The Conjunction and the Opposition

Planet Waves is running a membership drive.
Read more in Solstice Fire and the Art of Service, by Eric Francis.


Planet Waves -- the Art of Service. Digital Illustration by Lizanne Webb.

Planet Waves — the Art of Service. Digital Illustration by Lizanne Webb.

Planet Waves is running a membership drive.
Read more in Solstice Fire and the Art of Service, by Eric Francis.


SO MUCH HAPPENS in astrology that it may seem impossible to keep up with. That’s what astrologers are good for, if you find any you can trust. And that’s one reason I’ve established Planet Waves as a place you can get many points of view. This week is the first of three conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter, and it’s also the Capricorn Full Moon.

You will get a number of different perspectives on those events, by me and by other astrologers; in writing, in audio format, and in video format. That’s pretty cool, or rather, it’s warm — what you’re really getting is the caring and aware contact of people who share what they’ve learned in many long years of study and practice of astrology.

Photo: Jason Ahrns, Source: Flickr  Title: Jupiter and Venus.

VPhoto: Jason Ahrns, Source: Flickr Title: Jupiter and Venus.

Planet Waves is currently running a membership drive. We are a membership project, one that is sponsored by our readers, a little like NPR or PBS but without any corporate, foundation or advertising sponsorship. Like any other media, we have costs associated with doing our job responsibly. True, they are modest costs, though it does add up. That’s where you come in.

Because we offer so much content for no charge, it’s easy to overlook that we depend on your support, which means your business, not only to keep Planet Waves on the air — but to maintain our active experiment, our ongoing exploration of new territory and new ideas. That’s the thing — to be effective or even interesting, astrology must always plunge forward, treating each day as the new event in the universe that it is.

You depend on us. We are depending on you. Those of you who are training in healing and awareness understand the importance of an energy exchange. Here’s your opportunity. If you want to get involved, there are two things you can do. One is to become a Core Community member (there are several options how to do that). The other is to take a look at our catalog of offerings, which includes some excellent astrology readings and four different classes for those with a deeper interest in astrology. Additional options are below.

As for the current astrology…

THIS WEEK WE HAVE TWO stand-out events. One is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, which has been brewing for months; there will be three of these, associated with the Venus retrograde that begins in a few weeks.

The other is the Capricorn Full Moon. The Sun recently entered Cancer; the Moon will enter Sagittarius late Sunday or early Monday depending on your time zone. From there it’s just a couple of days from being in Capricorn, and that’s when the Moon will be full.

Venus and Jupiter form their conjunction within hours of when the Moon and the Sun form their opposition, so they are like one event. To me this is the image of opposites attracting in a wholesome and creative way. The Full Moon is often about expressing a polarity of some kind. A conjunction brings elements together in a full merge or blend. These two aspects seem to be a comment on the same scenario, reminding you that different facets of experience are available.

We are misinformed that life is an all or nothing thing, that everything is this, or it’s that. We now have a scenario where something has multiple facets that can express themselves in interesting ways. If you feel the energy building, such as coming to a head (often the case with a Full Moon), imagine that there is a wholly positive and creative point of resolution or expression.

Look around your life and see what could benefit from this kind of approach. Consider the next few days an experiment in manifestation.

We’ll see you back here with our Tuesday letter and the regularly scheduled edition of Planet Waves FM.

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5 thoughts on “The Conjunction and the Opposition

  1. Lisa Gatto

    This astrology calls attention to what has deep heart and meaning for me, and the full on expression of that out in the world. I’ve noticed the current that continually energizes my being, consistently drawing me to the arts, one that keeps me rooted in my full heart. Venus conjunct Jupiter reminds me of the opportunities that we all have for recommitting to and further exploring what tugs at our hearts. Paying attention to and embracing those ‘tugs’ are the catalysts of my living beyond what I have ever known; and a life that feels electric, joyful and authentic. I’m excited for these summer days, and all that is coming forward…

    I am deeply grateful to Eric and all the Planet Waves contributors for creating a space of excellence; one that consistently maintains the highest level of integrity and commitment to humanity. I thank you for providing a deeply insightful and visually stunning forum for which I am honored to be a part of. Planet Waves is a resting place where all are warmly welcomed, where all voices are heard, and anything is possible…. I invite you to be a part of this beautiful community.

  2. Amy Elliott

    The Full Moon is exact (EDT time) on Jul 1 at 22:20. First glimpse at the chart suggests Vesta, which is conjunct the South Node and will be square the lunation, will be significant. Also, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction will still be within about 20 arc minutes at the time. Despite the lurking of Mars and Pluto, this chart has quite a pleasant feel. I hope you will all experience it as such.

  3. Geoff Marsh

    Thanks for the heads up, Amy. Perhaps some guarding of the sacred flame may be needed,.

    Neptune is also in the mix, almost exactly trine Sun and sextile Moon. This might go some way towards mitigating any damage caused by his recent retrograde-enhanced square with Mercury. The usual warning about the use of alcohol or other stimulants at Full Moon might be tempered with just a small celebration on this occasion. I always like to salute her Fullness at the exact moment if she’s visible.

    You may be pleased to read that The Now Show is back for a 46th season starting Friday (13:30 EDT). Let’s hope it hasn’t lost too much edge as it gets a little older. I know how that feels!

  4. Michael Mayes

    With the conjunction on my ascendant, and the full moon less than a degree from my Vertex, I’m observing what happens. I got an offer for my house within two weeks on the market from the very first person to look at it, and it looks like we’ll close right before I leave for Colorado, which is somewhat ideal. For me, this astrology is about payoff, and action.

  5. Len Wallick

    Thank you, Eric. Just think of how lucky we are to be living at a time when “a” conjunction is truly of being referred to (and recognized) as THE conjunction. Same for THE opposition. Both shining the Art of Service into the world just like Lizanne’s evocative and powerful rendition of a c=truly cosmic lighthouse.

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