The Day of the Heartbreakers: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Sept. 28
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The New Moon on your birthday signals opportunities to initiate a significant new cycle in your quest to realize ambitions. This leg of your journey may require adjustments related to financial interests or partnership issues of some kind. Express yourself with as much conscious awareness as possible. You can further your interests or instigate unnecessary conflict, depending on your agenda. Creative expression can open important doors, yet to maximize that potential will require your focused discipline. Social engagements likewise should work in your favor, and certain relationships with those in your immediate network could move to a whole new level.
— by Victoria Emory

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Today the Sun and Moon meet for the Libra New Moon, early in that sign (exact at 2:26 pm EDT / 18:26:14 UTC). The closest other object is the asteroid Isis — about as close as you can get. Named after a primary Egyptian goddess, one of the major Isis myths involves how she had to put the body of her husband Osiris back together. From this, we get astrological themes for Isis such as re-unifying, recombining, reconstructing, reconciling, synthesizing, and also feminine strength.

Cozied up in the same degree of Libra with the Sun, Moon and Isis are the objects Makemake and Logos. One possible delineation for Makemake is, β€œthe mystery of how things came to be the way they are.” Logos not only relates to words, but to logic and reason.

So there appears to be something in this New Moon β€” the dark, inward-looking lunar phase β€” about finding the tipping point (or the sweet spot) between the mystery of how things came to be the way they are, and the logic of how they have become this way, and using that space between to reconcile or synthesize the two. In other words, today could signal an opportunity for you to seek balance in your life through a new approach.

Consider what has and has not been working; meditate on what is becoming clearer and more real as Jupiter and Neptune continue to separate from their square. If you’ve been focused more on someone else’s glow or glare, this could be a good time to sort through your own responses — to them, and to yourself. Today may not feel super high-energy, but you could have an urge to enact steps in a plan — particularly if it feels like a second chance to ‘get it right’. There may not be any such thing as ‘perfection’, but the Golden Rule and cosmic law do offer solid ethical guidelines.
— by Amanda Painter

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