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Voting is Not Enough

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today is Election Day in the United States, long-awaited, anticipated and the focus of much anxiety. Today is the day to brave voting lines, interrupt your schedule, miss hours or a day of work, all to do what may seem futile.

We have a lot of problems in the world and as a country; as individuals we have plenty on our hands. Voting may seem like a small gesture — and it is.

Planet Waves
Obama for New York headquarters in uptown Kingston. This small local office was the organizing base for a vast swath of the state, out to Ithaca and up to the Canadian border. Photo by Eric.

If you recognize that, and see it in perspective, it will be more meaningful. In last week’s edition, I explained the presidency through the experience of John F. Kennedy. It’s similar to what my Grandpa Sam Francis explained to me as a kid — the president is a figurehead position.

Yet it carries considerable power even as such — and your participation is more than symbolic. In fact your involvement is has influence on many levels, including locally and on the statewide level. Before you vote, take a quick look if there are any referenda on the ballot — some of the most significant issues are decided by the voters in many states.

It’s true that we’re seeing a broken system at work, one that was designed to keep the people as far from the electoral process as possible, and that has been fractured intentionally, and neglected, and abused. We’re about to see the extent of the problems.

We have the choice between two primary candidates who should disgust anyone with a shred of sense or sensitivity. One of them is in bed with Monsanto, imprisons people who distribute medical marijuana and signed the NDAA into law, turning the domestic United States into a battlefield in the War on Terror. The other is a mentally unhinged pathological liar and chronic tax evader who seems to have no values whatsoever, and who wants to buy the presidency and turn the United States into a religion-based country where women have no rights to control their own bodies, or their paychecks.

Yep, we have a few problems on our hands; many of the world’s most important issues were never even mentioned at the debates, much less discussed openly. Incredibly, you have to listen carefully to hear any indignation over this, when really there should be a thunderous roar. To commit even to the viewpoint you may already have requires acknowledging the depth of the problem and what seems like an impossible situation — and as Sting once said, there’s no political solution to a troubled evolution.

Politics is not the solution, but it’s a step on the way to adult awareness, part of which is civic awareness. I think it’s only marginally possible to participate in evolution — your own, and that of the planet, which are the same thing — and not in some way participate in the civic process.

Planet Waves
Volunteer for Julian.

We need to do a lot else, as pertains to that level of reality — such as stop looking for the father we never had in the guy we think we want to be president. We need to hear political rhetoric for what it is. We each need to learn one or two of the important issues thoroughly, and get familiar with a diversity of others.

That means tapping into many sources, and sorting out the truth. I know most people are as likely to do that as they are to study the plumbing in their basement and figure out how it really works — but now is that broken pipe late on Saturday night moment.

This will take time, and it’s inconvenient, and I know that many people — particularly a significant portion of my readers — are what I call news averse. The [mainstream] news is designed to be aversive, frustrating and to skirt the real issues. This is true in a time when we seem to be facing a totally hopeless situation, and cannot even define the problems much less the solutions

You can say you want a better, fairer society, and you want the right thing to happen, though it’s not so convincing if you habitually withdraw your awareness. Being aware of current events is not enough; voting is not enough; volunteering is not enough.

Calling ourselves fully present, and participating in the ways we feel called by duty, conscience or creativity, is going in the right direction. I believe that politics starts at home, in our families, extending to our communities and into the companies where we work. The most intimate relationships have a political level, where people figure out how to share power. We can make choices and create new realities in these places, and then from experiencing that we can find the ways we have influence in the wider world.

Today is the day that most Americans get to vote in a public election. It’s our day to make that little investment, to sort out who really is the lesser of two evils, and know that less evil is better than more. It’s important to look at the actual accomplishments (as well as the flaws) with the candidates; size up party agendas; understand the tactics that are being used by each of those parties; and tune in to what’s coming through between the seemingly clever lines and flashy pictures.

As I quoted Pres. Dwight David Eisenhower as saying, “Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen who would protect the rights and privileges of free people and who would preserve what is good and fruitful in our national heritage.”

Yes, and bring along everything you’ve ever learned from every workshop, self-help book, therapy session, ritual, ceremony, healing session and experience of personal transformation.

It’s time. It is time — now.

Yours, lovingly,

PS, I will be reporting on what we learn about the election on the Planet Waves Facebook page; you can find out about blog posts and Planet Waves FM by checking there. (If you join that group page, you can receive notices of new posts.)


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Mercury Retrograde Election Day: Astrology is No Excuse

By Eric Francis

Something happens this year that’s never happened before in American history: Mercury stations retrograde on the day of a presidential election.

Everyone who follows astrology has heard the term “Mercury retrograde” — the astrological manifestation of Murphy’s Law. This is an approximately three-week spell, happening three times a year, wherein Mercury appears to move backwards through the zodiac. It’s a visual illusion, a little like the train next to yours appearing to move backwards because it’s moving more slowly.

Planet Waves
Where did that dimple chad go? What candidate actually won Florida? Where is Karl Rove’s conscience? This iconic image is from the last — and so far only — time Mercury stationed on the day of a presidential election. We’re still living with the effects. Now for the second time, Mercury will station on an Election Day. Photo by Alan Diaz / AP.

Mercury is actually passing between the Earth and the Sun; the visual effect is an illusion, though the real effect may involve the influence of a gigantic magnet passing interfering with all the little magnets here on Earth (particularly the one known as the brain). Anyone who has followed this phenomenon knows that when Mercury goes retrograde, things get a little weird.

This happens three times a year. I know it seems a lot more frequent than that. Lots of people say that “Mercury is always retrograde,” which is not true — but Mercury is always Mercury, which means it’s tricky, and requires a combination of cleverness, skill and respect to handle, whether moving retrograde or direct.

For those who are paying attention, there’s a little reward involved in a Mercury station, which I’ve observed many times: the truth comes out.
If there is a stroke of good fortune to this chart, and this election — that’s what it is.

November 6 is a Blustery Day

The first and last days of any Mercury retrograde are usually the most challenging. Those days are called “stations,” which is short for stationary; one is the station retrograde (when the retrograde begins), and one is the station direct (when it ends). The word “station” in this context means “changes directions.”

There can be considerable confusion on the day of Mercury station, and in fact for about four days on either side there’s something astrologers refer to as the Mercury storm. Think of this as the change of direction rippling out in time. It’s turbulent, just like a ferry pulling into the dock, with the captain putting the engines in reverse to slow the ship down.

When that happens, the water is churning in all directions.
On the day of a Mercury station, that’s how the mental and psychic energy feels. We get the worst, and the most interesting, manifestations of the retrograde on the days that it begins and ends — and that happens next on Nov. 6, the day of the 2012 presidential election, when Mercury stations retrograde in early Sagittarius.

Someone on the Planet Waves research team compared all the dates of retrogrades to the dates of presidential elections, and discovered that Mercury has never before stationed retrograde on the day of a presidential election.

