Taurus Live Q&A Seminar; New Format for Daily Astrology; The Walk of Shame and Other Tales from Youth Sex Culture

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If you’re up in the morning before dawn, don’t miss the spectacular view of Venus in her incarnation as the morning star. Seeing bright objects like that looming on the horizon has inspired many people to understand the movements and meanings of the planets.

Readers please note a schedule change — there will not be an edition Friday morning. I am taking a week to catch up with myself after coordinating nonstop coverage of the eclipses and grand cross. I will be back on Friday, May 16, with full coverage of Mars stationing direct. All other services will remain on schedule.

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Developing the discussion of relationships and consent, tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM enters strange territory — the world of youth sex culture, beginning with an explanation of something called ‘The Walk of Shame’. It will post Tuesday at 6 pm EDT.

If you’re a parent of a teen or twenty-something and want to know what they’re going through, listen to this edition — and please pass it along to them. Next week I will be back with a look at the astrology of that generation. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming special edition on urban farmers.

Next week I’ll be offering my first live Q&A session associated with the Taurus birthday reading. Everyone who purchased that reading may participate, and the recording will be made available to all other Taurus purchasers. This has been our bestselling Taurus reading ever, available for instant access — and you can listen to a free preview.

We plan to develop the live teleseminar medium in the coming weeks — look for announcements. Planet Waves readings are an affordable way to enhance your emotional and spiritual health, with motivational ideas for living, ideas about relationships and astrology that goes deeper than you’ve ever experienced.

Tonight we will be distributing the newest edition of our Monsanto Eco newsletter, offering excellent (and free) coverage of environmental issues. This is where most of our news coverage energy is going these days. You or anyone can sign up for that newsletter. It will publish Tuesday at about 6 pm EDT.

Planet Waves Daily Astrology now has a new, shorter format, designed for a two-minute read while you’re on the way out the door to work. Today’s column covers the bold Beltane sky still in full force, the first quarter Moon and Mercury ingressing Gemini.

Waiting for the stars to align is a passive approach to luck; this week’s astrology, however, is basically a step-by-step action plan for How to Make Your Own Luck, written by Amanda for Monday’s edition.

At noon today on the Planet Waves blog, Len Wallick considers Mercury entering Gemini, and how that relates to the cardinal grand cross.

Coming Soon: Housekeeping and Service Additions

Check your email for a letter from me outlining some service additions, including early renewal, news about our SMS (text message) service, our RSS feed and new guidelines about how to handle forwarding Planet Waves to your friends.

See you tonight at Planet Waves FM.


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