The Day of Ups and Downs: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is July 20
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You’re coming to terms with many elements of your past, which will aid your endeavors to leave them firmly behind you. This phase is an important part of your development, which cannot be overlooked or rushed. Once it’s over, you will find it much easier to move on to new and brighter adventures. For one thing, you’ll likely have a better sense of your capabilities. Many people limit themselves unnecessarily; this process will help you remove any barriers you’ve placed in your own way.

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Written in the Planets

If you feel compelled to pass judgment on someone or something, be aware that one of today’s aspects describes the potential to do so rather harshly. Words might not be sticks and stones, but it’s still wise to use them gently in most cases. This could be a matter of being self-critical, as well — particularly about past choices and statements, such as the ways you’ve communicated your feelings or caring for another person.

Remember that in a frame of mind of this sort, there is a difference between assessing yourself so you can make healthier choices in the future versus simply beating up on yourself. If the situation in question relates at all to some kind of perceived second chance regarding your sense of purpose or ethical considerations, you might have to make continual small adjustments for a while to get to a place that clicks.

Note also that Venus in Cancer is moving into an opposition to Pluto and the centaur Chariklo in Capricorn, and both are square Eros in Libra (exact tomorrow). Do you feel like you’re in (or chasing after) emotional intensity in a relationship? If so, are you able to see where the boundaries are between the intimacy you seek and the personal space that allows the situation to stay balanced and life-affirming?

In other words, watch for signals of co-dependency, especially if you have an urge to ‘help’ the other person in some way. If you realize things have gotten blurry in that area, you may have to be the one to take initiative in redirecting your powerful feelings toward creative change in your life. This is best done directly; manipulative tactics such as guilt will serve nobody involved.
— by Amanda Painter

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