Planet Waves
Mercury (in green, at the center of the image) the moment it stations retrograde. It’s conjunct asteroid Isis, which is about fragmentation or ‘putting the pieces together’. One particular asteroid in this graphic — Apollo — is about lessons of the past not learned, or the same mistakes made over and over.

And it’s only stationed direct on an Election Day once. Take a guess what year that was.

That was on Election Day 2000, when Al Gore won the election and George Bush took office. Remember the chaos that surrounded that election? It really was classic Mercury station material. And it’s not a good precedent. Clearly, it was a terrible outcome; we ended up with a president who owed nothing to the people, because the people did not elect him. The Supreme Court elected him, in part by halting a recount. (The station direct happened in Libra, the scales — an appropriate sign for describing judicial intervention.)

Mercury stationing retrograde on Election Day begins a long process of the retrograde (three weeks retrograde, and then three weeks when Mercury moves direct through the territory where it was during the retrograde, called the shadow phase). This begins just in the last hours of the voting process.

All of the tallying, the news reporting, the certifications and the legal challenges, will happen not just under a retrograde; most of it will happen under the influence of the station, the retrograde and the shadow phase. This means there will be questions about accuracy in all of the above areas.

What is this suggesting? We are looking at the possibility first of uncertainty about the outcome; and of irregularities that could take weeks or months to sort out, and where the truth may never be known. The results may seem to change suddenly — and then change back. We could see an avalanche of incompetence in the work of running the elections. Where Mercury and especially Mercury retrogrades are concerned, there is always the possibility for technical failures that are poorly timed, or well timed, depending on who benefits. These events can represent things beyond anyone’s control, but when there is so much at stake, it’s necessary to scrutinize events and all the surrounding facts carefully.

With the retrograde happening in Sagittarius (another sign associated with the courts) there are likely to be legal challenges. My colleagues and I at Planet Waves have been analyzing this chart for a year; it seems to illustrate the meltdown of the electoral process. Arguably, it’s already in a meltdown, though when Mercury stations retrograde, an overloaded system can suddenly find itself manifesting a collapse that was previously concealed.

We don’t really need astrology to see this coming. Most of us are familiar with Republican efforts to block Democratic voters in many states, including purging the voter rolls, blocking early voting in Democratic counties, blocking Sunday voting in places where black people go from church straight to the polls, requiring identification that many old people, students and poor people lack, and numerous other games. These fraudulent efforts are being conducted in the name of allegedly preventing fraud; yet the only fraud we’ve actually seen has been in years when a Republican won, particularly 2000.

Planet Waves
Gore got more votes and Bush took office. This photo was taken within moments of Mercury stationing direct on Election Day 2000 — so far the only Mercury station in presidential election history. Photo by Stephan Savoia / AP.

The organization Common Cause lists Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia as states vulnerable to problems. For example, there could be poll watchers whose job is really to bully people at the polls, and block them from voting. Common Cause wrote in a recent report that these are “states where races are expected to be competitive, which makes voters in those states particularly vulnerable to challenges.” Quoting one Tea Party voter reform activist, we hear they want to make voting “like driving and seeing the police following you.”

All these efforts conclude on a presidential Election Day — the first in history — where Mercury stations retrograde. It makes perfect sense, really, even if we only use astrology as an illustration of conditions pointing to a probable result. Or, many small results that lead to an avalanche. One curious thing about this chart is that Mercury is exactly conjunct asteroid Isis when it stations retrograde. You can look at this as “putting the pieces together” (such as the public figuring out what really happened) or as “how many small things it takes to make a lot.”

Mutual Reception: Two Sides to One Story

There’s an especially interesting factor in the chart for the retrograde, which suggests the potential for even more complications than normal. Think of it as an astrological shell game. Mercury will be in Sagittarius, and Jupiter will be in Gemini. If you know a little astrology you might recognize that Mercury will be in Jupiter’s sign and Jupiter will be in Mercury’s sign. That’s a rare condition called mutual reception. These are powerful, and they can be very strange. There was a similar mutual reception happening, also involving Mercury, in the chart for the Sept. 11 incident.

Planet Waves
Obama and Romney are considered different candidates with different ideologies. Yet when you look at their actual records, they’re not really so different; it’s more like they’re different expressions of the same corporate government.

Mutual reception can have several effects. One is that the planets can seem to trade places in their influence. We have to look carefully what’s coming from what direction, who is projecting and who might be blaming someone with doing what they just did.

Another interpretation is that of a hostage situation. The two planets are in a sense held captive in a sign they have little in common with. This isn’t necessarily a literal hostage situation, but rather one of interlocking dysfunctional ideologies, or a situation involving extreme codependency. We live with this every day, and rarely call it what it is; the problem is that this kind of involvement reflects something about our personal lives, and our inability to stand up for what we really believe in, quite often, no matter how much it matters.

A third interpretation is that this indicates a situation in which seemingly different political theories and approaches actually support one another. In an election, we’re supposed to be differentiating between the candidates, but we don’t usually notice the ways in which their approaches and conduct are similar, identical, or where the ideologies are codependent. An influence of this could be that whatever happened is being planned, or at least accepted, by both sides in the election.

However this may manifest, the two sides here are inextricably linked. We can see how this manifests in policies that have continuity from one administration to the other — such as when legal and moral boundaries that are breached during Republican administrations become business as usual during Democratic administrations. Many were upset or even outraged at Guantanamo Bay, saying it represented the most oppressive conduct of the Bush/Cheney administration. Obama promised to change that, and he’s left it in place. There are many examples of how this happens.

And this is described by the planets, representing the opposing forces being in one another’s signs, locked in a kind of spiral they cannot get out of. Part of that spiral is the extent to which corporate money, in vast amounts, has been infused into this election, thanks to the Citizens’ United ruling of 2010.

Behind the facade of ideology is the fact that “the business of America is business,” and I don’t mean the local ice cream shop. I mean the companies that can afford to buy elections

The Last Weeks of the Race: The International Angle

Let’s look at the few weeks prior to the election, which are just as interesting as Mercury stationing retrograde. On Oct. 6, one month before the election, Mars arrives in Sagittarius. Currently, there is a power source in Sagittarius that’s in part responsible for all the religious fanaticism we’re seeing in the world, including the strange beliefs driving the American right wing, and its mirror image, what we call “extremist Islamists.”

Planet Waves
Last year’s Occupy protests emerged seemingly out of nowhere — and spread around the world. There is the possibility for much wider-scale protests in mid-autumn. In this photo, Mashtots Park activists, part of the Occupy movement, protesting in front of the city hall of Yerevan, Armenia. Photo by Songoffall / Wikipedia.

