The Day of Moderation: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Oct. 14
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Yesterday’s magnificent Full Moon in your opposite sign is still resonating, and its power is helping you to clear the path ahead. It’s time for you to dispense with old lingering doubts and other such bullshit, so that you can proceed without interruption. Keep your promises and act as compassion requires, but otherwise be firm if anyone or anything acts as a hindrance. You will want to invest as much of your time and energy as possible in the work you most need to do.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

Though the reverberations of yesterday’s Full Moon should be softening, the Libra Sun is still exactly square Pluto in Capricorn. So you may still be feeling some internal pressure, of the kind that requires you to be very honest with yourself about what parts of your life are not working. That can feel a little scary, but it has a significant up side: moving away from behaviors that keep tripping you up opens the way to focus on what is going well, and on your highest priorities. Mercury and Saturn in aspect to each other describe an ability to identify exactly what you need to do. And challenges that you succeed in tackling today may emerge as sources of strength you can call on in the future.

The Moon moving through Taurus during the second part of the day offers a more relaxed emotional tone and overall pace, which could come as a relief if you prefer to move deliberately — though Uranus may still throw a curve ball or two. Perhaps, however, Uranus simply indicates that you’ll surprise yourself with an ability to take it all in stride. Not everything that we expect to be upsetting turns out to be so. Usually this is a sign that we’ve been growing without even realizing it.
— by Amanda Painter

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