The Aristocratic Old Grandpa State

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By Jen Sorensen

If anyone reading detests the so-called Nanny State, cartoonist Jen Sorensen has a twist on the theme you’ll just love…Goddess help us.

By Jen Sorensen

By Jen Sorensen


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One thought on “The Aristocratic Old Grandpa State

  1. Glen Young

    Merry Christmas Jen; Planet Waves Members , Editors, crew and everyone. Ebenezer Scrooge can’t be denied; he or she is alive and kicking. But as you can imagined the turnaround such a soul person potential is when awakened. But as Black Moon Lilith is doing her dance to reveal the many secrets within and without,; Dark Moon Lilith is intent on keeping them hidden. For example: Mueller mystery case goes to the Supreme Court that about to be revealed? Its so amazing that the Grandpa state gets a 1.5 Trillion Dollar tax break, but being unemployed you’re still asked to pay taxes now or later. So grateful for the — Mercury square Rhiphonos at 9:09 am PST / 12:09 pm EST (17:09:27 UTC) today, after the Mercury square Neptune (and Teharonhiawak), that finally culminated on the 24th. Also, Mercury conjunct Great Attractor at 9:04 pm Dec. 24 PST / 12:04 am EST (05:04:25 UTC). Sure is a lot of good energy abouds, just as much as the dark side seems so overwhelming.
    Happy Kwanzaa and New Year y’all.

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