Most people think these Koran-thumping, bomb-throwing Muslims are weird; I say that the American fundamentalist movement is far stranger. We know about their apocalyptic thinking, the notion that the world is ending and that Jesus is coming back and therefore, let’s help things along and have a big for-profit, misogynistic, homophobic hate orgy.

Mars in Sagittarius (the planet of aggression in the sign of religion) is going to heat this up, and we’re very likely to see numerous unusual outbursts of religious fervor in October and early November. This will be on both sides of the ideological divide. We are looking at an election where religion is the most likely factor to mobilize the base (whatever base that is), rather than (for example) the economy. The issues involving religion are the ones that evoke the deepest emotional response; voters are easily agitated on the pro-choice and anti-choice sides of the fence, and this is inherently a religious issue. We may see this pushed to a new and impressive degree.

Sagittarius is also the sign of international affairs; Mars trekking across this sign in the last weeks of the election and for the week after looks like some kind of contentious international event. In the first week of November — right before the election — Mars is right in the thick of the Sagittarius mix, making contact with a group of small planets that carry themes of cruelty, warfare, grief and mourning. Are we looking at some outsized terrorism event? An assassination? A ‘new’ war?

We are also in the midst of the 2012 aspect — Uranus square Pluto, which spans from mid-2012 through early 2015. The charts of Iran are aligned with this aspect, and the current astrology is coming right at them. Some form of manipulated international event is likely to influence the election, with everyone standing in shock wondering how this could have happened.

If you ask me, this chart and the scenarios that surround it have as much in common with the election of 1980 as they do with the election of 2000. The 1980 election was influenced by the hostage crisis in Iran. Reagan and Bush cut a deal with the terrorists, who kept the hostages through the election and then released them just as Reagan was being sworn into office on Jan. 20, 1981. This was a facet of what became known as the Iran-Contra scandal, which finally bubbled up to the surface during Reagan’s sixth year in office.

Corporations United

On one level, all of this chaos is a ruse. It’s being used by people who have other agendas, those that thrive in conditions where order has been broken up into a kind of cultivated anarchy. The chart for the 2012 election is a warning to be aware of the agendas that are at play.

Planet Waves
The Supreme Court of Corporations.

As author Chris Hedges wrote after the Citizens’ United decision that allowed unlimited corporate spending in elections, “Liberals, socialists, trade unionists, independent journalists and intellectuals, many of whom were once important voices in our society, have been silenced or targeted for elimination within corporate-controlled academia, the media and government.”

For this reason, he says, political discourse ignores or marginalizes nearly all of the brightest thinkers. Even if they get into the media, can they count on people knowing who they are? I once watched an interview with Ramsey Clark, who was identified as a “peace activist,” not as the former attorney general of the United States.

Hedges continues, “The uniformity of opinion is reinforced by the skillfully orchestrated mass emotions of nationalism and patriotism, which paints all dissidents as ‘soft’ or ‘unpatriotic’. The ‘patriotic’ citizen, plagued by fear of job losses and possible terrorist attacks, unfailingly supports widespread surveillance and the militarized state. This means no questioning of the $1 trillion in defense-related spending. It means that the military and intelligence agencies are held above government, as if somehow they are not part of government.

“The most powerful instruments of state power and control are effectively removed from public discussion. We, as imperial citizens, are taught to be contemptuous of government bureaucracy, yet we stand like sheep before Homeland Security agents in airports and are mute when Congress permits our private correspondence and conversations to be monitored and archived. We endure more state control than at any time in American history.”

So what are we to do? Pay attention. Yes, vote. Help bring out the vote; encourage others (especially young people) to vote and try to take at least one other person to the polls, who might not normally go. If you experience anything strange, document it.

Question what you see and hear in the media. Question your own opinions. Educate others about what you learn. Use every tool at your disposal to get the word out. Take a personal stand and refuse to believe lies, and refuse to be manipulated. Research the truth yourself, and try to figure out what’s really going on. Yes, Mercury will be retrograde, and it may be hard to get to the bottom of things. But astrology is no excuse.

Note — minor edits were made to this article on Sept. 23. The original publication date is Sept. 22, though one email edition said the 23rd; we have reverted to the original date. Second Note: Additional minor edits were made Sept. 28, including the replacement of one photo, with the Armenia protest image from Wikipedia. — efc.

Another Note — A revised version of this article was published on Huffington Post on Weds., Oct. 3. — efc.

About that Metalogue — and the Revolution

Dear Friend and Reader:

I began my comments about this week’s astrology in my Daily Astrology post overnight Sunday, where I proposed we were about to experience a metalogue of some kind. That’s not a word that’s used a lot; think of it as a meta-level conversation, a conversation about what’s being talked about, while that topic is formulating. Or you could say it’s another word for “actual conversation.”

Planet Waves
Screen shot of video published by Mother Jones magazine, wherein Romney spills the beans. View the full video here.

I learned the word early in my astrological studies; it was going around the Psychological Astrology crowd in England in the 1990s, and we thought of it as meaning “that which is being discussed is also arising.” I got this idea because Mercury — the planet of mind and communication — had ingressed Libra on Saturday, putting it where it would be making many aspects.

Among other things, that put Mercury into contact with the Aries Point (an exact opposition, from the first degree of Libra to the first degree of Aries). I knew that would translate to some kind of big news with a personal feeling, and a conversation happening (both in the news, and amongst folks) about whatever that thing was. As Laurie Anderson said in one of her songs, “Oh boy! Right again!”

Sure enough, the ball was in play and we had an extremely interesting discussion this week about those 47% of Americans, all of whom allegedly voted for Obama, who suck off of the government, who have no sense of personal responsibility and who pay no taxes. We think we’re entitled to food, water, health care and a dry roof to sleep under, even if we never want to get out of bed.

This was a rare moment of transparency in politics, and I think that most people actually recognized it for what it was. Everyone who believed that Mitt Romney stands for nothing had a rude awakening. In a secret recording made (apparently by one of the servers) at a $50K per plate fundraiser in Florida earlier this year, we found out that he doesn’t think he’s supposed to actually be president of those 47%, many of whom are Republicans, who collect retirement benefits from Social Security, or veterans on disability. They’re not his concern, he told us. He actually said it; that’s the incredible thing. Think of what else you’re missing.

From an ethical standpoint, he has a lot of nerve, but then, you may not realize how much contempt your supposed representatives have for you — and how many millionaires pay reduced tax rates, or none at all. From a political standpoint, the problem is that many people who are too poor to pay federal income tax vote Republican, which is a topic unto itself; though their choice of candidates is inherent evidence that such voters may lack the analytical skills to figure out that Romney was actually talking about them, not someone else. But then, everything is about someone else, till it’s not.

Planet Waves
According to Mitt Romney, none of these people paid income tax. And according to Barack Obama, they could even be terrorists. Isn’t that one guy wearing a hoodie? Photo by Eric Francis.

