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If Your Birthday is May 17
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Prepare to take a revolutionary new perspective on your identity, especially in the context of others in your life, past and present. We are each partly made up of the relationships we’ve had, of our roots and of our own unique, irreplaceable energy. You are on the brink of a discovery regarding how all these facets of your being weave together to form the phenomenon that is you. May it inspire and delight.
— by Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

With the Scorpio Moon moving towards its opposition to the Taurus Sun (tomorrow’s Full Moon), notice whether and with whom you’re feeling any tension. It could be emotional, sexual or physical; it might take the form of stubbornness, possessiveness, or a need to be expressive coming up against an urge to be private. If you’re feeling frustrated, can you communicate that in a constructive way, rather than projecting the frustration onto the other person in hopes that they’ll figure it out and address what’s wrong for you?

Beginning by emphasizing the ways you (and the other person) are safe and secure could help to set the groundwork for more productive negotiations over the next couple of days. Even something as simple as being sure you’re both well fed and rested may help — though if a situation is truly high stakes and feels like it’s volatile, waiting until after Saturday might be wiser. With Mars in Cancer still moving into its opposition to Pholus in Capricorn, strong emotional reactions have the potential to spiral out of control.

That said, sex could be a useful outlet over the next few days, particularly if you stay aware of how you’re connecting emotionally to your partner (and/or to yourself). Venus in Taurus is holding open the door for some experimentation and surprises in relationships; actively seeking new stimulation should help to mitigate any uncomfortable feelings of disruption. Today, in particular, it might be satisfying to review and restructure the spaces in your home (and therefore in yourself) set aside for erotic or creative self-exploration.
— by Amanda Painter

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