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If Your Birthday is July 3
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If you find yourself in an awesome new beginning of some kind, and then hit turbulence, do not be dissuaded, distracted or sidetracked. Just keep going, though you might need to make certain adjustments — however, these will be minor in comparison to the larger plan you are involved with. Pay special attention to professional relationships, and make sure everyone is good on the level of commitment, mutual appreciation, and the energy needed to get the job done. And remember: a little chaos is good for creativity. Not a lot; just enough to shake the tree.
— by Eric Francis

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With yesterday’s total solar eclipse in Cancer over, we are in The Eclipse Zone: the two weeks between eclipses. (The companion partial lunar eclipse with the Capricorn Full Moon occurs on July 16-17, depending on time zone). Continue focusing on what you love to do, look where you want to be, and recognize unusual opportunities for what they are, to make the most of the pattern shifting potential of these two weeks.

Venus enters Cancer today at 11:18 am EDT (15:17:58 UTC). Compared to the breeziness of Gemini, this may bring a more emotional, security-focused tone to relationships of all sorts. With Venus coming into contact with the slow-moving planets early in the cardinal signs, there’s a reminder here to channel any tendencies to worry into more constructive, proactive forms of taking care of others who truly need it; issues you are passionate about will benefit from this approach, too.

Note also that Mercury stations retrograde on July 7. You may wish to back up your computer if you have not done so very recently, and begin raising your awareness around how and what you communicate, particularly when it comes to emotionally sensitive topics.

The Cancer Sun’s gentle contact with the centaur Nessus in Pisces suggests an extra layer of inner healing power available today, linked with yesterday’s eclipse. Emotional patterns can be some of the toughest to shift, and often have roots deep in the past — stretching into parts of our childhood when we had few words to articulate our experience and few tools at our disposal to process it. You may be able to access an especially compassionate form of initiative today — such as through self-forgiveness — in addressing anything fitting this description. Be gentle with yourself, and remember that everyone has their struggles.
— by Amanda Painter

Partial Lunar Eclipse: Dec. 31, 2009. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Partial Lunar Eclipse: Dec. 31, 2009. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

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