The Aquarius Full Moon — and Your Moonshine Horoscopes

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Tonight on Planet Waves FM, Eric will be covering the unusual and beautiful Full Moon that takes place Friday at 6:43 am EDT (10:43 UTC). This is the Aquarius Full Moon, which can only happen with the Sun in Leo.

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Tonight on Planet Waves FM, Eric will be covering the unusual and beautiful Full Moon that takes place Friday at 6:43 am EDT (10:43 UTC). This is the Aquarius Full Moon, which can only happen with the Sun in Leo.

The waxing Moon viewed through the Casco Days Ferris wheel. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Amy Elliott wrote Monday’s Astrology Diary previewing this aspect. You might think of this Moon as evoking a humanitarian spirit, where individual consciousness meets the world around it in a meaningful way. This is not easy for many people, trapped as we often are in false concepts of individuality, and conditioned to obsess over separate interests.

Len Wallick has also interpreted Friday’s Full Moon here in his Moonshine horoscopes. These horoscopes are written for your Moon sign (where the Moon was at the time of your birth). There are instructions on the Moonshine page for how to find your Moon sign out if you do not know it, but you can also read these horoscopes for your Sun and rising signs for additional layers of insight.

The Moon/Sun opposition makes some interesting aspects, including a provocative alignment with Pholus in late Sagittarius. The Moon aspects Pholus at 45 degrees while the Sun meets it at 135 degrees; these are not aspects you hear a lot about, though they can have a way of getting things going, and it will be interesting to see what collective events develop toward the end of the week.

Eric will discuss these aspects in greater depth in tonight’s Planet Waves FM, which usually posts after 5 pm EDT. His musical guest on the program will be Arc Iris, an artful, soulful and talented band from Rhode Island. You can listen to their music here, or play other selections here.

It’s been a busy week on the Planet Waves website:

Sunday we featured an encore performance of Donna Boyle’s article from Cosmophilia. Titled “Be the (Light) Body You Want to See in the World,” she outlines keys to remembering that we all belong here, and includes some easy exercises for integrating and awakening your Light Body.

Sarah Taylor’s tarot reading this week explores the revisiting of a theme — part of a process leading you out of an entrenched pattern, and toward a new way of relating to yourself and the world.

Casco Village, Maine, from near the top. Photo by Amanda Painter.

In honor of the Sun in Leo, the sign representing children, this week’s relationship-themed guest-post comes from Christina Louise Dietrich.

Christina explains how she and her husband model healthy intimacy (defined here as “a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group”) for their young son in a way that is psychically clean and physically respectful.

She asks, “How could he know what that looks and feels like [as an adult] if he’s never experienced it for himself?”

Judith Gayle takes on some of the difficult news of the last week in her latest column, suggesting that, “With Venus whispering in our ear, asking us to rethink, review, renew, perhaps we will realize that we need a more loving, more temperate and more inclusive way forward into a healing future for all our citizens.”

May it be so. Be sure to visit the website later today for Len Wallick’s latest uplifting column; I’ll be there Thursday with your look ahead at the weekend’s astrology.

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  1. Mary McKie

    Is it me or does the scorpion on the moonshine report look like a lobster? Maybe I’m desperately wanting a lobster roll and seeing them everywhere … or maybe this is common for scorpios?

    Doesnt matter. Len, love your work — so wise and penetrating and inclusive.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

      It’s not just you, Mary! I think our brilliant graphics designer, Lizanne Webb, chose a crayfish (pretty sure it’s a crayfish — pretty sure lobsters have much larger front claws, proportionally) as a fun little nod to the fact that Scorpio is a water sign. So it’s a less-than-literal play on the Scorpion.

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