The Day of Materialized Fantasy: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is May 6
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Hold true to your deepest values, which means understanding them and yourself as fully as possible, along with using them as guides. Keeping your focus here will almost certainly enable you to see your forward path in far greater clarity. You can dispense with diversions and distractions that you might now recognize as such. This should help you get out of your own way, and make it much easier for you to reach your most important goals.
— by Amy Elliott

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Mercury enters Taurus today — a placement that favors learning from experiences and travel. Do you have any plans of that sort during the next couple weeks? The planet of mind, communication and transit is moving swiftly right now, and will slide into Gemini (along with the Sun) on May 21. In the meantime, you might also notice the ways vision and touch influence your perception and thinking; this looks like a good time to get artsy.

A slow and deliberate mode of thought and communication also marks Mercury in Taurus. With Uranus still just inside the doorway of this sign, however, it’s possible that mouths could move faster than brains can fully consider, in certain situations. That said, if an innovative idea strikes you, can you move with it while it’s still fresh and exciting, rather than mulling it until the moment’s gone by? Mars conjunct the asteroid Chaos in Gemini could enhance motivation and mobility with particularly fertile-yet-unformed conditions in work and creative settings right now.
— by Amanda Painter

3 thoughts on “The Day of Materialized Fantasy: Birthdays and Planet News

  1. Geoff Marsh

    Thought I’d just pass on an interesting observation I read this morning, Amanda, courtesy of Stephanie Azaria in her weekly forecast for Aquarius at The three personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – are now dispositors in each others’ signs. Mercury is in Venus-ruled Taurus, Venus is resident in Mars’ home sign Aries, and Mars is in Mercury’s domicile Gemini. Quite a rare occurrence, I would think, and one that might help us throw off the mantle of depression, fatigue and weariness that world events seem to have induced so far this year.

    There’s a new prince in Britain, seventh in line to the throne, who was born today about 12 hours before Mercury entered Taurus so he doesn’t quite have the triple disposition in his chart, although he does have Mars and Jupiter in close opposition. As long as they don’t call him Brexit …

    1. Amanda Painter

      Ah, Geoff, thank you for bringing to my attention that triple dispositorship! That is, indeed, a fascinating occurrence. I’m not sure what to make of it, other than those personal planets may be sharing each other’s mojo in some way.

      Anybody else with some ideas about it?

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