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If Your Birthday is Oct. 3
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In the deepest regions of your mind, in the very core of your soul, resides a truth that is both powerful and fundamental. This is the essence of who you are, and its pulse is the music you need to listen for assiduously. When you dance to that internal beat, you are not rejecting the objective reality of the outside world. You’re falling in step with it, because you are working from the perspective of total honesty. In this time of pervasive illusion, there can surely be no approach more helpful.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

You might want to watch out for crazy-makers in your immediate environment today. That is, people who can’t seem to be direct about what they want, or who act out primarily to get attention (or seem to). There are more productive ways to be included, and to feel like one has some power, importance and presence in a relationship, whether it’s professional, intimate, creative or some combination. But not everyone grows up with healthy models of how that works, and we all tend to act out our hurts from time to time.

With Venus in Libra opposite Eris in Aries today, you’re on alert that your elegantly balanced apple cart might get upset. You may need to negotiate how to right it (negotiation being a two-way, cooperative process). This aspect is also a reminder to notice if you start to slide into the Eris role — meaning, even if your buttons get pushed, it’s your job to remember how to use your words to describe how you feel and why. Getting passive aggressive won’t fly, and does not count as diplomacy.

Note also that Pluto stations direct in Capricorn today, heralding the final phase of movement on our way to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January. Things may start feeling increasingly real from here on out, especially as compared to the previous ten months.

At 4:14 am EDT (8:14:07 UTC), Mercury entered Scorpio. This suggests sharp thinking — and often even sharper tongues. Yet the depth of thought and enquiry possible with Mercury in Scorpio may be most useful, if you can harness the intellectual and intuitive power of this sign. Your new mantra for the foreseeable future: not every situation requires getting the final word at all costs.
— by Amanda Painter

My readings offer a place of refuge, an opportunity to suspend self-judgment, and my careful reading of the charts. I offer you reasons to be motivated, and strategies for handling the strange complexity of society at this time. To this work, I bring all of what I have learned as a journalist, editor, astrologer, spiritual student and man of the world; and I offer it to you for an affordable price. Read more here.

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