The Day of Cosmic Comedy: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is April 16
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Gather your energy and the passion you feel on a specific project and be ready to drive it forward to fulfillment. You will likely have a pretty clear final sprint; though if you find yourself hampered by any doubts, address those first and get them resolved. It would probably also help to tie up whatever loose ends might remain, as soon as you see them. The more thorough you are in covering these bases, the easier your path to the finish line.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Have you been thinking about a particular second chance lately? (For example, maybe one from the past, or one you wish to have.) Today Mercury, late in Pisces, is making its third of three squares to the centaur Ixion in Sagittarius; the other two were March 2 in direct motion, and March 9 in retrograde motion. You might check your calendar to see if you can detect any kind of through-line along this theme between then and now.

Ixion is a centaur, which means it’s associated with raising awareness. In this case, that could be awareness of how capable you are of acting in ethically questionable ways — and your ability to make a different, better-aligned choice. This entails thinking through all the possible implications and repercussions — no matter how inclined you are to gloss over ‘pesky’ details.

On a related note, Mars in Gemini is making a square to Nessus in Pisces; Mars is also warming up a square to Neptune. It appears there may be two sides (at least) to the stories of ‘what you really want’ and ‘where your boundaries really are’. Nessus is another awareness-raising centaur, one focused on things like boundary transgressions of various sorts, their generational ripples, and the ability to decide that enough is enough.

One excellent way to navigate this dynamic today may to articulate the different views you have on a situation, particularly the role your desire is playing in it and your options for taking action. This should help you to avoid repressing energy that could make things complicated if you stay in denial of it. Later this evening, Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow (or echo) phase and enters new zodiacal territory for the first time in two months.
— By Amanda Painter

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