The Day of Practical Awakening: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is May 5
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Celebrate your grounded persistence. Not everyone possesses the fortitude and sheer determination you seem to tap into on a regular basis, particularly in the face of inner struggles. Yet here you are, beginning a new year with your creative fire burning bright and a lust for life sparking something in your unconscious. And while it’s true that all wealth comes from the Earth, it’s how you channel that wealth — in terms of your considerable life force and how you offer it to others — that will enrich this next year the most.

Written in the Planets

Do you want to do All The Things today? That’s a distinct possibility, given an opposition between Mars and Jupiter. With those planets in two signs particularly prone to split attention and scattered energy (Gemini), and the big picture and a need for freedom (Sagittarius), the ante gets upped.

Can you stay self-aware in any needs and desires that you feel to tackle everything? Can you keep from sliding into defensive selfishness in the face of anyone or anything threatening to restrict you? Do beware of domineering behaviors and overestimating your abilities. But if you can stay mindful of the legitimate limitations of your physical and mental energy — and understand the full scope and many facets of your situation — you may very well succeed in your efforts.

Also note that the Taurus Sun this Beltane is square the asteroid Psyche in Aquarius. Sometimes stubbornness has its uses — one of these being persistence in pursuing one’s mental and emotional healing. Infusing that process with a sense of genuine devotion to your inner spirit, you could make some real progress, especially if you let an eccentric or innovative idea give you a nudge. Make and hold space for all of who you are — including your identity as a fully sexual being alive on planet Earth at a very curious time, indeed.
— by Amanda Painter

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