In his usual hapless way, Romney punted the ball of Mercury right into personal is political territory — and it mysteriously surfaced this very week when Mercury engaged with the Aries Point. (If you somehow missed that story, you can refer to the original at Mother Jones and you can hear my rendition on Planet Waves FM.)

And then Mercury, moving through Libra, came into contact with Uranus in Aries (an opposition) and Pluto in Capricorn (a square) — which it’s doing as I write on Thursday afternoon, when the big news is that candidates for lower office are abandoning Romney, and even big funders like Rove are investing in ad buys for Senate races rather than going against Obama. Said another way, Mercury is talking to, and listening to, the Uranus-Pluto square — the 2012 aspect that has been shaking the world since 2011 (Arab Spring, Occupy, Fukushima, etc.). Among the events this week was an uprising against the United States, including protests at numerous embassies across the Middle East and North Africa, where there are many, many unemployed, angry men with nothing to lose.

There are hints in the astrology that these protests could be coming home any time now. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

Of note, the Uranus-Pluto square made its second exact contact on Wednesday. This is a slow-moving aspect, part of a cycle that began in 1965, which always comes with a blast of revolution. Because Uranus and Pluto move so slowly, and these planets go retrograde (due to the Earth’s movement), the square will happen seven times between mid-2012 and early 2015. (By contrast, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-1966 happened just three times.)

The first exact square was in late June, and the second was Wednesday. So when Mercury made its aspect to Uranus-Pluto this week, the alignment was so perfect you could use it to tune an oboe.

My take is that the conversation that is happening — the many conversations — is infused with all of that charged-up, let’s-move-the-game-along, Uranus-Pluto energy, and anything that happens this week will have added impact as a result; we are in a seed moment, when an agenda is being established. There are many important topics that need to come up, but this discussion of what happens to the resources of society is a meaningful one.

We are told a lot of outrageous lies in politics. It was nice to see a pushback against one of them. It was even more satisfying to see the facade of compassionate conservatism tumble down with a thump. Along with Mitt’s comments about the 47%, we learned that he really doesn’t think the Palestinians can handle their own country, and he gave direct instructions for how a terrorist organization can blackmail the United States by threatening to use a dirty bomb, say for example, in Chicago.

Most impressive was Romney’s stupidity, a fact alone that disqualifies him from holding public office, particularly the presidency. In this moment of history, nearly every person who can write his or her name is carrying a video camera. There are more video cameras in people’s pockets than there are guns, and heck, they’re a lot more dangerous. If Second Amendment advocates fancy themselves a menace to the government, they might want to switch amendments to the First, and feel what it’s like to really have some power you can use every day — not just think about using.

NDAA Litigation Against Obama

While this cyclone was brewing, a far more significant story got far less attention. At the end of 2011 (that’s to say, on New Year’s Eve), Pres. Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a law with the primary purpose of funding the military. In this particular version of the law was a provision that allows the president to arrest any American citizen deemed to be aiding our enemy in the War on Terror, detain them indefinitely, keep them in offshore penal colonies and to have the military serve as a domestic police force — something that violates the traditions and explicit provisions of American law.

Six people, including Chris Hedges (Pulitzer Prize-winning author), Noam Chomsky (linguist and Papa Smurf of the American left) and Daniel Ellsberg (who helped end the Vietnam War by smuggling the Pentagon Papers home from work), sued Pres. Obama in federal court, seeking to block that provision of the law. Late last week, U.S. District Court Judge Katherine Forrest in New York ruled that the law was unconstitutional and issued an order blocking it, saying that the issue touched the heart of civil liberties.

If anything vibrates with Uranus (the planet of revolution) and Pluto (the planet of evolution) working together, it’s activism on this level — taking on the King directly.

Obama’s lawyers, representing the federal government, appealed that decision, waging “an all-out campaign to block and overturn an order of a federal judge,” in the words of the lawsuit’s co-lead counsel, Bruce Afran.

“As Judge Forrest noted in her opinion, nothing is more fundamental in American law than the possibility that journalists, activists and citizens could lose their liberty, potentially forever, and the Obama administration has now lined up squarely with the most conservative elements of the Republican Party to undermine Americans’ civil liberties.”

Hedges, in his column this week, wrote that, “The decision to vigorously fight Forrest’s ruling is a further example of the Obama White House’s steady and relentless assault against civil liberties, an assault that is more severe than that carried out by George W. Bush.” (A lot of people who study government are saying this, though if you listen to FOX News, you will never hear Obama criticized for doing the same things as Bush.)

Planet Waves
Author Chris Hedges. Photo: Wikipedia.

Obama won the next round — early this week, a single judge on the appeals court placed a stay on Judge Forrest’s order. One question Hedges and his lawyers raised is why Obama went to court to fight for the same provision of NDAA that he said he had problems with, when he signed it into law.

Hedges wrote, “The request by the government to keep the law on the books during the appeal process raises a disturbing question. If the administration is this anxious to restore this section of the NDAA, is it because the Obama government has already used it? Or does it have plans to use the section in the immediate future?”

Afran, his attorney, proposed an answer. “A Department of Homeland Security bulletin was issued Friday [Sept. 14] claiming that the riots [in the Middle East] are likely to come to the U.S. and saying that DHS is looking for the Islamic leaders of these likely riots.”

“It is my view that this is why the government wants to reopen the NDAA — so it has a tool to round up would-be Islamic protesters before they can launch any protest, violent or otherwise. Right now there are no legal tools to arrest would-be protesters. The NDAA would give the government such power. Since the request to vacate the injunction only comes about on the day of the riots, and following the DHS bulletin, it seems to me that the two are connected. The government wants to reopen the NDAA injunction so that they can use it to block protests.”

Speaking of protests — I spent a lot of the weekend and week studying the chart for the 2012 election, and writing a special report that you’ll read in this space shortly. The weeks leading up to the election look like the scene of a protest, including violent incidents, and a mess internationally, including acts of war.

Planet Waves
Cloaked in darkness and operating in the stealth of a Saturday, a holiday and hiding out in Hawaii, Obama signs NDAA in Honolulu on Dec. 31, 2011, at about 10:03 am local time. Photo: Forbes.

Since I’m not the White House astrologer, I cannot tell you if the government is aware of this astrology — but it sure is impressive, and it squares (pardon the pun) with a plan to suppress the very protests that look inevitable.

It’s interesting that if you packaged up this whole NDAA business — deporting of citizens, anything and everything (including political speech and even peaceful protests) subject to being called terrorism, and a government giving itself license to round up its people and put them in military camps — and said it was happening in another country, many Americans would be indignant. It’s the kind of thing used as propaganda to get us to go to war against evil-doers who have no respect for freedom. But if you point out the law that says it could happen here, well, that gets the ostrich effect. “I am not a terrorist. Thankfully, it will be used against someone else — someone who probably deserves it.” Right?

