The Day of Artistic Sensibilities: Birthdays and Planet News

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The Day of Artistic Sensibilities: Birthdays and Planet News

If you’re looking for Written in the Planets astrological weather forecast or the “If Today Is Your Birthday” feature from the former Four Winds newsletter, you’ve come to the right place.

If Your Birthday is March 1

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Growing into the person you wish to become is more often than not a lifelong process, and there will be the occasional stumble. Take it easy on yourself. The key is perseverance: you will make it through so long as you keep heading in the right direction. At this moment, you are likely to see that path clearly, and have the opportunity to progress substantially along it. All you really need to do is maintain your focus.
– By Amy Elliott

Written In The Planets

How flexible are your closest relationships (especially the more intimate kind) when it comes to new experiences? What do you need to get out in the open with a partner? In what ways are you itching to make a bold declaration, indicate your interest, or otherwise spark up your interactions? All of these questions (and their related offshoots) appear to be on the table today. So how can you answer them with action rather than just more thinking and imagining and wishing?

Even though Venus is in a relatively reserved sign (Capricorn) as it makes a square to high-voltage Uranus in the final, restless degree of Aries, it’s still prompting activity to ease some of the tension. By late morning (Eastern time) Venus will move into cooler, calmer ‘friend zone’ Aquarius — though it will still be within friction-distance to Uranus, and Uranus rules Aquarius. You might find that your need for stimulation shifts more to groups and acquaintances, rather than primary partnerships. Whether that’s true or not, keep tabs on what, exactly, you may be provoking in others (and whether it’s truly the reaction you’d prefer). Supplying a little extra warmth than you might automatically offer looks like a useful approach.
– By Amanda Painter

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