The Day of the Just Cause: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Oct. 5
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You’ve traveled quite a distance in the past year, at least metaphorically speaking. Ongoing, you’ll want to continue and consolidate your various achievements and successes first of all. When it comes to the setbacks, look for the lesson you’ve taken from them or the ways in which you’ve grown stronger. You’ve certainly become more resilient and more tenacious, as well as bolder. Perhaps more importantly than anything, you know what you want, and have the determination you need to get it.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

The Capricorn Moon and Libra Sun square off today for the first quarter Moon — with the Moon conjunct Saturn and the lunar South Node. Along with the kind of tension that may spur you to get moving on a project, this square also suggests a question: where is the point of balance between your need to express and gratify your own aims and desires, and your responsibility to others? Perhaps even more importantly, did you feel an awareness of guilt or habits of self-restriction begin cascading in the moment you even read that question?

We all have adult responsibilities to others that we cannot in good conscience ignore; to do so would actually undermine our own process of growth and maturity, and of taking true authority in our lives. Yet any time guilt is cropping up that’s a signal to pay attention. Are you sure you’re not restricting yourself more than you need to? Today may offer an opportunity to question that actively, in a way that lets you move forward into some new space.

Note also that with Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus, surprisingly deep insights could pop up. If you’re feeling frustrated with anyone, however, just be careful what comes shooting out your mouth.
— by Amanda Painter

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