Hedges added, “In the last 220 years there have been only about 135 judicial rulings that have struck down an act of Congress. Most of the cases involved abortion or pornography. Very few dealt with wartime powers and the separation of powers, or what Forrest in her opinion called ‘a question of defining an individual’s core liberties’.”

And This Week, Even Sex is Political

Did you catch that Naomi Wolf, an American author and political consultant, has a new book out, about sex? It’s called Vagina: A New Biography. I commend Wolf for figuring out that there is a sexual-social-political connection, and taking advantage of it.

Planet Waves
Naomi Wolf, author, political consultant and fashion icon. Photo: Wikipedia.

Toni Bentley, who reviewed the book for The New York Times, summed it up this way: “The female counterpart to your penis is not (spoiler alert) our vagina, and calling a book about the female sex ‘Vagina’ is like calling a book about the male sex ‘Scrotum’. Talk about a near miss.” I kept thinking the same thing. Did this woman get her entire sex education at The Vagina Monologues?

“The clitoris is the diva at our party, and she sports the most sensitive millimeters of flesh — male or female — in human existence. Her 8,000 nerve endings — let me repeat that: 8,000 — outnumber those on your circumcised penis by a mere 100 percent,” Bentley wrote in her review. But the clitoris, well, hardly anyone talks about that in polite company, while science is still trying to deduce what it’s for. (Implication: its evolutionary purpose cannot be female orgasm. It has to be about something else, perhaps related to women’s role in hunting-gathering).

Wolf has been something of a sensation this week, as the latest heterosexual woman to come out of the closet (right on the heels of Sandra Fluke). There is so much sexual tension in the air that the world has a spontaneous orgasm any time a woman even mentions sex publicly. Whatever it takes.

This week Wolf wrote an opinion piece for CNN, and I would like to offer my analysis of some of her thoughts. She asks: “Who decides when and how breasts might be exposed; who decides who can say vagina and where; who decides who is a slut; and who must be punished with hard labor for asserting their right to define their own sexual and artistic identities.” [She forgot the question mark, which insinuates that she was making statements, not actually asking questions.]

“The sexual revolution came and went, and yet women are still not as truly sexually free as they deserve to be — here or around the world. They are not yet, as these struggles show, fully free to define the meanings of their bodies and their desire, to assert their sexual wishes without punishment — including punishment by the state. And they are not yet fully free to claim the right to sexual pleasure and autonomy without enduring public shaming.”

Let’s start with the sexual revolution, assuming there even was one. What exactly was it a revolution against? Well, presumably against sexual oppression. Most of what we think of as sexual oppression is created with guilt and shame. Yes, there are plenty of efforts to make sex illegal, but they’re not really efficient. As for who deserves to be free: with an emotionally based self image issue like this one, those who deserve to be free are those who do the personal work that it takes to be free.

Planet Waves
Sexual revolution is specifically revolution against shame. That’s because nearly any ‘outer’ source of oppression requires shame of the individual as its power source. Photo by Eric Francis.

The way oppressive forces control sex is to shame people. You can, therefore, be pretty sure that when anyone speaks up for sexual freedom, someone is going to try to shame them. That shame, which has as its power source our natural instincts, is used to turn us against ourselves. To be free, the first thing we have to deal with is the shame itself.

As long as that shame exists — as a public function or as a private one — there is a need for sexual revolution. Or perhaps the concept we’re looking for is healing. While it might seem that we need to stand up for our rights to abortion and birth control and to be queer and for that matter to be ‘straight’, I would propose that most of what we need to stand up to are our own toxic emotions. Those are what hold us back; those are the tools that are most readily used against us by anyone else.

To have sexual freedom for oneself, it’s not necessary to enter public discourse. In fact, it’s better to shut up about what you’re doing. You just figure out how to have a good time, and the chances are you’ll be left alone. Maybe you might come out to your friends, and your mom and dad, so you don’t feel so lonely, and even when you do that, the thing you’re up against is indeed shame.

It’s only when we want to take the step into advocating liberation on a larger scale that it’s necessary to engage with the larger public realm, and stand in that mysterious ‘personal as political’ Aries Point magnifier — where Mercury has been all week, sparking these kinds of conversations. Then one invariably gets an earful of what society is made of, and what judgments and emotions are contained in the humans who populate it.

Planet Waves
We can only blame advertising for so long. If she’s ashamed of her body or her sexuality, or if she thinks she’s fat or ugly, eventually she has to work that out, and it’s unlikely to happen at a protest — though you never know. Photo by Eric Francis.

Though Wolf seems to long for a world where it’s safe to speak up without being shamed, she is missing the very point of what we need to do right now — which is to confront precisely that shame as the oppressive force. The problem is that things considered shameful are presumed to be that way because they’re also presumed to be ‘wrong’.

Therefore, to speak up is to stand up and to do exactly the thing that everyone else seems to be judging in the first place — being open about your sexuality. This is territory that’s taken back, and you can expect a few people to throw tomatoes. Said another way, if you’re going to confront resistance, you can reasonably expect a little. If you’re going to stand up for anything besides alleged Biblical monogamy, you’re very likely to piss off a good few people.

Wolf concludes her article, “Until that real freedom arrives, we can honor the pioneers such as Lisa Brown, Pussy Riot and the young women of Tahrir Square — and keep up the fight to be free to name our bodies and ourselves.”

Until that real freedom arrives? Does she think that freedom pulls into the station like a train, steps onto the platform, stops for a cappuccino and takes a taxi to the hotel? This reminds me of the people who want the fruits of the land without plunging in their pitchfork and turning over the soil. We want fire, but we’re not willing to split the wood. We want food, but we’re not willing to cook. Wait — where are we? I just checked my GPS and it’s flashing the words WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

The state of the sexual discussion is so dismal at the moment that Wolf’s ideas may have value if we bother to consider and question them — though I don’t think she understands the nature of the problem and therefore cannot speak about the solution.

Mercury is still on the move, and the Sun is about to ingress Libra, where it too will pass through the Uranus-Pluto square, and stir the pot. May the metalogue continue.



Planet Waves

Libra Equinox: Evolution in the Air

Saturday is the [Northern Hemisphere] autumn equinox, when the Sun enters Libra and the new season begins. The Moon is in Sagittarius for this event, conjunct the Galactic Core. I’ll come back to all of that in a moment. First, though, a few additional words about the rather interesting week we’ve just experienced (in nutshell form).

Planet Waves
This chart is set up with the Aries Point rising. Notice Pallas and Uranus on the left. Opposite them is the Sun, to the right — with Mercury close by. On top of the chart is Pluto. The Sun will move into alignment with Pallas, Uranus and Pluto over the next few days, which will activate the aspect, resulting in events that make it visible, expressive and obvious that something unusual is happening.

