The Day of Design: Birthdays and Planet News

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The Day of Design: Birthdays and Planet News

If you’re looking for Written in the Planets astrological weather forecast or the “If Today Is Your Birthday” feature from the former Four Winds newsletter, you’ve come to the right place.

If Your Birthday is March 3

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Remember that what you decide to bring to the world is entirely your call, and therein lies much of your power. If you choose to, you can create beautiful expressions of thought and substance. That can range from a fully fledged artistic masterpiece to simply brightening someone’s day with a kind word — on the surface very different things, but each necessary to making people’s lives easier on this rock we call Earth.
– By Amy Elliott

Written In The Planets

Today the Pisces Sun opposes Rhiphonos in Virgo. We don’t know a lot about Rhiphonos (a centaur), but there’s a suggestion here to be precise and firm in your boundaries with others today. It could also be that you discover someone else to be holding a much-needed perimeter for you, especially if you may be overstepping in subtle ways. There’s a lot of planetary emphasis on watery, all-welcoming, empathetic Pisces right now; that includes Mercury, which is slow, powerful and a little agitated currently, prior to its station retrograde on Tuesday. Few things truly require rushing around the way we usually do, and this would be a particularly good time to shift to a lower gear — no matter how much you feel like you might burst if you try. Some focused physical activity could help to discharge whatever electrical current Uranus is generating from the very final edge of Aries.
– By Amanda Painter

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