The Day of the Bold One: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is May 25
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Study the difference between a routine and a rut. The former can help enhance your freedom to move forward. If it starts turning into the latter, though, muster your plans of escape and find a way to break free, the sooner the better. You can cover a lot of ground in the coming months, and will benefit from keeping an open mind to the possibility and the refreshing nature of change, however disruptive it may seem at first glance. It will do you good.
— by Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Do you seem to be of two minds on a certain matter? As in, can you see both (or more) sides to an issue in a way that’s making it difficult to come to a decision? If so, you might feel a little internal tension today related to a commitment you made regarding the issue at hand. Particularly if you made the promise to yourself, it could be time to consider the details of that oath and do something to follow through on it.

As the Gemini Sun moves toward Sunday’s last quarter Moon, it makes a sextile to Salacia in Aries today. Is there any sexual material that was provoked or spotlighted by the May 18 Scorpio Full Moon that could use some resolution, expression, or the next phase of movement? There may be some traction here — an opportunity to dig into whatever you’ve been holding back from communicating. You don’t need to make it everyone’s business; just use your words where, and with whom, they have the potential to offer the greatest sense of wholeness and awareness.
— by Amanda Painter

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