The Day of Gutsy Confrontation: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is June 14
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For some time, your life has been a confrontation about whose power and influence not only guide but also define you. Ask yourself frequently who is actually making your decisions, and on what basis. Even if you feel that it’s you, the thing to question is what constraints seem to box you in. It’s high time that nobody held any power over you, though if there is indeed power, someone has to hold it: and it will be you, or someone else. This is not a hard choice to make.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino
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Written in the Planets

Today Mars in Cancer makes its exact opposition to Saturn in Capricorn (it will encounter Pluto in Cap — and Eris in Aries — next week). One possible manifestation of Mars-Saturn, particularly in an emotional sign like Cancer, is to feel lonely, cut off, inhibited or somehow unable to make an impression on others (though you may be feeling angry, feisty or frustratingly lusty). I suspect that when this dynamic is present, it adds a particular kind of fuel to whatever inner fire is sputtering for some recognition or sense of authority.

Feeling lonely or inhibited can foster resentment toward anyone who seems to possess more freedom, attention or power; that resentment can act like a burr in your britches. And that irritation could come out sideways in destructive ways if you don’t feel empowered to articulate it directly. But remember: the point of knowing that this kind of energy pattern may be afoot is that you then have an opportunity to see what’s going on, and can make choices that feel better and may lead to more productive outcomes in your interpersonal interactions. Note that you could encounter this in projected form, coming from someone else.

Mars in a trine to Neptune in Pisces may reflect a lower energy state than usual, and that inertia might exacerbate any feelings of being blocked or stymied. Yet Neptune at its best also offers considerable creative energy. And with Mercury also moving into these same aspects, you could very well put your imagination to good use in coming up with sensitive-yet-expressive ways of communicating your will and desires.

The Scorpio Moon will briefly turn this configuration into a grand water trine. Translation: watch out for emotional whirlpools. Staying in touch with verifiable facts and the actual, tangible limits of a situation could help — and see if you can dive under the surface of whatever’s bugging you or swirling around you. The deeper the water, the more stillness is available where you can get your bearings.
— by Amanda Painter

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