You may have read in this space that we’re in the middle of a major, generational-scale aspect. It’s called Uranus square Pluto. The aspect spans from mid-2012 to early 2015, with a long warmup on the front end and a cool-down on the back end. We saw many effects of this in 2011, between Arab Spring, the Wisconsin protests and the Occupy movement. There is a gradually rising tide of increasing social and political consciousness, and it’s associated with this longterm aspect.

There are seven exact events; the second one was Wednesday, Sept. 19 — and we are now seeing another peak of protests (mostly in the Middle East, against the United States). These are not just associated with political events; the square indicates that we’re all under considerable pressure to change and to grow. Yet we humans have this tense relationship with the concept of change, and many put lots of energy into resisting it.

Outer planet aspects have many effects that can influence the feeling of a phase of time lasting years. An aspect in 2001-02, for example (Saturn opposite Pluto), was associated with the 9/11 incident and shaped consciousness for the next decade. It was associated with an outer event, and a lot of people feeling a lot of fear — and all of that fear was harvested and used to manipulate us. So, the last time we experienced big change, it came in the form of trauma, and subconsciously (or fully consciously) this is what most people expect.

We are in a similar moment now — though it’s more chaotic and less predictable. It’s oriented on liberation rather than on fear, contraction and oppression. Unlike the 2001-02 aspect, which was all about confronting externals (an opposition), the 2012 aspect is about making, and acting upon, a deeply personal commitment to change and grow in the ways you know are necessary.

Planet Waves
This is what we can see of the Galactic Center, the core of our Milky Way galaxy, located 24,000 light years away. The Moon will be conjunct the core for the equinox on Saturday, infusing the energy of this point into our bodies.

It extends from Aries to Capricorn — describing the meeting place between an individual (Aries) and the institutions that influence and often seem to control our lives (Capricorn). There is tension between the liberationist energy of Uranus in Aries, and the experience of power over us evoked by Pluto in Capricorn. And last, there is tension between the glitz and glam of appearance, excitement and technology, and deep (and deeply concealed) issues, psychological scarring and fear of change.

On Saturday, the Sun enters Libra, which is a power point in the year because it’s a change of seasons, and because the Sun aspects something called the Aries Point — the first degree of Aries. During the following week (next week, that is), the Sun will also oppose Uranus and square Pluto, moving the center of consciousness and the core of the solar system through this aspect structure. This is more than change on the level of words and ideas. Get ready for a direct experience of your own growth, your own adventure. It’s going to be a big week, as the Earth and the Sun align with Uranus, Pluto and other points in that aspect structure.

Here’s the catch: this is an inwardly focused aspect, but it’s not all about you. Rather, it’s about you and what you have in common with many other people, addressing topics that are much easier to address together. As for that Sagittarius Moon conjunct the Galactic Core — to me that’s a reminder that our spiritual quest is a need and not an option.

The Galactic Core is a homing signal toward greater spiritual depth. The Moon on the GC suggests this will be a palpable, physical sensation, coming through our bodies and the collective body known as ‘the public’. It’s a good use of the Moon, a great use of the body and the perfect use of this elusive thing known as the public.


Planet Waves

Uranus-Pluto Takes a Walk(er)

Last Friday, five days before the second exact contact of the Uranus-Pluto square, a Wisconsin judge struck down much of the 2011 state law championed by Governor Scott Walker that strips collective bargaining rights from most public workers, declaring it unconstitutional. This is the law that triggered several weeks of protests in Wisconsin’s capitol last February and prompted all 14 of the state’s Democratic senators to flee to Illinois in an effort to stop the law’s passage. Though more than 930,000 signatures were collected to force a June 2012 recall vote of Walker, which happened about three weeks before the first exact contact of Uranus-Pluto, he survived. Walker vows to appeal.


Planet Waves

GMO Corn, Roundup and You: Not Exactly “The Secret of NIMH”

Do you eat corn chips? Is your neighborhood patrolled by chemical-spraying weed-police? A study released this week, as the Virgo Sun has been squaring Ceres in Gemini, shows that rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn or exposed to the company’s ubiquitous Roundup herbicide developed tumors and suffered severe organ damage, reported Truthout and other publications.

Planet Waves
Gilles-Eric Seralini, a professor and Roundup in his lab. Photo: Charente Libre. Note — that mask he’s wearing is absolutely useless. It won’t keep that stuff out of his lungs.

Scientists fed the rats either Monsanto’s patented NK603 corn alone, corn treated with agricultural levels of Roundup, or water treated with levels of Roundup commonly found in contaminated U.S. water used for drinking and irrigating crops. Rats developed mammary tumors (breast cancer) and severe liver and kidney damage. There were two or three more deaths in each group than in control groups, and in one group, they died sooner.

“This is around the level [that] the American population may eat, where, unfortunately GMOs are not labeled,” said Gilles-Eric Séralini, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen who lead the research team. “In Europe, we have this labeling, and it helps us to avoid these compounds if necessary and promote personal choices.”

The news is disturbing, yet may strengthen Proposition 37 in California, a ballot initiative that would require groceries containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled accordingly. Biotech chemical companies and food manufacturers such as Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer and Nestle have spent millions of dollars so far in efforts to defeat Proposition 37. Before Californians get to vote on it, however, the Sun, in the sign of the goddess of the harvest, will move on from its illuminative square to Ceres — the goddess of agriculture. It will take her message to the Aries Point via the early degrees of Libra (justice) and into the heart of the Uranus-Pluto square. Your personal health is political, in the sense that its importance is shared by all of us. And this study is not about rats.


Planet Waves

Tit for Tat or Much Ado?

Are Kate’s Royal Tits that much more sacred than Harry’s Royal Balls? Last week, photographs of the Duchess’ breasts were released by French tabloid Closer, to the chagrin of the Royal Family. This is the second time in less than a month that photos of royal parts were made public, after Harry was photographed naked in Las Vegas playing strip billiards. Reactions to the two royal exposures (ahem) have been different, however.

“Their Royal Highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner,” began the statement released by St. James’ Palace, seat of the Royal Court.

Since that statement, The Royal Family has won an injunction prohibiting further publication of Kate’s photos by Closer; no such lawsuit was brought on Harry’s behalf. Reactions to both incidents by bloggers, commenters and media pundits have run the gamut: applauding the freedom of both young Royals; chastising media and paparazzi; trying to shame Harry and Kate for being immodest in the first place.

Both the palace and the public have invoked the tragic death of Princess Diana as a reason Kate’s photos are off limits. Yet, the virgin/whore mentality combined with the good girl/bad boy trope has its fingerprints all over this.

Articles warning of the dangers of nakedness and photography, with the implied vilification of our bodies, are wearing thin. The dangerous combination of sexual repression and hypocrisy is far more compelling — no matter how cute the Royal Tits.

Astrology note by Eric: I just checked the asteroid Photographica, which is dependably about photos and their impact. It’s in Capricorn, square Eris and opposite Varuna. That’s a lot of energy, though the square to Eris implies the search for identity and the sense of chaos; the opposition to Varuna is about equalization — in this case, through photos. Paraphrasing Bob Dylan, sometimes the prince and princess must stand naked.


