convictions, or rather withhold assistance due to personal morality, is a saddening head-shaker.

    Personally I’m not able to debate this issue, as I’m not afforded judgement external to myself. That does not mean though that I don’t express opinion, being pro-choice, and well aware that I have no solid answers, just a will toward understanding and a desire for love.

    I do hope that folk’ would put their energy (money) where their hearts are, and their hearts where their mouths are. That statement though also opens up the proverbial can of worms, as semantics rule the day.

    I get very tripped up when I step outside of myself these days. More internal work is necessary.

    With Love,


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