The Day of the Social Realist: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is May 3
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Tackling whatever challenges you face from the ground up may give you an edge this year. That means starting on the most basic physical, practical level. Take care of your immediate surroundings, bodily health, finances and other such matters, and ensure all of these are functioning as well as possible. Then you can deal with more abstract questions. You will probably find at this point that you’ve already advanced farther than you expected.

Written in the Planets

Mercury meets up with Eris in Aries today. Do you have any ‘crazymaking’ tendencies when it comes to how you think (which might only affect you) or what you tend to blurt out (which obviously can have social repercussions)? The Moon passes through the conjunction during the wee hours of the morning (Eastern time); so if you happen to be awake and in contact with others then, you might feel an emotionally reactive undercurrent that’s hard to pinpoint. Can you track its source?

Also note that Mercury and Eris are still in close contact with Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius. Pluto brings in the potential for obsessive thought loops, which you may want dearly to speak about no matter how much they might throw things into chaos. It also raises the potential for coercing someone via subversive means if you repress the need to speak your truth. What to do?

See if you can lean in the direction of Mercury’s trine to Jupiter. There’s an openness to new ideas available there, along with a broader understanding of your situation, and its potential. The moment you feel like you might be over-focusing — whether on a particular thought, desire, or fear — see if you can take a few metaphorical steps back. Perspective is likely everything today, and should help you to guide your communication toward that middle path — the one where you can speak your mind constructively and with consideration.

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