Planet Waves

NASA: Vesta Probably Had Some Water

Planet Waves
Vesta, from a NASA video.

NASA on Thursday announced that studies of imagery and geologic data captured by its unmanned Dawn spacecraft of the large asteroid Vesta, located 117 million miles from Earth, likely contained hydrated minerals, or minerals that released water.

To be clear, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft didn’t detect any water on the asteroid itself, but rather signatures of hydrogen, bound up in minerals on the asteroid’s surface in the form of hydroxyl.

NASA states in two new papers that the hydroxyl likely came when “high-speed collisions with asteroid belt rocks released water … thought to have explosively degassed into space, leaving behind pothole-like depressions as it escaped.”

— by Carl Franzen, TPM


Planet Waves

Planet Waves

Artist’s rendition of Numenor, J.R.R. Tolkien’s version of Atlantis.

The Sixty-Fifteenth Anniversary of The Lord of the Rings

This year marks the 75th anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien beginning writing The Lord of the Rings and the 1937 publication of The Hobbit. An epic fantasy tale whose themes provide social commentary as relevant now as during World War II, if you haven’t read it lately (or ever), consider wandering for a while through a world where the small and humble accomplish feats for the greater good of all, simply because they must be done. As Tolkien noted, not all those who wander are lost — and we could use more adventuresome hobbits these days. In celebration of Tolkien’s vision, here is a recording of Martin Shaw reading Akallabeth, the fourth part of The Silmarillion — Tolkien’s companion work to LOTR and its prequel. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, being familiar with what’s in The Silmarillion and Akallabeth make it a lot more interesting — and the best way to take those works in is on audio, due to all the Elvish pronounciations and exotic names.


Planet Waves

Planet Waves FM :: Uranus Pluto Square & Libra Equinox

Here’s Planet Waves FM. My musical guest is New Paltz, NY-based recording artist Seth Davis. In this edition, I do an audio presentation on three of the topics in the lead article — the equinox and the Uranus-Pluto square, Mitt Romney declaring half of us deadbeats, and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).


Planet Waves

Planet Waves monthly horoscopes provide a broader perspective that surveys the themes of the coming month and often, the weeks that follow. The September Monthly horoscope was published Friday, Aug. 24. Inner Space for September was published Tuesday, August 28. The September Moonshine Horoscope was published Tuesday, Sept. 18. Please note that the longer monthly horoscope is being incorporated into the Friday issue after the Sun has entered a new sign (the October monthly will publish Sept. 28); Inner Space still publishes on Tuesdays.


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Friday, September 21, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #918 | Eric’s Zodiac Sign Descriptions

Libra Birthdays This Week

In my 2012 annual edition, I promised that 2012 would be “the most important year of your life.” That’s still true, though the next four seasons also promise to be the most interesting year of your life. I suggest you avoid having expectations about anything, mainly for the reason that those expectations will often have you aiming too low. I suggest you do everything you can to consider the highest, most creative potentials — which might feel like aiming for the stars. But you’ll be doing no such thing — what you accomplish and what adventures you embark upon will take place on Earth, among people, in an environment of experimentation rather than false certainty. There are a lot of people who wish they could be as open to the possibilities as you are, and as willing to let go of the dreaded habit of clinging to what is known. I assure you that what you don’t know, and what you’re about to discover, is a heck of a lot more interesting than what you think you know. Note to Libras: I plan to have your 2012-2013 birthday reading completed next week.

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Whether a relationship or partnership holds any promise as a long-term involvement remains to be seen — though events certainly seem to be moving quickly at the moment. The speed of developments is not a fair indicator of how things might work out in the future, though how you and whoever else is involved move through the sequence of changes certainly is a valid indicator. This is a real-time experiment, under field conditions; this is not about speculation or theory. You’re actually in the territory you want to be covering, and this experience will come with excitement, sense of risk, the emotional exchange and being turned back on yourself to process the experience, basically all at once. Pay attention to how events develop, how you feel about them, and what you notice about the dynamics of the relationship. Notice whether you feel the truth is being told, pay attention to how responsive others are and how you feel at the end of the day. I suggest you take notes, because there are too many details to remember them all. This is one situation where the end really is written in the beginning.

Hello Aries — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
Taurus (April 19- May 20)

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Beware of emotional pitfalls, particularly ones that have been a big problem in the past. It’s your destiny to outgrow and resolve these issues, not to be bound by them. Here is what the aspect structure is describing. You are in close proximity to a spot in your emotional body that feels like an injury to your self-respect. Whatever it was, it has roots in (Northern Hemisphere) summers of 1999 and 2001, though you may not connect those two dates. You may fear that you’re in the same place, or still carrying some residual tendencies — though I suggest you note that feeling and keep going forward. There is something else going on, and it involves your relationship to this elusive thing called ‘maleness’. Much has been said about the alleged differences between male and female desire, though at least for you right now, there is something of a role reversal going on. You can regard any experiences you have of men over the next few days as a form of inner exploration. You’ve skipped over this territory before; I suggest that this time around, you go in deep.

Hello Taurus — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed). If you would like to hear your Taurus birthday reading, please visit this link.
Gemini (May 20- June 21)

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — In order to understand the nature of a problem, you will need to take a chance. That may mean considering possibilities that seem risky, or point to potentials that you don’t want to consider. When it comes to understanding psychological and emotional dynamics, many people will avoid an idea because they don’t like what it implies. I suggest you treat anything like this that you encounter as opportunities, and even as low-hanging fruit. Meanwhile, I suggest you ditch the notion of a ‘happy childhood’, if such a thing influences you. Childhood is extremely complicated, we tend to forget most of it, and in truth, it’s never easy. Embrace the complexity of what you went through, and the contradictions involved, and recognize the fact that there are parts of you that are still aching from some of what happened. You’re also very likely to be carrying the pain of your parents, and at the moment, what your mother passed along to you is high on the agenda to be looked at, understood and resolved. Said another way: you are ready.

Hello Gemini — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed). Have you listened to your birthday reading? Click here for an hour of astrology plus a tarot reading by Eric.
Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You’re ready for some deep nourishment — which is different from your average, everyday kind of nourishment. The best way to have this need fulfilled is to admit you have it, and remain open and aware, rather than in a state of frustration. I know there’s a taboo against admitting need — whether we (as in we humans in Western society) fear being perceived as that dreaded thing ‘needy’, or whether we fear some compromise of our image as being fully satisfied. Forget your outer image, and I suggest you be mindful of the interplay of you and your self-image. It’s time, I believe, for you to acknowledge directly what you want, and what you know will nourish you, first to yourself and then to someone with whom you may share something so intimate. If you enter territory where there is shame, embarrassment or guilt, you know you’re in the right place. These things are almost always veils thrown over what is the most meaningful, what is the very hottest and ultimately, over who you know you are inside.

