The Day Of the Human Portrait: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is July 31
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Today’s powerful New Moon on your birthday signifies you coming more fully into your own — meaning your energy, your resilience, and your ability to make decisions. The year ahead is very likely to show how strong you can be. You can accomplish just about anything you wish to. All that’s required of you is to understand all this, and to keep going even if you have times when you’re not so confident. If someone tries to push against you, remember that only you can direct your life.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

“Fasten your seatbelts,” warns Bette Davis’s character in All About Eve, “It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” That could describe today for you, though your mileage may vary. Quite possibly you’ll just keep flowing with the tides, doing what you do. But today’s astrology suggests that not only might you encounter some potholes or unexpected detours, but you might be the one creating them. Not as a matter of deviousness or malice — it’s more that acknowledging and speaking the truth about a problem, a need, a desire or an issue that has gone too long unsaid sometimes creates ripples, or meets with a lot of resistance and emotional reaction.

Here’s what’s up: the Moon enters Leo today at 9:18 am EDT (13:18:04 UTC), ahead of its rendezvous with the Sun for the New Moon tonight at 11:12 pm EDT (3:11:48 UTC Thursday). Then, just 46 minutes after the New Moon, Mercury stations direct in late Cancer (at 11:58 pm EDT tonight / 3:57:41 UTC Thursday).

So that mixes together the low-energy vibe of a New Moon with a high-energy, attention-loving sign (Leo), and adds the churning power and potential confusion of a Mercury station on top of it all. Can you tell whether you’re coming or going? Plus, Mercury is stationing direct square Eris in Aries, which amplifies the potential trickster effect. It also emphasizes the importance of doing what you can to express all of who you are — or to ‘get real’ — with a dose of humor if things get a little funky, or if unexpected info emerges. (You can read a little more about these themes here.)

Mercury stations have a way of revealing facts or insights that you didn’t know were missing, so listen closely today and tomorrow. This should go without saying, but definitely drive the speed limit — literally when on the road, and figuratively in your communication with others.
— by Amanda Painter


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