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If Your Birthday is Oct. 7
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Creative work often requires walking a fine line between rational thought and flights of imagination, while drawing on the strengths of both. There will be days when you can blissfully float into wonderful fantasy worlds, and others when you’re happier managing logical matters; and still others when you want nothing more than to clean house or go for a run. The key is almost always diligence and perseverance. So long as you keep your eye on the goal, getting there is all but certain.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

What does it take to convert impatience with restrictions into the self-discipline needed to eventually transcend them? This seems to be one of those questions that need to be faced on a regular basis, since it’s a cornerstone of maturing and learning how to take authority in one’s life. It’s also a question you’re likely to encounter today, as the Libra Sun squares Saturn in Capricorn. In fact, you’ve probably been dealing with whatever issue this aspect represents for the last few days.

Possibly this dynamic has resulted in focusing all (or most) of your attention on some authority figure who either is in fact limiting you, or whom you fear and assume has that power. Have you actually tried to discuss the matter, though? You might discover you have more leeway to pursue preferred activities, or to break out of a rut, than you thought. Without actually having the conversation, however, your assumptions could be making life feel more difficult than it really is — and that can sap energy you could really use on a Monday.

Luckily, there are aspects to the Sun and Saturn that suggest such potentials as: breakthroughs in understanding, an ability to express yourself (in a mature way) with minimal actual consequences, and access to the kind of mentorship that feeds your soul and keeps you pointed toward your goal. Those potentials will require some action to access them, though. You may even find that in seeking your own personal balance between self-gratification and responsibility, liberation becomes less about running wild, and more about the inner work you do.
— by Amanda Painter

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