Hello Cancer — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed). To hear your birthday reading for the year ahead, please visit this link.
Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Keep going and you’re bound to get results. You may be experiencing mixed feelings about that idea, since you know that you’re exerting more energy than you need to. You may also be stalked by the feeling that ‘everything has to change, all at once’. While that’s going on, you may have the feeling that you’re mired in something that’s consuming your energy unnecessarily, though you don’t necessarily know what it is. You might feel at the same time like you’re pushing against an obstacle that seems like it’s outside you, but which is really part of your own emotional makeup. Yes, there is a lot going on at once. But it’s all one experience, and I suggest you step back and see your current circumstances for what they are. You’re in a truly adventurous dynamic with your environment. You’re changing it, and it’s changing you. You’re currently the one in the situation whose ideas can have the most positive influence. Therefore, stay on that level — of being open, and of respecting what comes through your mind and hopefully ends up being jotted down for reference and elaboration in the immediate future.

Hello Leo — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed). Did you miss your birthday reading? Click here to order an hour of astrology plus a tarot reading by Eric.


Planet Waves

Hello Virgo and Virgo rising readers. I’ve just finished your 2012-2013 birthday reading. Check this link to listen to your hour-long astrology reading plus Tarot.


Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — I was about to write that it’s not possible to devote too much energy to self-esteem, though if you are, I suggest you ask yourself why that is. I’ve said many times that in terms of personal psychology, the self-esteem deficit is one of the most serious problems we face as individuals and as a society. You’re in exactly the position you need to be in to make some bold progress on this seemingly intractable issue — but to do so, you need to be unusually honest with yourself. I suggest you start by questioning and even stopping the things you typically do to make yourself ‘feel better about yourself’. This might range from any form of self-improvement technique to the designer handbag. You might also include accounting for the influences of medication, on the chance that might be involved. Treat these things as cover-ups for both the real problem and the real solution. They interfere on two levels: one is a physical obstruction, and the other is a matter of where you invest your faith. You don’t want to feel good about who you are; rather, I would propose that what you want is to have faith in yourself.

Hello Virgo — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — What do you identify with, within yourself? Your personal assets? Your problems? What you’ve accomplished? Your relationships? You’re bigger than all of these things combined. This can be a challenging lesson to learn, since one at a time these different elements of experience tend to take over consciousness and our sense of identity. Yet none of them are really you. Yes, they all give you clues, and those clues point to something deeper, bigger, vastly more significant than any transient experience. You can, however, use these experiences in interesting ways. One is to notice what they all have in common. Look for the underlying motive, need or desire that connects the many seemingly different experiences of your existence. Trust that there is a common thread, use your imagination and see if you can figure out what it is. You can also experiment with the sensation that everything is a mirror, or that consciousness itself is a reflection — and if that is true, what, exactly, is being reflected? You may wear a thousand masks, but someone is behind them all.

Hello Libra — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Your charts describe the way in which you’re striving to be, or at least to experience, the opposite of what you are now. This looks like a healthy expression of your creative imagination. It’s also a viable way to explore the tension that you’re feeling, which is a kind of inner standoff between two different emotional realities. It’s as if you feel entirely like one of them in one moment, and entirely like the other in the next moment. Which is really you? How can they both feel so vividly true? Consider the possibility that you contain parallel realities. They can coexist like separate dimensions, each of which is valid when you’re in it. Rather than trying to reconcile them against one another, be fully in each of them as you experience it. This will feel a lot better than trying to compel yourself to reconcile them. Both are valid, even if one seems to exclude the other. Be fully where you are and what you’re feeling in every moment and understanding will come.

Hello Scorpio — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You’re in the process of figuring out how much fun you can have, if you get this pesky thing known as attachment out of the way. I know, most people cling to their attachments, even beyond being attached to them. This is similar to being in love with being in love, only it’s less fun. You of all people have the ability to slip right into the space of nonattachment, which is not about giving things up one at a time. Rather, it’s about making contact with your cosmic origins as a direct emotional and psychic experience. While few of us know with certainty the full nature of our journey through the universe, you have the ability to feel the essence of that journey and to embrace it, even if you only do this occasionally. Feel the essence of everything, particularly yourself, as being in motion. Everything is transient within time, though the planets are aligned such that you can feel that transience, and experience both the freedom it contains, and your ability to make contact with others in the midst of the kaleidoscope of your life.

Hello Sagittarius — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — There is an imperative on emotional maturity right now; consider this a kind of professionalism in the face of change, uncertainty and the demand for leadership — that is to say, your leadership. You have a unique, and well-seasoned, perspective on the unsettled quality of the moment, though you are also in full contact with the potential that’s lurking beyond the chaos. In times such as these, people who can offer a steady example and have a vision are the ones who have the opportunity to shine, while everyone else is scrambling around. Now, as for the maturity piece: this is a learned skill. It’s learned from experience and by following examples, and you have both. The pace of events is about to pick up; you must slow down, long enough to confer with certain people you trust (most likely older than you) and to make reasoned decisions that you don’t have to reconsider. Take things one step at a time — that number is one, not two. And if you find yourself positioned high up, use that as a means of gaining perspective, rather than demanding respect.

Hello Capricorn — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Do you have to be powerful to be successful? It depends on your concept of power — and of success. If you view power as something that a king has, which is basically that of a ruler over people, success would be measured in how much authority you have. If you view success as the ability to get a job done well, power is more like the gift of being able to muster up cooperation, support and enthusiasm toward a goal. Under this model, power is also about any ability you have to move creative energy and resources in the direction you deem necessary, fun or useful. Under this second definition, you are just getting a taste of what is possible. Once Saturn crosses the success angle of your chart early next month, you will be taking a step up in the world — though initially that means an increase in your responsibilities, and the beginning of doing the work to establish and solidify your reputation. I don’t mean your image or the theory of success that you’re using — I do mean your actual reputation for achievement, which is very much a work in progress.

Hello Aquarius — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — The art of the deal — it’s not usually your thing, though I suggest you make it your thing for the next few weeks. One thing about your chart, and about life, is that everything is negotiable. Most people don’t believe that, and don’t have the chutzpah to put that idea to work, though I suggest you keep it in mind. Consider everything flexible, everything subject to the principle of fairness, and remember that life is a social and relational affair above all else (rather than being a bureaucratic function or a game). Therefore, stick to the human level in everything you do. Grease the wheels that make your community turn, look for the leverage points to get action and remember what you want at all times — both individually (for you) and collectively (what serves others). Ideally you will engage only in situations where you feel confident that the outcome will be the greatest good for all concerned. And remember you have more influence making that happen than you might think at the moment — though I suspect you’ve got a clue.

Hello Pisces — Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).
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