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If Your Birthday is April 29
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Hold on to your moral compass as an anchor keeping you steady amid all weathers. It’s likely you can set an example for others by your actions; especially by delivering on any promises you make, and doing what you know to be right. This doesn’t require spectacular heroics nearly so much as making the best choices each day, in little matters as well as great. Remember also that the only person whose approval you need is you.
— by Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

As you begin the week, notice your workspace (the literal, physical way that space is set up), workflow, time management and general sense of responsibility. In what ways do these elements support recent changes in your experience? In what ways might they be starting to hold you back, or feel due for restructuring?

These could be priority themes of Saturn’s next four-and-a-half months or so: it stations retrograde today in Capricorn, suggesting a phase of review. Add in the ways you do and do not take authority in your life (such as over your decisions, feelings, and how you’ve gotten where you are now) to round out your exploration of what else you could build on your current foundations. That Saturn makes its apparent backward move closely conjunct the lunar South Node brings further emphasis to the notion of “what is comfortable but no longer truly serves you.” (Hmm… in that case, is it really even that comfortable anymore?)

Yes, the Sun in Taurus usually emphasizes things like long-held, comfortable routines and values. But the Sun’s encounter with Uranus last week may have provided some kind of shock or wake-up call to your system — whether bodily or some other type of system. If that offered new creative energy, chances are you’re now on the alert to continue channeling it. Or maybe you’re still searching for the outlet that feels right? Either way, today’s Pisces Moon should offer some imagination and intuitive sensitivity to help you get started.
— by Amanda Painter

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