The Day of the Incorrigibles: Birthdays and Planet News

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Mars enters Libra at 12:22 am EDT (4:21:50 UTC) today. This is one of those ‘funny’ Mars placements, in that signs ruled by Venus are not easy places for Mars to be. The Moon squaring Mars this afternoon is a reminder to notice if you’re letting small annoyances rile you up […]

If Your Birthday is Oct. 4
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Now is your moment to step into the next phase of your journey, or to kick-start that project you wanted to get underway. You’re likely to be busy. This year’s astrology isn’t just on skates; it’s driving a Ferrari. You’ll want to stay alert, and be prepared to steer the energy in a productive direction — in particular, toward your personal growth and healing. If what you’re doing now isn’t contributing to that, you may want to consider doing something different. Check in regularly with your inner guidance system.
– by Amy Elliott

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Mars enters Libra at 12:22 am EDT (4:21:50 UTC) today. This is one of those ‘funny’ Mars placements, in that signs ruled by Venus are not easy places for Mars to be. It can describe enthusiasm and an active approach to relationships, but also can express as less self-directed than in other signs. People with this natal placement can swing between mild-mannered and hot under the collar.

That is a signal to stay conscious of your unexpressed desires and frustrations: usually it’s the things we have not figured out how to express or act on — or which we’re afraid might rock the boat — that trip us up eventually. Awareness in this realm could be especially useful this afternoon. The Moon enters Capricorn at 1:43 pm EDT (17:43:07 UTC) and immediately squares Mars. Although Moon transits do not last long, they can have impact.

In this case, that could mean emotions getting the better of people (including you), irritability, or acting rashly. Notice if you’re letting small annoyances rile you up, when really there’s some larger grievance you’re trying to avoid facing. That’s the kind of set-up that can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. And really, who needs that on a Friday? If you’re willing to lean on Mercury, newly in Scorpio, to think a little deeper into your feelings, you may be able to get beneath the petty stuff and deal appropriately with what’s really bugging you.
– by Amanda Painter

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