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Nothing Safer; photo by Amanda Painter.

When Standing Out May Be the Only Real Option

By Amanda Painter

When everyone around you is wounded and hurting, if you initiate and pursue your own healing it will probably make you stand out. I suspect countless people have had this thought before, but it came to mind as I was thinking about tomorrow’s conjunction of the Sun and Chiron in Aries. I don’t know how many people think of that possibility consciously before starting (for example) a therapy process; even if present unconsciously, however, I imagine it holds some people back.

Nothing Safer; photo by Amanda Painter.

Nothing Safer; photo by Amanda Painter.

Sun conjunct Chiron occurs at 2:38 pm EDT Friday (18:37:51 UTC).

And although it’s not in the very first degree of Aries, it is in the second degree, which is still Aries Point territory (the nexus of personal and political).

Whatever tomorrow’s astrology describes for you personally, it will likely resonate with issues that are prominent in our collective social environment right now.

This is the first conjunction of the Sun and Chiron in Aries since Chiron left Pisces for good on Feb. 18. As far as I can tell, it is the only conjunction these two bodies will have in the first five degrees of Aries for this particular journey of Chiron in Aries (though next year will come close; that one happens in the sixth degree of Aries).

My guess is that this means this year’s Sun-Chiron conjunction may ring the personal/collective Aries Point bell the loudest — though I don’t know for certain if it works that way. And who knows: maybe we will be able to hear the signal better once we’ve all gotten more used to this energy next year? After all, we’re also adjusting to Uranus in Taurus and wading through Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces, both of which seem to be having a slightly destabilizing effect on many people. Then again, when is there not something in the astrology describing things being off-kilter, or provocative, or confrontational, or energizing in some way?

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The Day of Undying Loyalty: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is March 2

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Consider that you likely have more options than you realize in terms of shaping your reality. Thinking outside the choices immediately before you can offer a wider perspective, but when was the last time you truly did that? This is one of those instances when your intuition, synchronicity or dreams could offer the most useful insights. What would the ideal scenario look like to you? Ask yourself, then play with the metaphorical Crayola box of 64 crayons in your mind to envision the answer. This may do more to show what is possible than anything else.
— By Amy Elliott

Written In The Planets

Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces in three days. Have you backed up your computer yet? Even with this event happening in a watery sign like Pisces, which indicates some review of — and possible confusion in — more emotional facets of communication and creativity, it’s never a bad idea to begin following basic retrograde tech protocols, just in case, a few days ahead of time. Note that Mercury is in a square to Ixion in Sagittarius, and will still be so when it stations. How are your fantasy versions of a particular scenario matching up to the actual ethics involved? If you’re facing a second chance to behave with clear boundaries, are you taking it? Or can you already feel certain lines getting blurry? If ever there was a time to mean what you say and only say what you mean, this appears to be it.

— By Amanda Painter

False-color view of Uranus from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in August 2003. The brightness of the planet's faint rings and dark moons has been enhanced for visibility. Photo by NASA/Erich Karkoschka (Univ. Arizona)

Merging with the New Moon; Uranus Makes its Move

By Amanda Painter

I feel like it’s been weeks now that I’ve been experiencing and mentioning some kind of edgy or energized sensation to the astrology; I do sometimes wonder if it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. With only six days to go until Uranus leaves Aries and enters Taurus — and only five days until Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces — I think it’s reasonable to call out again an undercurrent of agitation or instability, mixed with a little mental and emotional fuzziness or diffuseness.

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Approaching the Capricorn New Moon and Eclipse

By Amanda Painter

Happy New Year! Even though most people try to set their New Year’s resolutions and intentions by Jan. 1, the astrology this year is clearly indicating a wider window for this process — and for beginning to take active steps in accordance. The major event with this theme is Saturday’s New Moon in Capricorn, which also happens to be a partial solar eclipse.


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This New Moon — a conjunction of the Sun and Moon — is exact at 8:28 pm EST on Jan. 5 (1:28:05 UTC Jan. 6). The peak of the partial solar eclipse is about 13 minutes later.

One notable feature of this event is that it occurs right at the midpoint of Capricorn; and, incidentally, very close to the midpoint of the current positions of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (those planets are about three-and-a-half to five-and-a-half degrees on either side). This looks like some real “engine of change” astrology based on that proximity alone; I’m also wondering if it carries some foreshadowing or early echoes of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

From what I’ve read about Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, I suspect one message of this New Moon and eclipse is to begin really focusing your energies: on your highest priorities, or perhaps on anything that seems to be restricted. As in, if something in your life feels narrowed or limited, what is your attention being trained on? What does it mean to be very thorough within certain parameters, as opposed to trying to ‘do it all’ in a more dispersed fashion?

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